John Halsell's Testimony. How I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit after being saved.

John Halsell

Aug 15, 2022
United States
Marital Status
This is part one of my testimony of what the Lord did for me back in the seventies.

I had been addicted to a variety of drugs starting back in the 7th grade. At that time people were just starting to experiment with drugs as a movement, ironically, they were called the flower children. But nothing could be farther from the truth. People at that time were even calling them recreational drugs, can you imagine? At first, they had happy smiling faces but before long that would turn into the evil that would destroy them. I watched as many of my friends I grew up with died from overdose and ended up in psychiatric wards.

I slowly sunk deeper and deeper into the drug world to the point that I became addicted to heroin. I kept this from most of the family for obvious reasons. While addicted to heroin I contracted hepatitis three times, and the third time the doctors told me I was going to die.

One day back in the 70’s I was walking down the street knowing that my days were numbered, when suddenly everything disappeared, and it was like a video camera came on inside my head and my life from my childhood to the time I was standing there started flashing before my eyes. This continued for about ten minutes until I suddenly came back and was stand on the sidewalk. I was totally amazed at what had just happened to me as you could imagine. While standing there trying to take it all in, I noticed a lot of people across the street in a parking lot as they were heading into a Four-Square church near El Comino Junior High in Santa Maria, California. After what had just happened to me, I decided that maybe I better check it out. The service was just beginning so I walked in and sat down. At the end of the service the minister asked if anybody needed prayer, so I went to the front with the others, and they prayed for us and then I returned to my seat. Nothing had happened at that point and the service ended. I decided to stay until everyone was gone to see if anything would happen. I was finally all alone in the chapel and was beginning to leave when suddenly the door of the pastor’s office opened and two men stepped out. They asked me if I would like to come into the office so they could pray for me, I accepted.

When I went into the office with them, they asked me to have a seat, and told me they were going to lay hands on me to pray. At that very moment it was like the heavens opened up and the power of God began flooding down on me from my head to my toes. It felt like God had hooked a spiritual fire hose to the top of my head and it was rushing through my body and pushing me down in my chair. This went on for twenty minutes, and when it stopped, I felt total peace come over me. I had been totally transformed by the Holy Spirit, all of the darkness was gone and for the first time I could see the Kingdom of God all around me and through me. I was given a new heart that told me that all of my sins are forgiven, and I never wanted to hurt anyone ever again. Also, I was delivered from heroin with no withdrawals. From that moment forward my life changed forever. It was a new beginning! As you may know, I have been serving the Lord in one way or another till this very day. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! Only Jesus is perfect and because of what He did on the cross for me all of my sins are forgiven, past, present and future. I have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and am on my way to heaven beyond any shadow of a doubt. I owe it all to Jesus. Thank you, Lord, for setting me Free! Amen!

This is part two of my testimony of what the Lord did for me back in the seventies.

After being filled with the Holy Spirit “that glorious day” I moved to Bakersfield, it must have been the Lord leading me there. I got my hands on a Bible to find out about what had just happened to me. There was no food in my apartment, and I was broke, but that didn’t matter. I had only one thing on my mind, and that was to find out about what had happened to me. I sat on my bed in my room and did nothing but read my Bible. I had read the Bible before, and it was very confusing to me but that was about to change. For the first time the words had come alive for me, it was like the Lord Himself was talking to me. The blinders had been removed. The more I read the stronger I got. I did nothing but drinking water, read the Bible and sleep. This went on for three days, and on the fourth day I decided to go find something to eat.

I had read in the Bible where it said (Psalm 37:25: I have been young, and [now] am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.). My sister Susan was the only one I could think of, so I went to her house. When I arrived “to my dismay” her and her family were just walking out to the car, and she was going somewhere with them. I remembered what the Bible had told me and decided to trust in God’s words and just said goodbye. As they were driving away, I said to the Lord (I trust you Lord and you will provide). At that very moment my sister’s car stopped and she got out. She then walked over to me and said (Here is five dollars for you to get something to eat.) You can imagine my amazement; I said thank you and goodbye. She had never done anything suddenly like that before.

