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Jeff Bezos Spent $5,500,000,000 to travel 65 miles

Discussion in 'Physical & Life Sciences' started by prosperity4all, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. prosperity4all

    prosperity4all Member

    United States
    Jeff Bezos Spent $5,500,000,000 to travel 65 miles up

    What you should know about Jeff Bezos' Tuesday space launch

    Jeff Bezos hails ‘best day ever’ after successful Blue Origin space flight

    Jeff Bezos pay $0 in income tax

    Jeff Bezos 'paid no income tax'

    553,742 people homeless in the USA

    10,000,000 children live in poverty in the USA

    811,000,000 people going hungry in world

    2,100,000,000 people lack safe drinking water in the world

    the USA will be a desert in 50 years

    the world will becoming a desert by 2050 study says






    shouldn't we drain the oceans now?

    by 1 centimeters per year

    using solar powered desalination of seawater

    then use solar power to pump

    the freshwater in land where it is needed?

    because 97 percent of the worlds water is salty ocean

    water and not suitable for drinking.

    ocean water volume is roughly 326 million cubic miles

    (1.332 billion cubic kilometers),

    according to a recent study from

    the U.S. Geological Survey.

    71 percent of Earth is covered in salty water.

    2 billion people lack safe drinking water at home, more than twice as many lack safe sanitation

    2 billion people lack safe drinking water at home


    2 billion potential customers just waiting for us to supply them clean water

    even if we charge $1 per year that would be $2 billion per year

    if we charge $10 per year that would be $20 billion per year

    if we charge $1 per week that would be $100 billion per year

    $ 6 trillion


    we have to mine for a quarter of a billion tons of salt each year that we currently use.


    The world's longest pipeline is 2353 miles.

    the Interprovincial Pipe Line Inc. installation,

    which spans the North American continent from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada through Chicago to Montreal:

    a distance of 3787km.

    solar power

    Approximately 12000 TW (terrawatts) of energy

    reaches the Earth from the Sun.

    That is 1200000000000000 joules per minute

    More energy reaches the earth from the sun in one day

    than the whole world uses in one year.

    Solar is now cheapest electricity in history says IEA

    water storage

    water can be stored under the land in vast aquifers as deep as 30,000 feet and as wide 174,000 square-mile .

    What is Groundwater? | Live Science

    aquifers underground can hold volume of water 100 times greater then amount that can be held on the surface of the land.

    the aquifers underneath the deserts were last filled with water over 5,000 years ago.


    Seen from space, the majority of the Earth's surface is covered by

    oceans – that makes up 71% of the surface of the Earth,

    with the remaining 29% for land.

    what percentage of the Earth's land surface is desert?

    Deserts actually make up 33%

    Planting Trillions of Trees will Cancel Out Decades of CO2 Emission say Scientists

    president says "we will plant Trillions of Trees now" because


    human produce 200 million tons of sewage every year

    we could make this in to fertilizer and use it to turn the deserts

    in to rich agricultural land and wildlife habitats
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2021
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  2. ReesePiece23

    ReesePiece23 The Peanut Buttery Member.

    I don't like this concept of persecuting the rich for not doing enough to help the less fortunate. I'm NOT necessarily his biggest fan and have never bought anything through Amazon, but *shurgs* it's his life...

    Personally, I'd leave myself enough to have a decent home and a bit of food in my belly and give as much away as I could if I were in his shoes, but that's just me... I don't need hundreds of billions. Just a few hundred grand would do.

    Philanthropy is something that interests me, so working hard to achieve that is what I do. It's an open invitation.
  3. IceJad

    IceJad Regular Member

    IMHO bringing up numbers on how much someone spends that can be used to save others is a bad measuring stick. Even if he didn't go on that trip, none of his money saved will ever go to those you listed. He is not paying the same amount of income tax as the average American thanks to all the loopholes. And even if he would pay proportional taxes it would be no guarantee that your government will spend it on all your listed concerns.

    Also try not to use the pictures of starving Africans against Bezos laughing, because it is out-of-context. He is not laughing at the unfortunate Africans. You're portraying his as doing so. It doesn't help. Because anyone can play the same game with you. Have you buy something expensive for yourself that could have gone to helping out the causes you list? A good phone/laptop/tablet maybe? Why are you not thinking about the less fortunate? You see the slippery slope that you're stepping on?

    Highlight how Bezos didn't contribute equally in proportion to the wealth he gains. How his wealth is gained through the exploitation of others. Being rich is not a sin. But being greedy and exploitative are sinful.
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  4. Phred

    Phred Junior Mint

    United States
    I don't think you realize just how rich he is. He just bought a $165,000,000 home. That's the equivalent of someone who makes $60,000 a year paying $75 for their home. It's the same percentage of their wealth. He gives quite a lot to charities and even at that it's not a lot of his wealth.

    Something has to change.
  5. Soyeong

    Soyeong Well-Known Member

    Isn't it amazing how many jobs he can create just by traveling 65 miles?
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  6. Ophiolite

    Ophiolite Recalcitrant Procrastinating Ape

    United Kingdom
    I shall miss reading your future posts once your current internet subscription expires and you donate the money to one of the charities you feel Bezos is missing out on. Good luck.
  7. partinobodycular

    partinobodycular Member

    United States
    You do realize that spending it on a frivolous trip is just another way of giving it away.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2021
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