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Is is hard for you to make up your mind?

Discussion in 'Bipolar Disorder' started by Christownsme, May 31, 2013.

  1. Christownsme

    Christownsme Guest

    It is for me. I'm always changing my mind, never quite able to think clearly enough to decide on what I need to do first, or want to do. How about you?
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  2. CraftyTurtle

    CraftyTurtle Newbie

    This is why I need quiet. If other people are talking, especially to me (helpful as they might think they are), I can't think.
    Living alone also means I can talk out loud to myself about what I will do next. ie the only noise is helpful noise.

    What environment do you need to aid focus? Quiet? Classical Music? White noise? Subdued light? Bright light? Warmth? Cool? Do you need to tie your hair back cos it irritates you and stops you from focusing? Are you delaying doing something outside because you haven't got shoes on, and can find clean socks?

    What do you need to organise or tidy up? A clear workspace makes for a clear head. Have all the things you need close-at-hand, eg water bottle, pens, paper, phone, etc.

    What do you need to eliminate from your work area? Interruptions can come from phone, other people, TV, etc.

    Daily meditation / walk in the park / swim / yoga / bible reading / etc, may not sound like much, but is amazingly helpful.

    Oh, and walnuts. They're good for the brain. They look like brains too. :)
  3. Hopes

    Hopes Newbie

    I did for a while. My husband and I have been having marriage troubles. I could not decided if he was a good guy who made a mistake or a deceptive guy who I can never trust again. I struggled for several days weighing and trying to decide. I decided to take a risk and just love him. I think you cant go wrong with love so I decided that was the way to go.
  4. Trailltrader

    Trailltrader Senior Member

    If its really important? Do whats called a "Ben Franklin decision making chart". Take a piece of notebook paper, draw a line down the middle. One side write "pros" other side write "cons" and then fill out as many pro's and con's as you can. The decision will be pretty plain once you do that.

    Now, car salespeople have taken this decision making approach and ruined it- they'll write down pro's and con's and help you with the PRO BUY THE CAR but will remain silent on the "cons" because they don't want to give up the commission!!
  5. djchuang

    djchuang Newbie

    I've found that decision making is just plain hard, whether bipolar or not. Making up your mind really takes knowing what you want and being able to sort out priorities. Those are not easy things to do when there are so many choices. And then you factor in what does God really want in a decision, that becomes even harder a lot of times. Because I sure don't want to make a decision that's against God's will :(

    One way to think of it = not making a decision is stressful, making a decision and sticking to it can be less stressful.