Later on, I heard of a Christian coffee house that had live music and a ministry, so I went there. I was telling people what had happened to me when suddenly the words I had read in the Bible started flooding my spirit as I was speaking. The more I spoke God's words the more powerful they became. It got to the point where I had to go outside to talk and the people would follow me, wanting to hear more. After the coffee house closed, they asked if I would go have coffee with them at a restaurant. At the restaurant God started giving me words of knowledge about the people that were there. I was telling them things about themselves that I had no way of knowing and they were amazed, some of them accepted the Lord. This kept happening every time I went to the coffee house, and the crowds that followed me grew to forty or fifty people that would follow me outside. Finally, the people that ran the coffee house approached me and said, (You are interfering with our ministry, and we want the people to stay inside.) and I said; you know you are right. So, I left and never went back there. This began my long walk with the Lord, and it was only the beginning, more signs and wonders continued to happen to this very day. Glory to God, Jesus is alive!

This is part three of my testimony. “As time moves on”.

I didn't receive this major calling until 2006 but I have served the Lord in one way or another sense 1975. My major calling started in Salem Oregon in 2006 until today as a street ministry and I live in Salem now. I have always worked in the background and don't seek public recognition. I work alone in the streets and online. I was on TBN once back in the seventies and worked with Teen Challenge for a few years. The Lord kept me in the background all of these years preparing me until recently. I have no church organization affiliations or political group agenda. I was saved and baptized fifty-three years ago and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit five years later because nobody ever told me about it back then at the church I went to. When I told them what happened to me, they kicked me out. They believed that you get it all when you are saved and not to expect anything to change after that and it shows in their lives because of their closed mindedness and that is so sad. That was the best thing that ever happened to me because that was when it all started.

I have nothing to do with what the Lord gives me write through revelations; I just write it down when He tells me to, so the mystery Paul speaks of is happening to me right now in my life; Colossians 1:25-27. I was not taught it, but God spoke to me one night at 3am in the morning and told me to start writing and I did not stop until 3 Hours later, I called the writing Set Free and that is how it started. The words were not my words but the Lords. I have been writing ever since. I believe and the words just come, but not all of the time only when God chooses so there can be long periods of silence. I know when God is speaking to me, so I write it down right away. Believe me it scares me sometime that God chose me because I certainly have nothing to do with it. I fear for my life sometimes and am under physical attacks by Satan on the streets while sharing the Gospel of Grace. He wants me dead, but I refuse to stop. The Lord said we would suffer for sharing the Gospel of Grace as did Paul. He said about Paul; Act 9-16 For I will shew him how great things he must suffer for my name's sake. I learn from what I write because they are not my words, so I enjoy and am blessed by reading what I write after I have written it.

Signs and wonders have followed me to this very day but mostly to the people I talk to. Some of them have told me that when I talked to them the area around me started glowing as did I. But again, the people that it happened to told me what happened later when we were alone so people wouldn’t call them crazy. But I understood because I have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and after that you could believe just about anything. God only shows these things to those He chooses to.

I had a vision of Jesus in a dream one night after asking Jesus if I could see him because I had served Him all of these years and talked with him all of the time, so what could it hurt. Well, He did shortly after that. He was in a white robe with a red blanket over his shoulder with sandals. He had long wavy auburn hair over his shoulders and was very animated. He just stood there and let me gaze at him and take it all in and said nothing, but He was smiling at me the whole time and then I woke up. I was in awe of what had just happened to me. He looked like he was in his mid-thirties. I felt great peace come over me when I realized He had just shown himself to me. I have only told this to one person other than to my wife. Now I am telling the whole world because my life has become an open book about the Love of God and the Gospel of Grace that changed the whole world. I am a witness of that fact. Jesus is alive today and forever. Amen!


Dec 29, 2002
United States
Marital Status
Thanks John for sharing that was praise GOD wonderful what He did and is still doing in your life. One thing stood out.. I'm 61 now but I use to go to Christian "Coffee House/Pub" where some Christian group would play. I really miss that. Blessed to read this thank you
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