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John F. Kennedy Jr murdered FULL STORY exposed worldwide first by Matt Marriott, 10 y

Discussion in 'American Politics' started by MattMarriott, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. MattMarriott

    MattMarriott Active Member

    FULL STORY of the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr is exposed here, worldwide first, by Matt Marriott, almost 10 years later.

    Murder of John F. Kennedy Jr and End Time Reductionism

    1. Murder of JFK Jr v Murder of RFK and JFK and End Times Reductionism
    Nothing like the July 1999 CNN Board to illustrate this point.
    Shortly after the "accident" was announced, CNN opened the message board "Kennedy Tragedy". (1)
    Three hours later Matt Marriott posted "22 November 1963- 19 July 1999 - the circle is completed", which became visible in the first page of the board.
    A milestone of end times reductionism about the satanic ritual murders part of the End of the USA puzzle. (2)

    Three days later, 22 July 1999, after posting to the CNN board links to a page with the obvious keys (3) to a murder which was designed to be obvious, unlike the murder of Robert Kennedy in 1968 and John F Kennedy in 1963, Matt Marriott was banned from the CNN boards.
    For the global illuminati media, after a moment of Truth shortly before and shortly after the begin of Armageddon, 22 July 1999 is the milestone for the end of placing pieces in the Illuminati End Times puzzle, till the end of Armageddon.

    The last page of that board was designed to have as first lines the 26 July 1999 post of a CIA psy-op handle ("Joe Lewelling") "exposing" the fact that the Clintons attended the satanic ritual murder. The post was terminated in the illuminati joke format, with a reference to prosecutor Kenneth Starr, one of the key actors during the previously staged Clinton Impeachment.
    26 July 1999, one week after the "plane crash" was announced, the last page of the board is another milestone of end times reductionism, with the Illuminati for the first time openly telling the sheep the essential "detail" of one of the satanic ritual murders part of the End of the USA puzzle. (4)

    2. Assassinations of the Kennedies who refused to bow and End Time Reductionism
    End Time Reductionism begins with the fact that JFK Jr was one of the last americans who refused to bow, shortly before almost all americans accepted to carry the mark of the Beast.

    As now the Illuminati stage the "Obama's 100 Days: Behind-the-Scenes Photos" act, a set of 77 photos, which maximally reduced returns only one, the "Looking at History" photo, where "Obama stops to consider Aaron Shikler's famous portrait of John F. Kennedy" (5), the time came to reveal the FULL STORY of the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr.

    The missing piece in the FULL STORY of the murder of John F. Kennedy Jr is simultaneously the missing link between the murder of John F Kennedy, the murder of Robert F Kennedy and the murder of John F Kennedy Jr.
    As one would expect at the moment where End Time Reductionism reaches the utter limits, despite the fact that the missing piece was never revealed in public until today, revealing what the KEY is would immediately open the DOOR (as well as it would also immediately open another door to another KEY piece in the puzzle of the end of the USA).
    So in this case, the riddle will not be part of formulating the KEY but rather included in the key to one of two basic requirements for the murder of JFK Jr:
    - why did the murder of JFK Jr had to take place AFTER [ _ _ _ ] [ _ _ _ _ _ _] died?

    (1) CNN forums were the only global illuminati mass media where it was possible to post without previous censorship, although posts exposing core lies would be deleted later.
    CNN boards, where End Times Prophet revealed the first pieces of the End Times puzzle, the "Clinton Impeachment", the ultimatum to Serbia in 1998 and the FULL STORY about who are the Illuminati, hours before the begin of the battle of Armageddon, March 24 1999.

    (2) 07/19/99, post #6, deleted one day later. It is missing between #5 (4:01 pm) and #7 (4:10 pm) in the archived version of the first page.
    Kennedy tragedy

    (3) See puzzling questions ( page from July 20, 1999; posts from Matt Marriott from July 20 to July 22 linked to that page; archived 2001 )
    John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.- victim of a conspiracy ?

    (4) Joe Lewelling - 07/26/99, 10:56 am (#2881 of 2897)
    Obviously the Clintons are behind this--John-John was about to endorse Guilliani for Senator and Hillary had to take him out./
    1. The crash was near Martha's Vinyard--The Clintons vacation on Martha's Vinyard.
    2. The wreckage washed up on Gayhead Beach. The Clintons have been big gay rights supporters.
    3. The plane was a Piper. JFK Jr was killed to keep him from "piping up"!
    Paranoid? I think not!
    It is time that Starr looked into the whereabouts of Hillary Clinton, Harold Ikes (sp!) and Jim Carvile on that Friday afternoon.

    page archived: http://web.archive.org/web/[email protected]@.ee6e599

    (5) Looking at History
    On an early tour of the White House residence, Obama stops outside the State Dining Room to consider Aaron Shikler's famous portrait of John F. Kennedy.http://www.time.com/time/photogaller...874099,00.html

    *** Basic concepts (KEY, DOOR, end times reductionism)
  2. Staccato

    Staccato Tarut keeps on dreaming Supporter


    What 'Satanic ritual murder'?

    You know, I at least always try to understand your boards Matt, but I confess to greater levels of bafflement that usual with this one.
  3. LUColt27

    LUColt27 The hottest thing since sunburn

    I have to say, I think you've gone around the bend on these conspiracy theories. The "mark of the beast" hasn't been brought into play, and it certainly hasn't been accepted by "almost all Americans."
  4. JGL53

    JGL53 Senior Veteran

    In Relationship
    Lone nut Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy.

    Case closed.
  5. MichaelFJF

    MichaelFJF Well-Known Member

    Isn't there a Fiction forum somewhere?