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Is it a sin to look at a naked woman for art?

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by slockmn, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. slockmn

    slockmn Newbie

    I've recently been studying art but it has come to the time to view naked art.

    Is this a sin? After all it is a naked woman.

    The sort of art I have to study is body painting, I have to draw a drawing of a naked model and I have to look at naked drawings.

    I'm just not sure if It's a sin or not. I really don't want to be sent to hell just for an art degree...
  2. Incariol

    Incariol Newbie

    Of course not. The naked human body isn't necessarily sexual. It is perfectly possible and fine to appreciate it artistically. Take La Nuit by William-Adolphe Bouguereau for example.
  3. Johnnz

    Johnnz Senior Veteran Supporter

    Many great Christian artists have painted and sculpted the nude. Generations of Christian art students have taken life drawing classes as part of their degrees.

    You might like to look at the Topless Beach thread in the Married Couples section where there has been a lively debate on nudity.

    Just appreciate the wonder of God's creation.

  4. tracey697

    tracey697 Newbie

    no, its not
  5. Johnnz

    Johnnz Senior Veteran Supporter

    I posted this elsewhere, but it's relevant to this thread.

    Frankie Schaeffer "Sham Pearls for Real Swine" looks at nudity in Art from a Christian perspective. He writes:

    "It is the exercise of a peculiarly Protestant arrogance that ignores church history and tradition and assumes that as we look for answers to moral problems, we are alone before God, armed only with our own reading of Scripture and our puny consciences. The fact that in their wisdom, countless faithful churchmen through generations before and after the Reformation found nothing intrinsically offensive about nudity and violence in art is instructive, at least to those who regard themselves as part of the historic church.

    Unfortunately, in addition to ignoring church history, few Christians seem to understand the importance of the context in which something appears. Thus they are left with a few, inadequate, simplistic rules, which are not necessarily Biblical or aesthetic, by which to judge art."

  6. dodolah

    dodolah Regular Member

    If seeing a naked woman in term of art is a sin, then the first one who is guilty of this act will be God, Himself. Afterall, it's not like He created Eve fully clothed.
  7. BFine

    BFine Seed Planter

    Calvary Chapel

    *Do you have a problem with lust or porn?
    If either is true--don't subject yourself to that form of art.
  8. dodolah

    dodolah Regular Member

    I think you should worry about this statement more if you are studying to become a lawyer :D
  9. jehoiakim

    jehoiakim Servant

    I am an artists had have done it on numerous occasions. I also studied the male, but more often then not, those that modeled for us were totally unattractive people. If I hadn't studied anatomy by drawing and painting it I would be a very lousy artist. You need to understand the structure underneath the clothes even if you really only want to draw clothed people and the only way to do that is by practicing with nudes....

    No one ever questions a doctor that studies anatomy, he has to to be an effective doctor, I don't see that much of a difference.

    But the truth is it is about your heart and what is going on there that is the most important. An artist can learn to turn off their brain very quickly and be so concentrated on copying the form and have zero lust in their heart. Some can not because they don't want to do it, they want to allow themselves the opportunity to lust, but even then those people have to shut that part off a little to effectively draw. The first time I had to draw a nude I was very nervous and it was a female. The first minute or two felt strange, not lustful just strange, and before I knew it my brain shut off and I was just copying form. Even from my first experience there was no lust in my mind. Other sessions after that on occasion would pop up a lustful thought very quickly but they were very easy to push out of my mind but that only happened very rarely, maybe for a few seconds in one out of a couple dozen sessions.
  10. iambren

    iambren Newbie

    "Is it a sin to look at a naked woman for art?"

    No, but it may be a sin to be a naked woman looking at art.
  11. aiki

    aiki Regular Member

    Romans 13:14
    14 But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to fulfill its lusts.

  12. Viren

    Viren Contributor

    I don't think there is a yes or no answer. It depends on how the art is being looked at.
  13. GodsHandiwork

    GodsHandiwork Newbie

    The sinfulness will depend on the state of the viewer's heart rather than what's being viewed.

    I agree with much of what jehoiakim says here. As an artist, I have participated in over a hundred life drawing/painting sessions. ALL were conducted in a very professional and respectful manner. They are a necessary exercise for any artist to gain and develop skill in rendering the human form...especially for those who will be using it as their primary source of inspiration...ex., scientific illustration. The focus in these classes is on capturing the human form on paper/canvas and there is little time for anything else. Also, if the model is taking a prolonged rest from a pose, they clothe themselves.

    However, I wouldn't suggest you go against your conscience. Pray over the matter and if you're still feeling serious reservations then see what you can do to opt out.
  14. elenore

    elenore Guest

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
  15. Disciple09

    Disciple09 Newbie

    As has been mentioned in other replies it matters on the heart. If your eyes,mind, etc lust after it then that is a sin. Dealing with such a thing is difficult, you must be concious about it and keep Jesus on the front of your mind.