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Is it a sin to..

Discussion in 'Serious Stuff' started by ImperfectGirl, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. ImperfectGirl

    ImperfectGirl Welcoming new members.. &

    Is it a sin to write a horror story about vampires? Here is what I'm talking about.. ---v

    She was in a small dark room. The only light source was from a narrow shaft in the left corner. It cast gray dim light. He stood in the middle of the room. His face was stained with red as he stood before the innocent child whose body was limp, drained of blood. She looked around desperately, hoping to find a door, a window, anything that could help her escape. He slowly turned his gaze towards her…

    Is it bad that I came up with that story? :s
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  2. Fotis Greece

    Fotis Greece Newbie

    Salvation Army
    In Relationship

    Why should that be a sin?... the writer of the twilight saga is christian...i don't think she is a sinner because she writes books with vampires monsters etc:cool:
  3. TheUnknownPoet

    TheUnknownPoet Newbie

    Other Religion
    Why would it be a sin?
    I enjoy many horror books, and horror movies myself, and they are not sins.

    It all depends on your intention though.
    If you are writing with the intent of describing some gory murder scene to satisfy a sadistic desire within you, then yes- it's a sin.

    If you're writing because you like to write, then it's not.
  4. Pinta77

    Pinta77 Newbie

    I don't think it's a sin. Even if the subject matter was sinful, you would only be creating a pretend scenario for others to examine.
  5. Wholesome Thomas

    Wholesome Thomas mostly okay

    United States
    God specifically commanded us not to drink blood.

    So as long as the vampires are the bad guys, you're okay. In fact, I think Vampires make great villains!
  6. Girder of Loins

    Girder of Loins Future Math Teacher

    God gave us imaginations. My poems are probably the darkest things you'll read, and totally opposite of my normal character. Is writing a horror story wrong? It depedns. Are you writing this for God's glory? Is it to train yourself to become a better writer? Is it to explore what you can do for God's Kingdom? If it helps you're walk with God, and it isn't an obvious sin(like killing someone), then you're good. I wanna read this book when you're done, btw. I like horrors.