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John Boehner

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by Christsfreeservant, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Christsfreeservant

    Christsfreeservant Senior Veteran

    United States
    When He Roars

    Sunday, November 09, 2008, 10:22 p.m.

    The Lord gave me A VISION: I saw Anderson Cooper and then I saw John Boehner. And, then I heard this song, Speechless. Then, I saw John Boehner again and then there were evil spirit-looking things floating all around him. And, then I saw Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

    Master Illusionist

    Monday, November 10, 2008, 12:29 a.m. – The Lord gave me A VISION:

    I saw John Boehner and then I saw a Ram’s head and horns. Then I saw a picture of Barack Obama with his head held high – a picture I had seen as a cover on a magazine. Then I saw an axe chop Obama’s head several times. I heard “Celebrity star-studded cast” and Alec Baldwin’s name and face appeared in here, too. Barack Obama’s face appeared again as the star of this “star-studded cast” of characters.

    Then, I saw John Boehner again followed by Cindy Sheehan. Then I heard this song:

    Into Jesus / DC Talk
    Hey you, I'm into Jesus
    Hey you, I'm into Jesus, oh yeah
    Hey you, I'm into Jesus
    Hey you, I've seen the truth and I believe

    Then I saw Jesse Jackson’s face which then turned into a fish head. I saw Cindy Sheehan again and then a horse head. The horse then had a long nose. It then became the trunk of an elephant. The elephant’s trunk was curling up like when it is lifting something up in its trunk. Then I saw a long snake open its mouth as if to attack and then it became like a vacuum hose and lots of stuff got sucked up in it.

    Again I saw John Boehner and then I saw a Hippopotamus: “Hippos spend most of their days wallowing in the water or the mud, with the other members of their pod.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hippopotamus

    Following this I saw the legs of a child backing down, legs first, from what looked like one of those beds in a train that folds up. The child appeared to be from the 1800’s or early 1900’s for he or she had on these long leggings. Then I saw a hand and then another hand on top of that one. And, I continued to see images that looked like they were from the 1800’s or early 1900’s.

    Then I saw a man’s tall hat, like a top hat. Following that I saw the Lincoln Memorial and I heard “John Wilkes Booth” and I saw the horse drawn black carriage. END

    My Understanding: Again, the Lord is showing me our government’s (USA) involvement in the underworld of evil. And, he is preparing us for what is yet to come in the time of tribulation spoken about by the prophets of old.

    In the scriptures, we are taught about these last days and how evil will reign for a time, times and half a time. The Bible says that many will be deceived – even the elect, if that were possible. So, if you were Satan and you wanted to deceive even the elect, how would you go about it? You would have to create an illusion that even believers in Jesus Christ would believe. And, how would you go about that? -Television.

    Satan can create whatever story he wants us to believe and put it on TV as though it is truth, and most of us believe it. We think it’s real, because it is in the news. Yet, what the Lord has been showing me is that so much of what we have seen on TV and in the news has been an illusion of a master magician. What is interesting here is that my friend John B. from Ohio was a professional magician and an illusionist. And, I had several dreams about him in relation to all this evil over the past two years, in particular, but I never got the connection until now.

    Previously the Lord showed me that this whole election process over the past two years was just another TV show. Alec Baldwin was playing the part of the director and the “star-studded cast” was played by all the people involved in it. I’m not saying that none of it was real, but that the whole election process has been to make us believe that what we are seeing is real, so that when Obama is assassinated, if that is what this is about, we will believe it, and that he was killed because he was black, but if he is killed, it will be to promote a greater political and evil agenda which is described in the book of Revelation.

    This “show,” though, evidently did not begin with this election. We have been seeing the master illusionist at work for a very long time. I believe we need to start seeing outside the box (TV, Internet, Media) and we need to ask the Lord for discernment as to what is real and what is not real so that we are not taken in by this illusionist.

    This horse’s nose, turned elephant trunk, turned snake, turned vacuum hose is a good description of this deception. A horse is often a symbol of man power, an elephant is associated with a political symbol, then it is a snake, showing its true source to be Satan and as a vacuum hose it has sucked us all into its world of make-believe and one huge gigantic soap opera. So, we need to pray to be able to see outside the soap opera and to look at our world from God’s perspective.

    The Lord is calling us to return to him. I’m around Christians a lot. I don’t hear many of them talking about the Lord, but what I do hear is them talking about TV shows and the news and the election and they are duped. TV has become their world. And, the Lord is saying that our ability to be “sucked in” will be our downfall. Obama cannot save us. The American government cannot save us. Only Jesus can save us.

