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Is depression caused from sin??

Discussion in 'Depression Disorders' started by AngelDawn, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. AngelDawn

    AngelDawn Newbie

    Could I be having depression and severe anxiety ( as if something bad is going to happen or the fear of death) because of unrepentant sin in my life?? I have scitzoaffective disorder with paranoia andADHD. I pray for healing of my mind to hope one day Jesus would heal me and I could be off all of these psychological medications. Idk what to do? Thanks for your support ahead of time.
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  2. kiwimac

    kiwimac Priest, Bishop-elect; Liberal, Theologian and TSSF Supporter

    New Zealand
    Depression is caused by (among other things) chemical imbalances in the brain. These appear to be natural insofar as they appear to occur in most mammals.
  3. GameHHH

    GameHHH Newbie

    It isn't. People are genetically predisposed to it.
  4. Okano

    Okano -

    Yes, suffering is caused by sin. Those who say depression is caused by "chemical imbalances" can't be sure. In my opinion it is not. It is impossible to measure how meds work in the brain or to measure "chemical imbalances" in the brain. Even if the chemical imbalance theory were true it also would be caused by sin. Because we sin we will suffer. God didn't design us to have "chemical imbalances." Not just your sins may cause depression, but also the sins of generations of people before you. Sin is inherited for 10 generations. That's a lot of sin! It's no wonder we suffer so much. Rest assured though, all things will be restored to you thanks to Christ. He has redeemed you and one day you won't have to suffer anymore.

    I was once on meds like you, but after awhile i did force myself off of them. I went off the deep end in the process and on the streets for a short while, it's not easy, but I put my faith in Christ instead of meds. I'm doing better than I have ever done, but life still has its ups and its downs. For you I think you should discuss this with your church mentor and your doctor. DO NOT just quit your meds like I did, it is dangerous. I wish you the best.
  5. Messy

    Messy Well-Known Member

    I don't know. In my case it was, I needed to repent but also I got inner healing and deliverance from it. Derek Prince says depression and other things is a demon. He also prays for deliverance on youtube, I got set free when I watched it but also had prayer in church.
  6. Inkfingers

    Inkfingers Somebody's heretic Supporter

    United Kingdom
    I do wish that people would stop repeating this, reducing human experience to chemical reactions (and usually then presenting solutions as "just take this pill"). Its largely a con from the pharmaceutical industry to make profit.

    Depression may well possibly at times result from a chemical imbalance (just as taking ecstasy can temporarily make you feel 'loved'), however the foundation of it is a deeply mistaken view of the world. We become depressed because we see the world as a dark and hopeless place. The solution to that is changing how we see the world (which is easier said than done....but remains what needs to happen none-the-less....hence CBT being far better therapy than are pills).

    So, in answer to the OP, pray and ask for faith (as it is faith not prayer that heals - and faith is clean water to the mud of depression) but also seek a good therapist who recognises that the problem is how you see the world and not simply in brain chemistry.
  7. chaoticfirefly

    chaoticfirefly chases after cats

    Depression is caused by many things.

    A trauma, losing someone or a pet dear to you, an imbalance in the brain, etc.

    I disagree with those saying it's caused by sin, but my icon is an obvious reason why. But also a lot of personal reasons, too.

    What you should do is go see a councilor or a therapist. Untreated mental illness can be dangerous in the long run.
  8. Celticroots

    Celticroots Newbie

    Depression is not caused by sin. It is a DISEASE- an imbalance of brain chemicals. Anti-depressants and therapy can be helpful. There is nothing wrong with taking anti-depressants and it certainly doesn't mean you don't trust God. I take them and they helped tremendously.

    To me that's like "I have the flu, but I can't take this medicine because I am not focusing on God." When God created those who made that medicine available in the first place.

    God would want you to take something like meds if they help you feel better. Pray to God that you will find the right psychiatrist, and the right meds for you. God is still part of the process of someone getting help.

    "You just need Jesus. Give it to Him." "you need more faith," are the stupiest comments about mental illness I've ever heard. I've never had these things said to me, although I have felt like people shoved Bible verses down my throat, when I just wanted someone to listen.

