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*Lord's Jesus's Intercession*

Discussion in 'Poetry & Prose' started by Crowned Princess, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Crowned Princess

    Crowned Princess Sunflower Jewel

    *Lord Jesus's Intercession*

    My Lord Jesus,
    He is making intercession for me in heaven.
    To strenghten me in battles,
    whilst He also goes before me.

    When I am in Christ,
    my heavenly Father sees me as worthy.
    Not because of me nor of my works,
    but because of my Lord Jesus Christ.

    The Father sees Jesus Christ in me,
    and I can freely come before Him.
    Because of what His blood has done for me,
    His blood has cleansed me from my sins.

    My Lord Jesus,
    how precious it is!
    That You pray for me before the Father,
    that Your prayers of intercession for me never cease.

    Until the day,
    when I will finally be with You!
    Until the day,
    when heaven is my steadfast home.

    By: Crowned Princess.
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