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insomnia and Mum

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by hms lion, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. hms lion

    hms lion Newbie

    A couple of pray requests from me. I've been having very bad insomnia for the last couple of weeks. Haven't got much sleep last couple of nights. I'm trying out some ways to help me sleep better. please pray that they work.

    Also, Mum tried coming off her anti-depressant medication this weekend. didn't work, and she's had to go back on them. please pray for her that she may know God's peace.
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  2. brinny

    brinny everlovin' shiner of light in dark places Supporter

    Praying for your precious Mum, and you too (((hug)))
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  3. Tigger45

    Tigger45 St Benedict Supporter

    United States
    Prayers for the both of you :pray:
  4. Southernscotty

    Southernscotty Well-Known Member Supporter Angels Team

    United States
    Standing in prayer agreement friend and may God bless you both with much rest and peace in Jesus name Amen
  5. Mydreams

    Mydreams Well-Known Member

    Lord we pray heal hms lion, and mom. let hms lion, sleep well and insomnia be gone. Lord bless mom and bring out of depression. Lord please bless. In Jesus righteous name, Amen!
  6. Stephanie7

    Stephanie7 Senior Veteran

    Lifting you up in prayer for both requests for a restful sleep and also for your mum's health, In Jesus Name, Amen
  7. LoricaLady

    LoricaLady YHWH's Supporter

    Well, melatonin has helped many to sleep. Essential oils can also help, like veviter placed under the nose on the upper lip. Chamomile tea helps some. A warm glass of milk sure works for others. Well, I don't know what you need but I pray the Father will lead you to what is right for you.

    I personally got off anti depressants by shaving some off the pills just a little bit each week, and had no side effects. That way took some months.

    I pray you will be healed of insomnia and that your mother will get off the meds with no problem.