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Keeping Close To The Saviour!!!

Discussion in 'Poetry & Prose' started by Martyr's Crown, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Martyr's Crown

    Martyr's Crown Sunflower Jewel

    Keeping Close To The Saviour!!!

    Many will come in my name,
    and will claim that they know me.
    But not all of these will know me,
    not all of these will belong to me.

    Many false prophets are sent into the world,
    claiming they hear and know the Spirit.
    This is why,
    we are told to test the spirits.

    There are many branches,
    but not all bear good fruits.
    We will know them by the fruits,
    whether they are rotten or good.

    There will be many scoffers,
    who will have no fear for God.
    They will belittle true Christian believers,
    as well as mocking their faith and God.

    I told you;
    that if the world hates you.
    It hated me first.

    In the last days,
    many will leave the faith.
    And many will leave the truth,
    no longer keeping themselves strongly foundated in the Word of God.

    They will be drawn,
    towards doctrines of devils.
    Listening to seducing spirits,
    walking in their own will and flesh.

    The Word of God,
    will no longer have part in them.
    And the Holy Spirit,
    will be withdrawn from them.

    As light and darkness,
    cannot dwell together.
    Those who walk and live in the flesh, cannot be alive in the Spirit,
    when they are no longer in the truth.

    Many will no longer,
    discern from wrong and right.
    And when they are no longer in the truth, their evil deeds will be seen and judged by God.

    We all are judged,
    when we are not in Christ.
    It is only through Him,
    that we are saved from God's wrath.

    In our sins,
    we are in debt of death's penalty.
    But when we receive God's free gift to us; Jesus Christ,
    He has already payed this all in full for us.

    So we need,
    to hold on to our faith and trust in Him!
    Staying faithful,
    until the very end!

    Enduring all trials and tribulations,
    with our gaze fixed on Jesus!
    Knowing that,
    He holds everything together!

    Just staying close to the Saviour,
    in everything encountered our way.
    And with every mocking stone thrown at us,
    in His joy and peace we should stay!

    By: Crowned Princess.
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  2. Homer Les and Wanda Ring

    Homer Les and Wanda Ring Uncompromising Faith

    Great poem! Thank you for sharing it with us.