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KeepTheFaith15 is struggling. Let's give her a helping hand!

Discussion in 'General Struggles' started by Sharky, Sep 1, 2002.

  1. Sharky

    Sharky Rockin dude!

    Dearest KeepThefaith.

    I've noticed your downs here. Probably the biggest down i've seen. If you've accepted Jesus as your savior, why try figuring out if you're saved or not? You're a wonderful person. Don't waste it on your own guilt. Let it out. We're here for you always so please don't leave. I know we have ups and downs but in the end, you will win. God won't let you drop too far that you can't take it. So come! Ask God and we'll be praying for you. He knows how you feel.

    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. KeepTheFaith15

    KeepTheFaith15 Thats Me whats can i say?

    thanks for the uplifting words. imstill not doing great but im getting better
  3. Auntie

    Auntie THANK YOU JESUS!!


    I agree with Sharky.:) We have big shoulders, and big hearts.:hug: Sometimes it helps to talk about things, you don't have to hold everything inside.

    We are here for you!:)
  4. Help-me-learn

    Help-me-learn Member

    If you sing a special song to Jesus out loud, I bet you will feel better. Just get your mind off of you for a moment and focus on Jesus, just give it a try and let us know how it worked.
  5. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead


    don't let go and don't give up, lean on God and us.
  6. KeepTheFaith15

    KeepTheFaith15 Thats Me whats can i say?

    thanks guys!
  7. carmen

    carmen Active Member

    Praying for you keepingthefaith15.
  8. JagSayon

    JagSayon Member

    C'mon, cheer up little one! God works in mysterious ways sometimes we dont' understand. But I would reckon that it is one that would give us hope. Just err...75 years to go for us to have eternal life:D

  9. KeepTheFaith15

    KeepTheFaith15 Thats Me whats can i say?

    Greg says:
    its called cardiac dysrhythmia i think is how its spelled
    Greg says:
    heart just isnt strong enough to do what a normal heart does and so it doesnt beat right
    Greg says:
    not all the time... sometimes itll skip and youll pass out, or itll beat really wrong and youll have a seizure

    thats the convo i had with my ex. all this hoping and raying for nothing. i wont stop but whats the use. he's being taken away from me, all this for nothing. life sucks.
  10. psycmajor

    psycmajor self-Banned

    Is his heart problem why you're apparently having a crisis of faith?

    Some info about the condition:

    If you see your ex fairly often, or know someone who does, you and/or they should get CPR training. You can get it at your age.

    http://www.diabetic-lifestyle.com/articles/apr01_whats_1.htm It seems that a low level of potassium will provoke his C.D., as well as sodium. Home oxygen therapy is supposed to be helpful.

    By the way, do you know if it was caused by medication? Diving? Heavy drinking? Drugs? Something else that's unknown?

    I'm not a doctor. So research the things I talked about before doing them, 'cause I just took a brief look around the 'net. No extensive research or anything. I don't know what I'm talking about in this area.

    Do not avoid your friend because it depresses you to see him be ill or talk about it. He needs you now more than ever.
  11. Sharky

    Sharky Rockin dude!

    HEy ktf. I know it's hard. Just take it easy for now and God will heal you. :hug:
  12. KeepTheFaith15

    KeepTheFaith15 Thats Me whats can i say?

    i wish the healing will come..because i need it
  13. wvmtnkid

    wvmtnkid Order of the Candle

    Keep the Faith-

    I know times like this are hard and nothing we can say right now will take away the pain and anger that you are feeling. There is only one who can and that is Jesus. There are times sometimes when nothing in our life makes sense and all we can say is "I trust in You completely. Your ways are not my ways. I don't understand Lord why this is happening, but I will trust in You." He will be there to bring you peace. Maybe not understanding, but He can give you peace when nothing or no one else can.

    I don't know why Greg is going through this right now. I just have to trust to he is in God's hands. And that God will see him through, whatever the outcome. Is he saved? If not, this may be a excellent opportunity for you to introduce him to Jesus. He needs a strong friend right now KTF. I pray that God will bring healing to your friend, to you, and to help give you strength and wisdom and courage during your time of struggle. He loves you KTF and He wants to see you through this. You just have to calm down and let Him. And it looks like you have some good friends here who want to help you as well.

