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Lies, Cynicism, and the Spin Cycle...

Discussion in 'OBOB General Politics Forum' started by Michie, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter

    The intellectual dishonesty of the hysterical and adolescent tract below is staggering. It is a full-page ad in the NY Times. In a transparent (and largely successful) bid to keep the electorate distracted and the conversation off his numerous dubious policies and practices, January’s cynical move by the Obama Administration...

    Lies, Cynicism, and the Spin Cycle...
  2. Fantine

    Fantine Dona Quixote Supporter

    Thanks to a woefully misguided Supreme Court decision (Citizens United) you can expect more and more and more of the same from every political action group--liberal, conservative and moderate--of every candidate--liberal and conservative and moderate--ad nauseam.