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Is entering sweepstakes a sin?

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by ChrisCountryGirl, Jul 22, 2006.

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  1. ChrisCountryGirl

    ChrisCountryGirl It's better to give than to recieve

    I wasn't sure where to post this.

    There's a website where I enter sweepstakes for fun for the past 2+ years. But lately, I have been losing interest in it even though sometimes I win prizes. Most of the prizes that I have won, I wouldn't buy or didn't want. I only have some much time in a day & I rather visit/post on forums like this one!!!!!!! I think God may be telling me something. I feel the time I put into entering sweepstakes which is not that much isn't worth it
  2. JoeSaebi

    JoeSaebi Isaiah 53:5

    It could be.

    Most anything could be.

    What would Jesus do?

    Also, anyone who knows what to do (the right thing) and doesn't do it, this is sin.

    I'm debating the issue right now with myself about playing fantasy football for a 'prize'. I'm leaning toward its wrong, but I'm still praying about it. I think if there is just an insubstantial prize, and reasonable amount of time invested, then perhaps its not...need more prayer about it. Joe
  3. radorth

    radorth Contributor

    You enter a sweepstakes. You win. Unless you are already an unusually spiritual person, you can't handle riches and grow spiritually. You spiritual life is destroyed by wealth as with all but a handful of people who win these things. But you go ahead because think you are just more righteous and wise.

    What was your question again? :wave:

  4. suzybeezy

    suzybeezy Reports Manager


    Moved to the more appropriate Christian Philosophy & Ethics forum from General Apologetics.

  5. 13thDesciple

    13thDesciple Member

    It really depends. Gambling itself is not a sin. Even the Apostles cast lots. (a sweepstakes is a type of gambling). However, if you let it control you, or you obsess over it, then it is a sin. But just because you loose interest in it doesn't mean it's a sin. I loose interest (generically) in human interaction, but that doesn't mean it's a sin.
  6. NHB_MMA

    NHB_MMA Veteran

    Christian Seeker
    Anything that takes too much time away from productive things, if you feel in your heart you can be doing better things, could be a sin. I would urge caution if it gets to that point.

    Personally, on the gambling aspect, I don't find gambling in and of itself sinful at all. Where is the Biblical condemnation of gambling? Nowhere. On the contrary, the Bible takes about Samson wagering fine garments over a riddle when dining with the Phillistines. Those that are the most condemning of gambling are usually the same ones the msot condemning of the RCC for basing doctrines on "the teaching of men and not Scripture", as if that isn't what they're doing themselves.

    Anyway, a sweepstakes really isn't gambling if you have nothing to lose, although it could be a waste of time. I spend time reading books about fitness or Texas Hold'em, ironically, and sometimes I'll look at my Bible or the books I've purchased on Orthodoxy sitting on the shelf and feel somewhat guilty.
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