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Israel's 6-Day War

Discussion in 'Testimonies' started by Dave Darling, May 15, 2019.

  1. Dave Darling

    Dave Darling Member

    I just ran across this video on YouTube and given the current situation with Israel I thought I would spread it around. If you've got some time you might want to watch this video (only 5 minutes). It is a documentary on the 1967 6-Day war between Israel and it's Arab neighbors. In just 6-days the nation of Israel scored a stunning and miraculous victory totally outnumbered and out gunned, which could only be by the hand of God! It is looking more and more like this is going to happen again in the next few days, Israel's muslim Arab neighbors are conspiring to unite and attack Israel again, saying they are going to push the Israelis into the ocean and kill every man, woman,and child in the nation! The video of the documentary is here:

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  2. mark kennedy

    mark kennedy Natura non facit saltum Supporter

    Israel is very formidable right now, an invasion would be a big mistake.
  3. frogoon234

    frogoon234 Active Member

    United States
    as i'm sure you are well aware of "the battle is the Lord's". I just hope all the people who die in these conflicts are saved from eternal suffering.
  4. Jonathan Walkerin

    Jonathan Walkerin Well-Known Member

    Really ? Which one of Israeli`s ragtag neighbours is going to strike at regional top dog armed with nukes backed by global superpower ?

    Answer is nobody.
  5. football5680

    football5680 Well-Known Member

    It wasn't that miraculous. Israel had a well armed and trained military with good leadership, and the Arab countries were incredibly incompetent and they could not coordinate their attacks with one another. Israel also had the initiative since they chose to strike first and they destroyed the Egyptian air force while it was still on the ground.

    I don't see it. Their only neighbor who could actually give them a decent fight would be Egypt but el-Sisi isn't hostile towards them and he has his hands full with domestic issues. Syria has been destroyed by their Civil War so the country will have to rebuild once the war finally ends so they won't be a threat for several decades. Jordan and Lebanon are far too weak to even think about attacking. Even if some Arab super state was formed and they decided that it was time to attack, Israel has nuclear weapons so they would take everybody down with them if it came to that.
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  6. Norbert L

    Norbert L Well-Known Member Supporter

    Christian Seeker
    It was a fairly well documented war. We are aware of one instance where a tank commander had an opportunity to advance and progress his armed forces which would give the invading forces a distinct advantage over Israel. When questioned to why he stopped, he explained that he believed the Israeli forces were just ahead and would be able to trap and destroy his men and tanks. Afterwards it was established that Israeli armed forces were far away and the commander was wrong. Why is that?

    Were they incompetent and badly coordinated or was it something that God was involved in? 2 Kings 6:17 Daniel 4:17 Basically God doesn't necessarily have to part the Red Sea when He intervenes in human affairs of war.
  7. Jonathan Walkerin

    Jonathan Walkerin Well-Known Member

    He did not know enemy positions, had probably a good idea that their own air force was thrashed and their lands forces had taken many losses and was quite justifiably afraid he would die so he chose not to push.
    No great mystery there. Always easy to be the armchair general afterwards.

    Yes they were. Whatever you want to attribute that to God is purely your prerogative.
  8. football5680

    football5680 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a commander who was being cautious since he had no knowledge of where the enemy was because Israel had complete air superiority

    Does this curse just stay with the Arabs so that even when they are fighting among themselves and Israel has no involvement, they still display their incompetence?

    Israel caught the Arabs completely off guard by launching a preemptive attack and the Arabs had no chance. Israel would have won this war with, or without God's intervention so I cannot take the fact that they won as a sign that God intervened.
  9. Yusuphhai

    Yusuphhai Messianic Arabic-Semitic Chinese