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Let Us Welcome thecountrydoc to the SDA Team of Moderators

Discussion in 'Traditional Adventists' started by DarylFawcett, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. DarylFawcett

    DarylFawcett Ticket Support Manager | HR Manager Staff Member Site Advisor Supporter

    Let me be the first to congratulate and welcome thecountrydoc as our newest assigned SDA Moderator. :clap:
    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. longhair75

    longhair75 Finally back Home Supporter

    Sorry I missed this over the Holiday weekend,

    Welcome, friend doc
  3. RND

    RND Senior Veteran

    Congrats Doc!
  4. reddogs

    reddogs Contributor Supporter

    What wonderful present over the Holidays, I am delighted Doc and know you will be a blessing to all..

  5. TrustAndObey

    TrustAndObey Guest

    Woohoo Doc! It's great to have you on board!
  6. Cliff2

    Cliff2 Well-Known Member

    I always thought he was a Mod, but was wrong so congratulations "the countrydoc".
  7. thecountrydoc

    thecountrydoc Senior Veteran Supporter

    Sorry it has taken me so long to finish up the paperwork. After being the first one nominated and elected after 777 I had some very time consuming things that required a great deal more of my time than expected. It does feel better not to see the "trainee" beside my name any longer. Just one more test to get my "Super."

    Just in case there are any of you that haven't figured this out yet; I'm always prompt no matter how long it takes.;)

    Respectfully, your friend and brother in Christ,
    Doc :wave: