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Job sitution

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Daisysqueaks, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Daisysqueaks

    Daisysqueaks Thank You for Your blessings, Lord

    I feel I am being eaten alive with worry over what to do with my job. I currently work for a department store chain in the softline department. I like my job well enough and get along well with co-workers. I have even been able fellowship with some fellow believers and to witness to some others. The problem is that I had applied at a Christian Bookstore a full month before I had applied at the department store. I had pretty much given up hope they would ever call me back, but they have and they want me to come work for them. Same pay and about the same hours but it would be closer to home and hubby's work. And we only have one vehicle at the moment... But the department store has offered me a pretty signifant raise to stay. I only have til Monday to decide because I am supposed to start the other job Tuesday. I have prayed and prayer over what to do and I have come to ask myself two things:
    1)Did God, knowing that I needed a raise to help with some finacial burdens bring the bookstore into the picture to push job #1 to offer a raise because I would never ask for one myself (part shyness part pride I guess) or
    2)Is this a test of obedience to see if I will faithfully take the bookstore job?
    I guess this part advice and part prayer....
    Please pray that God gives me the wisdom to make the right choice.
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  2. warriorofprayer

    warriorofprayer Regular Member

    I would look at it this way:

    1. If you keep the department store job, you not only get the raise in pay, you have a greater opportunity to witness to others and be a testimony to others.

    2. If you take the Christian Bookstore job, you will keep the same pay you are at now, and meet more Christians.

    I will pray for the Lord to show you the right choice. I pray that the answer be so obvious that it won't burden you.

    Best of Blessings to you.
  3. Daisysqueaks

    Daisysqueaks Thank You for Your blessings, Lord

    Okay get this. Within just a few moments of posting this prayer I received a call from the manager of the bookstore. He was calling to ask me a question as far as taxes were concerned and I told him what the situation was. I was very honest with him and told him I was being offered money to stay. He was completely understanding when I said that I didn't think I could pass that opportunity up. He also suprised me by saying that I am welcome to come to work there if things don't work out at my current job! I am so thankful and I am praising God right now!:amen:Thanks so much for the prayers.
  4. ForeverInHisArms

    ForeverInHisArms Well-Known Member

    Christian Seeker
    Amen :amen:
    I so happy that you got your answer!
  5. warriorofprayer

    warriorofprayer Regular Member

    :clap: That is great! God is so wonderful in working out His Master Plan!
  6. Tofferer

    Tofferer LCMS - Lutherie

    It would seem unto me that God truly saw your need and the test was that of whether you would seek fellow Christians for prayer and advice. This too is a form of faithfulness. I certainly do pray that you wil ultimately find where God is leading you, for indeed it would seem he has something in mind for you and is carefully leading you to that place.

    BAFRIEND Well-Known Member

    Good for you.
  8. free2be

    free2be Guest

    I'm glad God gave you a clear answer.:) Isn't He awesome?!!

    Bless you Daisy :hug: