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Jesus Christ in a video game?

Discussion in 'Gamers Zone' started by Phronema, Dec 7, 2019.

  1. brudspirea

    brudspirea New Member

    In Relationship
    Depicting Christ in media is some awkward territory, particularly where improvised/non-biblical dialogue is involved. Even if the game doesn't stray from Biblical scripture, there's an interesting discussion to be had around "playing as" Jesus, for sure. Rubs me the wrong way, I suppose.
    The game looks kind of corny and dated nonetheless LOL. I think a better and more tasteful format for them to go with would've been a visual novel of some sort?
  2. AvisG

    AvisG Active Member Supporter

    United States
    My wife is a Russian Baptist (i.e., a Baptist from Russia). The Russian Orthodox Church is, of course, Icon Central. Having grown up in this atmosphere, my wife is vehemently opposed to any depiction of Jesus. My understanding from my study of Orthodoxy is that icons are not objects of worship but rather "windows" of spiritual communion. As such, I as a former Southern Baptist have no problem with them. I happen to love the Eastern Orthodox ones and have even managed to smuggle a couple into our house for precisely the intended purpose.

    Some of my favorite DVDs are the historically accurate Gospels in which Selva Rasalingham plays the most believable Jesus I've ever seen: The Gospel of Mark, DVD Are these problematical? Is the Shroud of Turin problematical?

    It all depends on context, on whose ox is being gored. Jesus in an LDS video is probably an offense to some, but obviously not to millions of others. A faithfully biblical video game might be highly educational. At least we don't yet have Jesus selling cars, as we do Abe Lincoln and George Washington (give it time, we will).
  3. Phronema

    Phronema Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    I'm Eastern Orthodox, and so as such I have zero issue whatsoever with icons of Christ, though depictions of the Father are a no go. That said I didn't want to mention it much as I didn't want this to turn into a General Theology type debate :)

    I agree though that icons are beautiful, and are never to be worshipped, but used as an object to aid in prayer, or as a reminder of things (such as judgement day - to keep us reminded of the awesome judgement of Christ to come), and to be merely venerated.

    With that I am thankful for others responses, opinions, and input on the game. Thank you for the response :)
  4. JacquelineDeane55

    JacquelineDeane55 Newbie

    United States
    Our LORD in a video game? Hhmmmm....I wonder what HE would think of that....
  5. Going_Nowhere

    Going_Nowhere Active Member

    United States
    Imagine him playing it.