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Kat Kerr - Powerful Testimonies of Heaven

Discussion in 'Word of Faith' started by Alive_Again, Dec 17, 2012.

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  1. Alive_Again

    Alive_Again Resident Alien

    Word of Faith
    CGL1023 wrote:
    I really believe that some people will read these testimonies/stories and take them to be doctrine no matter how many disclaimers are given. If that happens, the people are believing a false gospel because that gospel has been added to. That is the reason I will stay away from freely sharing even the little I mentioned above.

    Truth, even present day truth often has a "dawning" process to it. It has light which has a certain life giving quality; it draws you in. You can take anything that is said to be spoken under the anointing and apply what our guidebook says to do in the way of testing; bring it to the light; seek godly counsel, edify others with what you bear witness to. We compare it with scripture, but sometimes our understanding of the Word (at that point) does not permit us to fully receive or understand what is given. You test all things and hold fast to that which is good.

    If there's a doctrine being presented with the testimony, you do the same thing. All doctrine comes from various passages in the Word that are built on another passage. You can acknowledge God's revelation of things that are His and your spirit can even bypass your own mental understanding. Seeds take root and spring forth; life is ministered. There's no false gospel in that. The five fold ministry do a spirit work to keep everyone from being swayed by the contrary winds of false doctrine.

    There are certain "hallmarks" of godly ministry. They may speak of themselves (testimony), but they point the believer toward God. They teach you how to receive for yourself. They teach you how to test. They teach you to depend on the promises of God. They lead you to repentance and a higher walk. They tell you to judge the fruits.

    It's not often you find ministry that walks you right into repentance from dead works into prayers that free your soul, set your rudder in the right direction, and to set you right into ministry where you loose the anointing you carry to walk with God and Heaven and your angels (right now!).

    The discovery and being able to receive those testimonies is a wonderful process for you to be joyful over. It's for you to have a ready heart and to share (with the Holy Spirit being alive in the sharing). He won't leave anyone in the dark. As they say, "it's all good!" It's supposed to be obvious.

    It's all about the Blood, the cross, the Word, the present day ministry of the Holy Spirit, Jesus as your High Priest (right now), God reigning through His children. No false gospel here, I can assure you.
  2. CGL1023

    CGL1023 citizen of heaven

    Word of Faith
    Eloquently put.
  3. James Is Back

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  4. JCFantasy23

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