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Intermittent Fasting

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Going Merry, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Going Merry

    Going Merry ‏‏‏‏ ‏‏‏‏

    Hello everybody. I am someone who practices a thing called intermittent fasting. Some of you perhaps used it, looked at it or never even given it a chance or heard of it! I want to see if anyone else has tried it here with good results :) I find it a easy way to keep lean and it makes me have more energy.

    As for everyone else I suggest trying it!

    Some people are turned off on the idea of fasting short term because they think it harms their metabolism. Well the truth is it does not. People who eat very little say 800 calories in a day, people who eat two meals a day, and people who eat 5-7 times a day have no noticeable increase in their metabolism, in fact all of them are very similar from when they started. Also studies have shown that as much as 72 hours without food has no effect on your metabolism at all.

    But did you know that in 24 hours your insulin drops by 70%? What does insulin do? Well let's say it's the 'thing' that will cause your body to put on fat. Many diets today either regulate it or lessen it somehow, but in one day you can lower it by such a large amount don't you think it is needless to participate in such a tedious diet? So in one day you can cause your body to be less sensitive to put on fat.

    In as little as 15 hours your bodys UCP3 gene expression increases 5 fold... what this is is the amount of fat your body will use during exercise as an example. For instance when you're always in the eating metabolized state your fat is all packed away. But when your fasting you go through something called lipolysis which is basically your fat is released and ready to use as energy. For example people usually work out in the morning because they say they can typically burn almost twice the amount of calories than you would if you were to just exercise after a meal. Because you fasted over night. Well the same principle works over a longer duration, except the fat burning potential keeps increasing. For example exercising before breaking a 24 hour fast, say burning off 100 calories can be multiplied by 5. It is drastic.

    Any who just food for thought for those who have not tried it. It gives you more energy and it's not difficult, you still eat every day, just you take a small break from food and let your body switch into its other metabolized state :) 2x non consecutive days is pretty much the limit you would want to do this a week.
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  2. YeshuamySalvation

    YeshuamySalvation Senior Member

    Wow, you learn something new everyday. One of my friends did something very similar to this for a full decade.. He would eat until 3pm and the rest of the day he would drink lots of water and walk like 2 miles on a daily bases. He took off like 250 pounds of body weight and became extremely skinny. He kept himself at 149 pounds for 10 years and finally early this year he became depressed or something and stopped the diet and exercise. He is now up to 203 pounds. He tells me that in those 10 years he wasn't really happy because he couldn't eat when hungry. Could it be that he got tired of starving himself for so many years?

    I've never heard of this intermittent fasting thing. But it seems far more logical than the one my friend was on for that decade..
  3. Lem29

    Lem29 Newbie

    I really believe in this. I haven't done it lately, but sometimes I'll fast for about 36 hours (say, from after dinner on Monday to breakfast on Wednesday) hours once a month. Always feel really great for a few days afterwards. Important to be careful, though, and talk to your doctor if you have any special medical or dietary considerations.