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ISIS leader resurfaced in the News

Discussion in 'Other Regions' started by workman, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. workman

    workman Regular Member

    Just wanted to find a place on the internet to safely discuss any curious thoughts or scriptures that come to mind regarding this group. Ironically, today for instance, I came across Nahum chapter 1:11 which states:

    "From you, Nineveh,
    has one come forth
    who plots evil against the LORD
    and devises wicked plans.”
    ~Nahum 1:11 NIV Bible

    I had read this in the past few years too. And I recalled at that time it reminded me of how it sounded so closely resembled the format for how God announced the location where the Messiah would be born. Of course the verse above sounded more like a prophesy of an "Anti-Messiah" and the one below of God's prophesied anointed King Messiah we understand to have been fulfilled by Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth):

    "But you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, though you are small among the clans of Judah,
    out of you will come for me
    one who will be ruler over Israel,
    whose origins are from of old, from ancient times."
    ~Micah 5:2 NIV Bible

    So my point for bringing this up on today's date? April 29, 2019? I thought I would see if there was any news of late regarding ISIS and it just so happened that a story just broke this afternoon. Apparently after a 5 year absence, a video surfaced of the leader showing himself to still be alive and well (he was assumed dead and had a bounty on his head).

    So how might the ISIS leader and the passage in Nahum 1:11 connect?
    Consider where Ninevah is located (the following is from wikipedia):

    Nineveh Governorate (Arabic: محافظة نينوى‎) (Syriac: ܗܘܦܲܪܟܝܵܐ ܕܢܝܼܢܘܹܐ‎) is a governorate in northern Iraq that contains the ancient Assyrian city of Nineveh. It was an integral part of Assyria from the 25th century BC to the 7th century AD. It has an area of 37,323 km2 (14,410 sq mi) and an estimated population of 2,453,000 people in 2003. Its chief city and provincial capital is Mosul, which lies across the Tigris river from the ruins of ancient Nineveh.

    And allow me to refresh your memory that back in April of 2014 the self-proclaimed leader (Caliph) of the Islamic State made his announcement in a mosque in the city of Mosul, Iraq (in the Nineveh Governorate).

    NPR online news reports the following in the News today:
    "Nearly five years after the leader of ISIS released his first video, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has purportedly released his second.

    It's not confirmed that the man in the video is indeed Baghdadi. The man acknowledges ISIS' recent major defeat in the Syrian city of Baghouz and vows to continue fighting.

    The man says that "in truth, the battle between Islam and its people against the crusaders and their people is a long battle."

    I welcome the thoughts, insights, historical info, biblical prophesy from others on the topic just as we "watch" and see what will transpire from this...
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  2. JosephZ

    JosephZ Well-Known Member

    Since Nineveh was destroyed in 612 BC by the kings of Akkad and Media fulfilling the prophesy of Nahum, I can't see any connection at all to the leader of ISIS or any other events taking place in that region today.