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Featured Inside the squalor on ‘Skid Row’ as typhoid scare grips Los Angeles

Discussion in 'Current News & Events' started by redleghunter, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. KarateCowboy

    KarateCowboy Moderately moderate


    Give a man a fish versus teach a man to fish.
  2. Gigimo

    Gigimo Well-Known Member

    United States
    Everything seems to be Trumps fault nowadays even though he had nothing to do with the decision that caused the mess, projection run rampant.
  3. HannahT

    HannahT Newbie Supporter

    I have read that many in these areas have been trying to build housing, and it's almost impossible. It's not just the high costs, but all the red tape, regulations, taxes, permits, waiting times, etc. The extra housing isn't going to happen, and sadly I think the government there is at a stand still as to what to do - and like many governments in that circumstance do next to nothing of substance.

    Many don't live in the cities like these that they work in, because even they can't afford to. The housing market is unaffordable for even what should be deemed middle wage workers, and that's a problem. How are going to find housing for those in need when average people have issues finding something they can afford with no assistance.

    The cost of living is insane, and the cost of living in Alabama as you noted is much different.

    Something terrible is going to happen there, and really hope they find solutions.
  4. Andrew77

    Andrew77 The walking accident Supporter

    United States
    Yeah,, they most certainly do not live inside the cities that they are in authority over, because its not worth it.

    The solution is simple. Cut the red tape. Cut the regulation. Reduce taxes. Eliminate zoning laws.

    You do that, and I promise you, the price of housing will drop dramatically.

    But these are left-wing areas, where tax and spend, and regulation, are all divinely inspired.
  5. MathewMark1988

    MathewMark1988 New Member

    United States
    It seems to me that whether it is a mother who cuts off the support of her son, the cop who ushers a bum out of the airport terminal or the pastor dragging his son onto the front lawn, the lazy, shiftless behaviour will only stop when someone takes action to shut off the flow of benefits.

    A large percentage of the homeless are psychotic or addicted to drugs, booze or both. As a caring Christian society we need to do what we can to put them on the road to recovery and salvation.

    For the thousands of homeless who simply want to eat for free and not work, we need to shut off the firehose of benefits.

    Yes, local municipalities, counties and cities have a large measure of control over the benefits the homeless enjoy. It is at the local level where the changes must be made. Los Angeles, Seatle, Portland, San Diego and San Francisco have been throwing money at the homeless problem for decades and the situation is getting worse, not better!

    If you feed the pigeons... you get more pigeons. Simple as that.