    9 Who is wise? He will realize these things.
    Who is discerning? He will understand them.
    The ways of the LORD are right;
    the righteous walk in them,
    but the rebellious stumble in them.

    The Guilt of his Bloodshed

    Monday, November 10, 2008, 12:59 a.m. – The Lord gave me A VISION: I was looking down a street from a distance. I saw a police car stretched across the street facing to my left with its blue and red lights flashing. Then, I heard “Kent State Shootings.” Following that I heard, “John Boehner, House of Representatives,” and as I was praying about this I heard “Cindy Sheehan.” END

    My Understanding: The Lord is making an application here of this passage of scripture to The United States of America (Ephraim). The Lord is saying that the USA and its leaders have surrounded the Lord with lies, deceit and is unruly. Our leaders multiply lies and violence. They have used dishonest scales and they love to defraud. They feel as though their wealth will hide them and they will not be found out. The USA and its leaders have provoked God to anger, so God will repay these leaders who have shown contempt for the Lord and who have surrounded themselves with lies and deceit.

    Ok, in this vision there is a reference to anti-war protestors of 1970 who were protesting the Vietnam War. And, there is reference to a mom of a soldier lost in battle who has also become an anti-war protestor with regard to the war in Iraq. From what I understand of both of these wars, they were cloaked in hidden political agendas, lies and deceit. And, the Lord is saying here that he will leave upon the USA and its leaders who made these decisions to go into war the guilt of their own bloodshed and God will repay them for their contempt.

    To be continued next post...
  2. Christsfreeservant

    Christsfreeservant Senior Veteran

    United States
    Continued from previous post...

    Guilty of Baal Worship

    Monday, November 10, 2008, 9:50 a.m. – The Lord gave me A VISION:

    I saw John Boehner and then a cave-looking place that had a feel to it of Batman and Bruce Wayne. Following that I saw Anderson Cooper and some type of evil spirit. I saw what looked like a throne in this cave underground and the throne had evil spirits all around it. Next I saw John Boehner and Anderson Cooper.

    Seated on this throne in the cave underground now was some kind of large animal that had the appearance of a bull with two horns. I asked the Lord if there was anything else and again he showed me Anderson Cooper. I had a song floating through my head this whole time that was an encouragement to believers in Jesus Christ that we will be safe or saved, but I can’t find the lyrics. END

    My Understanding: The Lord has been showing me lately this time of tribulation spoken of in the Bible and in particular in the book of Revelation where it speaks of this beast who will rule for a time, times and half a time. It will be like continuous Halloween. And, he is also showing me our government’s (USA) involvement in this Satanic underground world. Imagine a world where God is removed and Satan is allowed to have full reign. I believe this is what the Lord has been showing me of late (See vv 1-2, in particular).

    Yet God is saying that HE is our Lord God and that we will acknowledge no God but him; no Savior except him. So, he is going to bring down judgment on us for this Baal worship and this kissing of idols. He will judge us because we have become proud and we have forgotten him. So, he will come upon us like a lion and he will rip us open (the judgments of Revelation). He will devour us and will tear us apart. We are destroyed, because we are against God. The Bible states that if we are not for him, we are against him.

    He says that since we demanded a human king, in his anger he gave us a king (Bush and/or Obama), but in his wrath he will take him away.

    Again I see God’s grace and mercy being intertwined with all of this, for his ultimate goal is the salvation of souls.

    Will Evildoers Never Learn?

    Wednesday, December 03, 2008, 2:36 a.m. – The song, Shine Jesus, Shine, is still going through my head.

    The Lord gave me A VISION: I saw a monkey, followed by John Boehner. Then, I saw a snake wrapping itself around a person’s body and squeezing tightly and then continuing to coil around the person who appeared to be tied to a stake or a post. It reminded me of the days when they used to burn people at the stake; sometimes because they were accusing the person of being a witch.

    I saw John Boehner’s face again. Then I saw a huge mouth with very large fangs sticking out of it. Then the fangs began to walk and then it appeared there were a lot of them. They were marching in perfect synchronization with each other and they looked metal (like robot soldiers).

    The song Shine Jesus, Shine is going through my head throughout this vision.

    Then I saw hand-cuffs going on someone’s wrist and then ankle cuffs placed on the ankles and then both were attached to a chain and then I heard “chain gang.” …

    Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening. I read Psalm 14:

    The fool says in his heart,
    "There is no God."
    They are corrupt, their deeds are vile;
    there is no one who does good.
    2 The LORD looks down from heaven
    on the sons of men
    to see if there are any who understand,
    any who seek God.