    Person: "You just need Jesus."
    Me: "I already have Jesus, the Holy Spirit living inside me thanks."

    Person: "You don't have enough faith."
    Me: "God never promised that we wouldn't struggle in this life. My struggles with depression and OCD have increased my faith. Those illnesses, at their worst, have made me run to God and lean on Him more."

    Not enough faith junk= epic fail.
    Last edited: May 22, 2015
  9. Cracklin Rose

    Cracklin Rose Junior Member

    no it has nothing to do with sin, depression can affect anybody and lot of people who are lucky to not have to deal with it go around spreading bad information.

    im sorry you are struggling, i have similar issues :(
  10. Jeshu

    Jeshu Bought by His Blood Supporter

    I believe that all illnesses came into this world because of sin because God created everything good in the first place, and bad things came into being because wrong grew into our hearts. However physical illness is seldom caused by personal sin, though sin and personal weaknesses can make it a lot worse. I'm Schizo affective as well and know what an incredible rotten illness this is especially when believe all the lies we hear in our head.

    If you think that personal sin is causing you to be Schizo affective then I think you understand your illness all wrong. Blaming ourself is a tactic the wicked smite on us, to hurt us extra deep and keep us away from the truths of the bible. Know that God forgives us our wrong doing and doesn't cause us to become mentally ill because of them. Trust that you have been forgiven your sin because of Christ's sake and grow a thankful and loving heart in responds to that.

    I found that faith in God's love brought me a lot of relieve from my illness, especially when it came to the lies depression had been firing my way. It are lies that are causing us our deepest pain. All the negative things we believe about God, ourselves and others, things that are contradictory with the bible in particular. Sowing good things into our psyche does wonders because positive thinking makes us stronger than depression can bring to bear. God's promises are great to fight the depression and the fear, setting us free to suffer in dignity.

    Psych medications help as well, at least my psychosis was kept at a distant by anti psychotic medications and the voices in my head ceased their constant barrage. However the down side of medications is that they effect a lot more inside of us than the bad stuff, often good feelings and emotions are effected as well. They tend to make us unmotivated and can cause us to fall into depression. (Especially because I can't take anti-depressants because they seem to kick start my manic cycle.) They often cause many other unpleasant side effects as well. I like to take medications when things are bad but when things calm down then I prefer not to take too many pills.

    To God's Depressed Child,

    To think less of yourself then God's own
    Brings you much pain and suffering.
    Your worth is an incredible high price
    Also for you did Jesus die on the cross.

    Depression is also what devil's lies brings inside
    letting a low-self-esteem your good life rob
    Untruths roaming freely through heart and mind
    Evil lies extinguishing all happiness and fun.

    His loving truth brings you His good life
    While to believe lies brings pain and grief
    So hold onto the promises Jesus made to you
    and don't let Satan your good life squander.

    Take hold of God's precious loving truth.
    A life in Him stays safe from lies that hurt.
    Jesus' truth will comfort your bleeding heart
    Lovingly remaking your fallen life anew.

  11. Stanfordella

    Stanfordella The will to do, the soul to dare

    United States
    In Relationship
    Pricks to your conscience and emotional turmoil can contribute to stress, paranoia, and anxiety, but sin does not cause schizoaffective disorder, clinical depression, or ADHD. Severe anxiety, paranoia, and depression are symptoms of schizoaffective disorder, so it's far more likely that it's the disorder itself that is causing these distresses.

    Symptoms of schizoaffective disorder:
    • Delusions — having false, fixed beliefs
    • Hallucinations, such as hearing voices
    • Major depressed mood episodes
    • Possible periods of manic mood or a sudden increase in energy and behavioral displays that are out of character (This can also manifest as ADHD-like symptoms)
    • Impaired occupational and social functioning
    • Problems with cleanliness and physical appearance
    • Paranoid thoughts and ideas
    Causes of schizoaffective disorder:
    The exact cause of schizoaffective disorder is not known. A combination of factors may contribute to its development, such as:

    • Genetic links
    • Brain chemistry
    • Brain development delays or variations
    • Exposure in the womb to toxins or viral illness, or even birth complications
    Even if you are not aware of people in your family who have struggled with depression, ADHD, schizoaffective disorder, or other mental illnesses, it doesn't mean there aren't members who did. Mental illnesses have been unfairly stigmatized throughout history, and as a result many people conceal their experiences with them even from relatives and friends.

    It's vitally important that you obtain quality professional medical help. Your daily mood can be influenced by everything from the weather to an action you feel remorseful over or happy about, but disorders are pervasive and need consistent treatment. There's no shame in it. I have to take daily medication because of an adrenal disorder and be diligent about caring for myself. My physical illness isn't caused by sin, and mental illnesses aren't, either.

    This article with perspectives from Christians struggling with mental disorders might be beneficial to you:

    I agree with what Carlos Whitaker wrote about his experiences as a Christian with severe panic, anxiety, and depression:

    And with Adrian Warnock:

    God bless you.
  12. miss-a

    miss-a Newbie


    Agreed. That stuff's got to go. Charle's Spurgeon, John of the Cross, and Martin Luther suffered depression. It happens. It's horrifying. And I suspect that many who label it sin or lack of faith or med seeking don't realize that the their strong judgements originate in the fear that it might be true that one could be close to God, trying to do all the right things and still have serious, severe depression come along and suck the life out of them. But those of us who have experienced that are fully aware that it can. I agree that meds aren't the entire answer, but they can play a lifesaving role that should not be cast aside.

    As for sin, certainly choosing to live a life of sin could lead to depression from both physical exhaustion and disconnection from God. But someone who desires not to sin and to be close to God does not have to worry that sin is the cause of their depression. When I had severe suicidal depression I was so desperate that I confessed to sins I didn't even do hoping it would stop what was happening. But it didn't. Those confessions were desperate acts rooted in the fact that I'd heard so many religious people criticize the use of meds. Following their advice nearly killed me. My diet was near perfect, I'd been a longtime exerciser, I took herbs and supplements, loved the Lord, did volunteer work, everything, and I still had depression so bad I feared I would no longer be able to fight the suicidal urges. I went on meds, a low dose, and after a number of weeks it was like night and day.

    Pastor Bob Hamp says that depression is ultimately suppression. He also says words to this effect: If your chemicals need fixing, get 'em fixed.
    Amen Pastor Bob. Here's his teaching on depression, very encouraging and helpful:
  13. muddleglum

    muddleglum Junior Member

    In several senses, yes.
    1. Blame Adam and Eve, who started the trend of parts of us "dying" before they should. I'm non-hearing, so that is a big effect. You have brain cells that are ill, which is a different effect.
    2. There is also the sense in which we don't follow Phil 4:8, which has been (indirectly) shown to be healing by several recent studies. Watching the newscasts about disasters, doom, and disease usually makes anyone more depressed. So focus on the good and noble. Also find some good books or sites on wrong thinking in depression. There is some research that indicates that much can be done by ourselves as we practice logical thinking instead of letting our feelings about things take over.
    3. In a very real sense your condition can be worsened if you do have unrepented sin in your life. No, it doesn't cause the condition in the first place, but certainly can exacerbate it. However, considering where you are coming from, you should have someone who is supportive to go through your life with you. I'm too depressed sometimes and will confuse "worldly sorrow" from making a mistake with "Godly sorrow" from sinning. (See 2 Cor 7:10, but also check out 6 But God, who comforts the depressed, ... a few verses earlier. Paul had his own depressed feelings.)
    4. Lastly, there is another way to exacerbate your condition: not being a good steward of the body that the Lord gave you. This delves into nutrition, exercise, and the amount of fresh air and sun you get. This is sort of the same as point number 2 above, but for the whole body.

    Phil 4:4 Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice!
    (note Paul didn't say feel joy but he wants us to look to our present salvation and our future salvation when our Adam ruined body is replaced.)