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Let's join together to protect Marriage!

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by Chazemataz, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Chazemataz

    Chazemataz Guest

    Marriage is under attack here in America, as you well know. Today, the divorce rate is roughly estimated to be about 50%, if not higher.

    And then we have the gays wanting to get married with their filthy sodomizing sodomite...ness. You maybe know one of these terrible, evil people. Why, the guy who cuts my hair is one of 'em, I can just tell he has the soul of Satan in him. The way he sashays, and flips his hand, and makes my hair look nice. It's all a satanic lie to destroy marriage! Luckily, you guys pulled through and said they couldn't get married last year, by a margin of 52-49%. Slightly less than the last time, where you voted 62% in 2001 in favor of denying their right to getting tax breaks and hospital visitation rights.

    The evil liberals are gaining on us, and it's beyond time to take our fight to another level: BAN DIVORCE.

    2010 California Marriage Protection Act | Safeguarding marriage from the evils of divorce

    Proposition 8 did wonders for the golden state of California, it was truly a miracle in the form of a ballot. And now, this proposition will hopefully turn this evil, hyper-sexual, fornicating beaches, Hollywood-brainwashed state into a truly holy sunny paradise of the Lord!

    We are breathlessly awaiting Maggie Gallagher's word on this. She and her Nation of Marriage are so dedicated to protecting marriage from outside threats. The same with the Mormon Church and Knights of Columbus, let's hope they're big contributers, since they did an amazing job in November with Prop 8.

    Yes, this is a real proposition. Yes, this is on the ballot in 2010.
    Tell all your friends. Put it in your blogs, on Facebook, publicize it even if you're not in California, because hopefully other states will pick up on this.

    Will you protect marriage...

    or aid in its destruction?
  2. JustOneWay

    JustOneWay :)

    I have a marriage of 19 years, and it is doing just fine. I saw a gay guy tonight and it had no bearing on my relationship or marriage. I got mine, and I hope that they can find whatever it is that makes them happy. If it is marriage, then good for them.

    You Christians want to protect your marriage? Then men, go home to your wives and treat them well and take care of them. Same for you ladies. Stop fooling around on each other and you stand a good chance protecting your marriage. Gays are not the problem.
  3. DavinMochrie

    DavinMochrie Well-Known Member

    King Henry will be rolling over in his grave! (His large Grave)
  4. JBJoe

    JBJoe Regular Member

    Christian Seeker
  5. JustMeSee

    JustMeSee Contributor

    Other Religion
    I have trouble telling too. Very weird.:confused:
    I like the shirt. I am think of sending one to my ex-wife.
  6. Anovah

    Anovah Senior Member

    Looks like now instead of having shotgun weddings we'll have shotgun divorces

    *slowly backs away from thread*
  7. TemperateSeaIsland

    TemperateSeaIsland Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi

    Seems to be satire but still cant be sure with some of these things.
  8. DaisyDay

    DaisyDay blind squirrel

    First off - Chazemataz. Second - "filthy sodomizing sodomite...ness" ? The elision gives it away.

    The website seems to be in the Landover Baptist Church tradition.
  9. craigerNY

    craigerNY I bring nothing to the table

    It's true. I am divorced. The homosexuals stole my marriage and no doubt right now two gay guys are walking around with it somewhere. It disgusts me thinking about what kind of things they might be doing with my marriage. Don't let it happen to you folks. The gays must be stopped. Those gays are ruthless, they will come like thieves in the night and steal it when you least expect it. It has been eleven years now since they ruined mine and if I find the two yucky homos that stole it.........
  10. Billnew

    Billnew Legend

    I am 45,
    Marraige as it was in the 50's was dead long before I even liked girls.
    Only the couple can fight for their marriage.
    Divorce allows the 2 to seperate without violence. If we limit divorce, people would kill thier spouse to be free. (the joke:if I had shot you when I wanted too, I would be out now.)
    Divorce is a necessary evil. To many couples marry to quickly, and see replacing their mate easier then fighting to maintain it. Some couples should runaway from each other as soon as possible.(and of course, there a re some that should never breed. But thats another thread.)
    At this point, we need to rebuild marriage, it will never be the same, but it can still be good.
  11. keith99

    keith99 sola dosis facit venenum

    Or just Italian style!

    Refernce is to an old movie, 'Divorce Italian Style' made back when there was no divorce in Italy. I love the ending. especially as it relates to this thread.
  12. pgp_protector

    pgp_protector Noted strange person

    Who's attacking my Marriage ?
    I've not seen anyone attacking my marriage, it's going strong.
    If two Men get married, it won't effect my marriage any more than someone worshiping another god will effect my relationship with the Lord.

    Do people worshiping other goes effect your worship of the Lord, if so maybe you should work more on your relationship with the Lord before worrying about what others do.
    If two people getting married effects your marriage, maybe you should work more on your marriage before worrying what others do.
  13. Chazemataz

    Chazemataz Guest

    Yes, this is satire. It's mocking proponents of "traditional marriage" who want to preserve the sancitiy of marriage.

    It's aimed at exposing hypocrits of the worst kind- religious/political ones. This is actually going on the ballot in 2010, at the goal of pointing it out when the same groups who donated to Prop 8 don't support this one, although both were advertised as "protecting marriage and families" and this one arguably does so on a higher level. I actually saw on another christian forum where people took this seriously and actually said that marriage was a "legal contract" and such. When asked if they support gay marriage, they said "No". It's meant to make people think- if we let others dictate our personal lives, where do we draw the line?

    I was simply being facetious with my original post. I think this bill is genius and downright clever, because it's a win-win situation pass or fail. If it passes, then it cannot be repealed through the courts because of Prop 8's precedent, and therefore the courts would have to invalidate that and thus make their ruling on Prop 8 null and void. Where do we draw the line with dictating our relationships, and with whom? Should we let a bunch of random voters decide who we are destined to be with?

    if it doesn't pass, then it raises a big question- where was the Religious Right? Pat Robertson admitted that he had no other choice than to support this bill, so where are other people who donated to Prop 8? Did they not show up because this could potentially involve them, and therefore expose their shelfishness?
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