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Its official: The Game Boy turns 30 today

Discussion in 'Gamers Zone' started by SaintCody777, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. SaintCody777

    SaintCody777 A wise Berean

    United States
    While we know that today is Easter and that Christ has risen! But also today, is the Game Boy's 30th birthday. Exactly 30 years ago today (that is on April 21, 1989), the Game Boy was released in Japan with its launch title, "Super Mario Land."
    I got a Game Boy Color for Christmas when I was 5, but I lost it on a cruise ship. But a few years later, when I was 8, my brother and I each got a Game Boy Advance SP for Christmas. We played with them until my brother and I, each, got the PSP. However, a few months ago, I found my brother's GBA SP in a bottom drawer along with "Zelda:The Minish Cap" and "Pokemon Gold" in a zipper pouch. My brother, who was in Indiana, told me that I can have it.
    Then I ordered a headphone jack adapter and a new battery for my Game Boy. I also changed the save battery for "Pokemon Gold" and ordered "Super Mario Land" for the original Game Boy, to commemorate its 30th anniversary. And I bought it to play on my GBA SP, since its backwards compatible with original Game Boy games as well as Game Boy Color games.
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  2. Vega1

    Vega1 New Member

    United States
    Game Boy Advance was my first game system when I was little, then later on I upgraded to the Game Boy Advance SP. Now I have the Nintendo 3DS Super NES special edition.
  3. Jonaitis

    Jonaitis Pilgrim

    United States
    My first one was the Gameboy Color with Pokemon Gold Version for my 5th birthday. I've owned a Game Boy Advance and the SP as well. Fun memories I had...