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Lesson about Faith, Hope, and Promises

Discussion in 'Exposition & Bible Study' started by AubreyM, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. AubreyM

    AubreyM Active Member

    United States
    Hello you and welcome.

    Thank you all for who has been reading these, hope God and Jesus Christ are teaching you many great things and important lessons.

    Hopefully this helps you understand something about Faith, and Hope.

    Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the [a]substance of things hoped for, the [b]evidence of things not seen.

    Lets look at the Greek word for faith: 4102 pístis (from 3982/peithô, "persuade, be persuaded") – properly, persuasion (be persuaded, come to trust); faith. Usage: faith, belief, trust, confidence; fidelity, faithfulness.

    Faith (4102/pistis) is always a gift from God, and never something that can be produced by people. In short, 4102/pistis ("faith") for the believer is "God's divine persuasion" – and therefore distinct from human belief (confidence), yet involving it. The Lord continuously births faith in the yielded believer so they can know what He prefers, i.e. the persuasion of His will (1 Jn 5:4).​

    Okay so now we have the definition of Faith here in front of us. Looking at is present we can see that according to the way people understood faith in the past is that of a persuasion from the truth of God which is something hoped for, by having trust and confidence in what God promises to you as a believer.

    What are some of the promises of God you may ask? According to the scriptures there are many of them. Going to give a few examples and if you feel inclined to look them up please feel free to do so.​

    The Promises that God provides freely are :

    Relationship with God, and the Lord Jesus Christ;

    Resurrection from the dead, Peace with God being justified by Faith,

    You have the right to an inheritance in partaking and sharing in God's Kingdom now by faith which would make you a Child of God, or Son or Daughter of God if you walk by the spirit that is given,

    You are promised that God will never leave you, or forsake you.

    You are promised that you can have a prayerful relationship with God who loves and cares about everything going on in your life, and desires for you to cast your worries and burdens on Him,

    You are promised freedom of the bondage of sin, and
    the ability to overcome temptations when they are presented to you God will show you a way out,

    You are promised a renewed mind and a renewed heart by God,
    deliverance from darkness into light,

    You are also forgiven of your sins: Past; present: future and have freedom of Christ in you but you are not to use that to Sin willfully but instead live by the spirit -> For when someone loves God they will turn their will towards Him rather than their own self-will to serve themselves (God can work on your heart through this)

    You are promised if you live by the spirit to have kindness, joy, peace, love, gentleness, faithfulness.​

    There are all of the promises of God that can be named from just off the top of the holy spirit/spirit of Christ with-in me. You can freely look any of these up and hopefully you will find each of them.

    Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the [a]substance of things hoped for, the [b]evidence of things not seen.

    Lets look at hope for just a moment: 1679. elpizó : Cognate: 1679 elpízō (from 1680 /elpís, "hope") – to hope, actively waiting for God's fulfillment about the faith He has inbirted through the power of His love (cf. Gal 5:6 with Heb 11:1). See 1680 (elpis).​

    Okay so you got done looking at the promises of God now, and what Faith is which is something we trust in God through his persuasion of what the Lord Jesus Christ brings to the table.

    Do you have hope in what is promised to you? Do you believe that those Promises are Real?

    If you do, then All of those promises which are true, are what we place our hope in, that God will fulfill what he has promised to do, take care of, and handle.

    Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the [a]substance of things hoped for, the [b]evidence of things not seen.

    Cognate: 1650 élegxos (a masculine noun) – inner conviction focuses on God confirming His inbirthing of faith ("the internal persuasion from Him," see 4102 /pístis). See 1651 (elegxō).​

    As you can see here, - an inner conviction of focusing on God - confirming his promises that you have heard through the Lord Jesus Christ, and also through the writing of other letters and books of the bible that confirm promises, that confirm the evidences of God and his promises which were made so long ago, and how they build up your trust and faith in God.

    Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the [a]substance of things hoped for, the [b]evidence of things not seen.

    991 blépō – properly, to see, be observant (watchful). 991 (blépō) suggests "to see something physical, with spiritual results (perception)." That is, it carries what is seen into the non-physical (immaterial) realm so a person can take the needed action (respond, beware, be alert).​

    Lets take one more at this scripture looking at the things not seen, however through spiritual perception is what carries what is not seen which is seen by those who are born again.

    It would suggest if you can't see something physical : All of Gods promises are made and you are indwelled by the holy spirit that you can not see due to your faith, belief and hope in God and his promises, in whom you trust.

    You will not be able to see the spiritual side of things, but through faith and hope you have trust in God, and these spiritual things are carried out in a believers life.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2021
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