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"Lottery" Winners

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by Child of JC, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. Child of JC

    Child of JC Created to Love, and be Loved

    Last summer I found a paper with numbers on it and I had the sense that I needed to play them in a lottery ticket. (I don't play the lottery). A few days later my mom gave me a lottery ticket and she said that she felt that God wanted me to have it. Weeks after that my dad was given a ticket in which he thought he won 100,000.00, but had made a mistake. At that time I felt that it was all prophetic. I felt that God was showing me that I needed to have greater faith because what He has in store is bigger than I could ever imagin. In the same way that winning the lottery in my mind is impossible and would never happen, so I had come to believe that God would never do big Spiritual things. I felt that I needed to expand, believe outside of the box- that God was going to do something so big, bigger than I have ever dreamed! (Don't be sidetracked. This is not about money..at least I don't think it is ☺)
    About a month after that my sister in the Lord told me about a woman who had given her a lottery ticket (her's was a winner. 50.00!) She knew nothing about my "lottery" stuff, but she told me that she belived it was prophetic- and her interpretation was the same as mine.
    THis summer on my vacation I saw the end of a double rainbow and it made me remember all the "lottery" stuff from the year before.

    Last night I had a dream that a man won the lottery and he decided to share it equally between himself, my husband, and another man friend (that we've been estranged from in real life). In the dream my husband and I were staying at our (estranged) friend's house celebrating the win. I had a brief sober moment and asked the men if the lottery winner would change his mind about sharing, but they reassured me that the man wrote their names along with his on the back of the ticket. The man could not change his mind, and would not. We continued to celebrate. END DREAM

    My husband and I had a falling out with this man and his wife months ago. I did go to bed last night feeling convicted about our unfriendliness and awoke of course, still convicted. At church the sermon was on reconciliation, and so I went to the wife today for the first time. I don't believe the dream was about reconciliation, but perhaps it could be about us all receiving the same portion?

    What do you think?
  2. GaryP

    GaryP Newbie

    Calvary Chapel
    I Think that you have turned your eyes from the Father and are looking at creation.
    As creation we have been given the Act of Jesus ie the Will of the Father.
    If you Follow Jesus to the Father, nothing else matters. Creation has been given
    2 choices to enter into the Temple of the Father or enter into the jeweled city in
    Revelations. Light of Jesus or the glitter of gold. I see your mind is focused on the gold
    ie lottery. so goes your heart. PS: the streets of gold are just brass, the jewels
    are ice.
  3. Child of JC

    Child of JC Created to Love, and be Loved

    The lottery symbolizes the impossible. You have a way better chance of getting struck by lightning than you do winning the lottery. So imagin IF you did! If the impossible came to your door.
    God was saying to me that I needed to believe that He can do BIG Spiritual things, and that He would do them in MY Life. Things that have happened for others but I never would believe that He would let happen to me. For example being lifted up to the Third Heaven, (He didnt give that example but it's the "biggest" that I can imagin). Or Isaiah being in the Throne Room.
    This has not turned my eyes from the Father, it has increased my faith in Him and my Expectancy (not expectations but expectancy).
  4. HisdaughterJen

    HisdaughterJen Well-Known Member

    The Lord has been showing me something similar in my own life. Unforgiveness keeps us from the Lord's blessings.
    I believe in a "pre-trib" rapture and I believe it could happen at any moment which is the fulfillment of the New Covenant promises to the church, the redemption of our bodies. I believe that is the biggest event that is next to come on God's calendar and He is preparing those who are His for that moment. Unforgiveness stands in the way.

    Jesus said to go and be reconciled if you have anything against anyone and then offer your prayers to God.
  5. Child of JC

    Child of JC Created to Love, and be Loved

    I loved it when you know something but then God shows you the principal at work in your own life, thank you.

    I was reconciled with the woman yesterday. She accepted my invitation to be friends ☺
  6. freeport

    freeport Guest


    Definitely, lotteries can represent spiritual "lottery" - we are saved and receive continue blessings by grace - all depends on what God tells you in your heart.

    Anything from God is about the spiritual... God uses all sorts of symbols... it isn't the outside, but the inside where God explains things to us.

    People are millionaires, have big houses - whatever - does not matter at all... all that matters is what is in one's heart. So, you see many who are very wealthy and successful in this world but are miserable in their hearts. As Christians we have great spiritual riches in our hearts, and God gives us more and more as we seek.

    One can be in the most "miserable" - appearing - of circumstances and be in great joy because of what God puts in their heart.

    Always walk in God and stick to the spiritual and believe: remember how the apostles (before they were born again) misunderstood what Jesus was saying about the yeast of the Pharisees. They were thinking "in the flesh", "outside the heart", rather then considering the spiritual meaning which is of the heart.

    The Kingdom of God is all about what is in the heart... and material money sure does not fit there -- unless you want to stop up your vital organs!


  7. HisdaughterJen

    HisdaughterJen Well-Known Member

    That's wonderful! :hug: