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Looking to play Animal Crossing New Horizons with like-minded Christians

Discussion in 'Gamers Zone' started by tryphena rose, Mar 31, 2020.

  1. tryphena rose

    tryphena rose Daughter of the Most High

    United States
    My husband and I purchased Animal Crossing the first day it released and have been having a blast with it since. We've been playing largely with one another or on our own but would also like to make friends and play with more people. As Chrisitians, it'd be nice to play with those who are like-minded or of the same faith, which is why we turned to Christian Forums before seeking out others through another forum like reddit.

    We would like for it to be so that I play with women solo, while my husband would play with men solo. We could all play together as a group though, which I'm sure would be very fun! If you're interested and willing to play with us, please either leave your friend code below or send me a private message. We can schedule a time to play, that being whichever time works for you and us. If you're looking for any specific items, fruits or flowers feel free to disclose that as well as we would love to share, trade and give gifts! We look forward to playing with you! :wave:
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  2. NothingIsImpossible

    NothingIsImpossible Well-Known Member

    I don't own a Switch but Animal Crossing looks really enjoyable and nice. Maybe after COVID is over I can get one.
  3. Littlek

    Littlek I'm His

    My son and his girlfriend just got me hooked. I'm only on day 2, so my island is pretty boring lol..but we could send each other a code if you want. I am waiting for my house and a few other goodies to be delivered tomorrow...pretty crazy how you have to wait on your mail.lol.