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Is touching a dead unclean insect a sin or simply related to ceremonially/temple cleanliness?

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by wallet_man, Nov 14, 2020.

  1. wallet_man

    wallet_man New Member

    United States
    I thought it was leviticus 5:2 that simply says "you shall not touch (them)" - seems to be another verse though - thoughts on this and the title question?
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  2. Brightmoon

    Brightmoon Apes and humans are all in family Hominidae.

    United States
    Wow, I don’t normally worry about stuff like that . IMHO touching a dangerous insect , ones that can sting or bite or carry disease , should be handled with caution (and protective gloves).
  3. Roberta McCaslin

    Roberta McCaslin Charismatic Messianic Writer


    No, all is NOT clean now. The verses about Peter's vision conclude that the vision was about accepting Gentiles not about food. Read further and more completely.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 14, 2020
  4. HARK!

    HARK! Well-Known Member Staff Member Purple Team - Moderator Supporter

    United States
    Maybe this is the passage you're thinking of:

    (CLV) Lv 11:23
    Yet every other swarmer of the flyers which ›has four feet, it is an abomination to you.

    (CLV) Lv 11:22
    These of them may you eat: the locust, all of its kind, the bald locust, all of its kind, the cricket, all of its kind, and the grasshopper, all of its kind.

    (CLV) Lv 11:23
    Yet every other swarmer of the flyers which has four feet, it is an abomination to you.

    (CLV) Lv 11:24
    Also you are defiling yourselves ›with these: Anyone touching i their carcass, he shall be unclean until the evening;

    (CLV) Lv 11:25
    anyone carrying some of their carcass, he shall rinse his garments, and he will be unclean until the evening.

    I don't see any "ceremonial law" mentioned anywhere in the Torah. The law is the law. However there are certain laws that are directed specifically at the Priesthood. This isn't one of them.

    I don't consider quarantines, or doing laundry, to be ceremonies.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2020
  5. Tolworth John

    Tolworth John Well-Known Member Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Context is always important and the context of Lev5 is about unwittingly becoming unclean and later learning that one had become unclean. It says how one then deals with it.
    Lev 5:2-6.from niv.