    3 All have turned aside,
    they have together become corrupt;
    there is no one who does good,
    not even one.

    4 Will evildoers never learn—
    those who devour my people as men eat bread
    and who do not call on the LORD ?

    5 There they are, overwhelmed with dread,
    for God is present in the company of the righteous.

    6 You evildoers frustrate the plans of the poor,
    but the LORD is their refuge.

    7 Oh, that salvation for Israel would come out of Zion!
    When the LORD restores the fortunes of his people,
    let Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad!

    The reason I am sharing these dreams and visions from 2008 is that they are all about John Boehner, and Boehner is now coming to the forefront of the political scene via Barack Obama and via the Tea Party Express and I believe these visions point to this time.
  3. Christsfreeservant

    Christsfreeservant Senior Veteran

    United States
    Compare the dreams and visions about John Boehner from 2008 and the wording about evil spirits, snakes coiling, snakes getting ready to attack, elephant trunk turned snake, then the mouth and fangs of the snake beginning to walk and then it appearing there were a lot of them and that they were marching in perfect synchronization with each other, like robot soldiers to this:

    Don’t Tread On Me

    Sunday, September 12, 2010, 6:20 p.m. - I was checking out the news when I saw this news article about the tea party movement: Coast to coast, tea partiers promote their cause - Excite News - Coast to coast, tea partiers promote their cause

    “Leslie and Gary Morrison of Redding drove 150 south to Sacramento with their dog Phoebe, just two weeks after flying to Washington to attend a large rally hosted by conservative commentator Glenn Beck. They said they liked the feeling of solidarity at the tea party events.”

    “Many attending rallies in Washington, Sacramento and St. Louis wore red, white and blue clothing and carried yellow flags with the picture of a snake coiled above the inscription ‘Don't Tread On Me.’"

    When I read the word “solidarity” in the news article, I immediately thought of the writing the Lord gave me on September 8th, titled, “Corporate Solidarity.” So, I continued to read the article to see what it said. This flag that they mention with the picture of a snake coiled above the inscription “Don’t Tread On Me” has its roots in the Revolutionary war:

    “Christopher Gadsden's face and name may not be immortalized on any bill or coin, but this firebrand designed a symbol which, even through the swirling mists of time, is a reminder of the birth of the nation and the spirit that carried it to freedom.

    “June 14 is Flag Day. On that day, of course, we remember the Stars and Stripes and the men who fought under that banner for freedom. Gadsden gave us another great flag, one that flew prominently during the American Revolution, under which many men fought and died. Gadsden's was the blazing yellow banner that sports the ominous coiled snake and revolutionary warning, ‘Don't Tread on Me.’"

    “The words swept the nation. It became the banner of minutemen militias. The Culpeper Minutemen chose the coiled snake ready to strike and the words from Gadsden's flag, but then raised another defiant fist at England by adding the words: ‘Liberty or Death.’"

    Yet, even prior to the Revolutionary war, the rattle snake was used as a symbol in America to promote “unity” among the colonies:

    “Three years later the same paper printed the picture (as seen above) of a snake as a commentary on the Albany Congress. To remind the delegates of the danger of disunity, the serpent was shown cut to pieces. Each segment is marked with the name of a colony, and the motto "Join or Die" below. Other newspapers took up the snake theme.”


    This is how our nation began – with a snake cut in pieces telling the colonies to join or to die (sounds like what is happening now world-wide with the New World Order), and with a coiled snake with the message “Don’t tread on me.” Where in this is God? Where is our Christian heritage in this? And, where is God and the church in the tea party movement that is following the same theme? Who treaded on the snake? Jesus Christ. And, he conquered him!! And, the snake is striking back. But, we know the end of the story. Jesus wins!

    Genesis 3:15: And I will put enmity
    between you and the woman,
    and between your offspring and hers;
    he will crush your head,
    and you will strike his heel."

    And, now the snake is saying, “Don’t tread on me” again. Oh, church, we need to wake up and see what is going on here. This tea party movement is not of God. They are part of this “corporate solidarity” on the One World Order culminating in the beast of Revelation. They are part of this “peace on earth” movement that is promising people more false hope and change that will involve this “join or die,” i.e. bow to the beast and take his mark or die. This is all about bringing the world together under one order of rule (forced, like the “join or die”), and unity of faith (all religion rolled into one), i.e. corporate solidarity.
  4. Christsfreeservant

    Christsfreeservant Senior Veteran

    United States
    When I was praying about a dream I had this morning, and I read the news articles I believed were related to the dream, the Lord led me back to some dreams/visions he gave me about John Boehner from November/December 2008, which I believe lead up to this dream, Back to Life - http://www.christianforums.com/t7499305/