    You are in my prayers!
  14. Blynn

    Blynn Well-Known Member

    United States
    I am praying for you KeepTheFaith and your friend. :pray: :hug:
  15. mel3

    mel3 Member

    Keepingthefaith15, I , too have been reading bits and pieces of your troubles. I am trying to gather in my mind a few things, are you 15 years old? Life does seem to stink sometimes whether you are 15 or 55. For you, it sounds like your faith is becoming alittle shaky. I have been there as I am sure most of us have who have been christians for any period of time has. Seems like no matter how hard you try, satan is winning. But, he doesn't have to be. This is when you do just what you are doing and talk through it with Him and with others who share your faith and believe in the power He has. This world is filled with darkness, no denying that. But I have to believe that His Word is Truth. One day, there will be no more sickness, no more disease, no more pain. I find strength in believing that He is in control of all things. Many times I do not understand but not understanding and feeling guilty or insecure in my faith is the one tool that ole Satan loves to use. Try reminding yourself and satan that your future is already spelled out for you and so is his! He is down to the wire and is throwing out all the stops to trap those who believe in Him and pull them away. It can't be done if you seek God and His Kingdom! Don't let these little seeds of doubt grow and fester inside you, they will only bring you feelings alot like what you have begun to feel. Feed the seeds of your faith, through prayer, meditating on Him and His word and surrending these fears to Him. He knows you can not take alot right now so don't concentrate on the what if's, they aren't even important. Concentrate on restoring your faith in Him. When you spend your time restoring your relationship with God it leaves satan very little power to destroy your relationship.
  16. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    Hey KTF, depression is often associated with heart disease. Many many people with heart problems also feel depressed or joyless. Tell your doctor what you are feeling. Often, an adjustment to your meds can help.

    So don't beat yourself up or feel like a bad Christian, it's probably an organic problem, not a faith problem.
  17. josiahdefender

    josiahdefender New Member

    The whole world runs counter to the Christian. He must walk against the crowds on his way to heaven. He must swim against current of cultural flows. He must climb up to see Gods will rather than descend to philosophical jargon. The Christian always looks another way, it cannot be but he is a walking paradox, dying that he might live and living to serve rather than be served. He must see the invisible, hear the inaudible, follow a path that is not visible to spirit dead men. He sings when he is in pain, crys when others laugh. If another man harms him he forgives and asks Gods mercy for him. If he lacks he still gives, if he has plenty he cares not for it. Whether we are abased we enjoy God, if we abound we enjoy God, we cannot love anything but Christ alone. We puzzle thinking men, we confound angry men and we put to flight strong and mighty devils that would rule nations.
    How can one be such? By Christ living his life in them. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places, we know now nothing can touch us. Inside we are safe. Our bodies have been burned and tortured, our souls have been afflicted, yet Christ has us securely. Our weak grip upon our Lord has often slipped in trial and temptation but Christs power to hold on to us is omnipotent. He cannot lack wisdom when he guides us, he will not lack strength when we must go against the whole world to follow him. My lord Jesus is no weak god of mans making, he everlives to make intercession for me and all those who call upon his name. There is NO GOD BEFORE HIM. My heart breaks for him, I cannot express to you that if you feel weak and beggarly before this world as it pounds out its hammers upon your soul: please know that Christ is an anvil to all those hammers and will break them all. They will all fail, every attack every devise of Satan or this world will only prove to my blessing. God works all things together for good for those who are his called. Dont fear your weakness or your human frailties that cannot overcome this world, Christ has overcome this world be at peace. When Christ lives his life in you and through you it starts all over again, Christ living and overcoming Satan the world and the flesh, pleasing the Father and giving himself as a sacrifice for the salvation of the world. I will do the same thing with Christ in me. Praise my loving Lord Jesus.
  18. KeepTheFaith15

    KeepTheFaith15 Thats Me whats can i say?

    im not the one with a heart problem it's my ex.
  19. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    Sorry, I got confused. :blush:
  20. Sharky

    Sharky Rockin dude!

    hey ktf. i've pmed ya. We'll be here. I know it's confusing but i've come up with an idea that can allow you to make it without hurting anyone.

    GArrh! I was so silly. Didn't understand it before. sorry! :sorry: