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Is Anyone Else Angry At The Leftist Media

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by MKalashnikov, Oct 26, 2004.

  1. BlessedMan

    BlessedMan Veteran

    The citizens of the United States...just like everyone else in Washington...lest we forget.
  2. gnombient

    gnombient reformed librarie-keeper

    United States

    If the media was truly partisan to the left, they would have been asking tough questions of the current administration for years now rather than rolling over like the good dog and accepting the scraps the administration tosses them.
    A leftist press would have been much more persistent in its questioning of the administration's rush to war in Iraq, and much more critical of the administration's continually-shifting justifications for said war.
    A leftist press would have been much more persistent in pursuing the source of the Plame leak.
    A leftist press would be seriously and consistently questioning the administration's domestic policies.

    Sorry, editorials and pundits don't count.

    I'm not trying to say that the mainstream press doesn't have any bias whatsoever, but I'm sooo sick of hearing about the "liberal media" like there's some kind of vast conspiracy at work. On the other hand, maybe the Illuminati actually does control everything! ;)
  3. ForeRunner

    ForeRunner Guest

    It looks like they have forgotton, as well as most Americans.
  4. crazyfingers

    crazyfingers Well-Known Member

    Nonetheless, it's part of the executive branch as he said at first. It was you who misstated him to say GWB.
  5. Philosoft

    Philosoft Orthogonal, Tangential, Tenuously Related

    True in the extreme abstract, but naive in reality.
  6. Zoot

    Zoot Omnis Obstat

    Is Anyone Else Angry At The Leftist Media

    Now that the "mainstream" media has been caught in yet another lie, is anyone finally angry enough with them to get them to stop the propaganda once and for all???

    The only leftist media I know of in the States is Democracy Now. All of the networks are hilariously conservative by world standards.
  7. HisEagle

    HisEagle Senior Veteran

    Honestly? I don't pay attention to the news anymore. I used to be a die hard CBS News fan, but after Dan Rather's brouhaha, I quickly lost my trust and respect for the media. How can you TRULY believe anything you hear on the news, or on the internet for that matter? How do we know they aren't manipulating us?
  8. joebudda

    joebudda Newbie

  9. Talmidah

    Talmidah היום כולם יודעים - הרב כהנא צדק

  10. TheBear

    TheBear Free Agent

    Wait! I thought CNN stood for Communist News Network. :p :D

    But seriously...

    I believe both sides share culpability in the biased dissemination of information. Print, radio, TV and internet combine for a massive barage of misinformation, incomplete stories, exagerations, and flat out lies.....along with truth and accuracy. The fact that some media has been reporting on a story almost a year and a half old, is just one example of late. Once you get past all the hype, the core and meaningful issues become clear. :)
  11. drboyd

    drboyd Well-Known Member

    I'll see your three words and raise you two: "Valerie Plame"

    And for good measure, four more: "Scooter Libby frog march"