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inner church struggle

Discussion in 'General Struggles' started by SunnyLin, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. SunnyLin

    SunnyLin taking the mission home.

    for the past 10-12 years i have been attending the same small church in my area. in these past years, we've been having difficulty with pastors and overall agreements... :(

    since i am still young, i dont quite understand what all the discussion and splitting is about, alli know is that the church i literally falling apart. and now i am torn between leaving and staying. :cry:

    5 years ago, the church split in half. one half followed the english pastor to another building. the other half stayed with our chinese pastor in our original building. since then, my parents have been having difficutlties wiht the other leaders of the church and people have been leaving steadily. now the youth consists of 3 people. 2 are in highschool, the other just left for college. my parents and i understand that we have to leave, but i'm afraid for my church when we do. i love everyone there dearly buti know that, well ihave to leave. :help:

    thankyou for reading all of this so far! and thank you to anyone who wishes to help me! :) god bless!
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  2. Blessed-one

    Blessed-one a long journey ahead

    wow, that sounds indeed serious! so the tension's building? aren't there any peacekeepers at all?.....

    talk about internal division! the exact thing that shouldn't be happening if we indeed "love" each other. Keep praying, and wait on God's decision.
    *praying along with you*
  3. ZiSunka

    ZiSunka It means 'yellow dog'

    Such problems are usually caused by sin. I will pray that the sin will be revealed and dealt with effectively and with mercy and justice and grace.
  4. carmen

    carmen Active Member

    Will pray for you. It is never nice to be in a church that is in division and like lambslove said sin of some kind.
  5. SunnyLin

    SunnyLin taking the mission home.

    thank you all so much! :)
  6. Auntie

    Auntie THANK YOU JESUS!!

    This is a very difficult and sad situation, SunnyLin. If you must leave, then I pray that God will guide your family to a new church where you feel at home and loved. :pray:
  7. sunshine

    sunshine Active Member

    saying a prayer for you, SunnyLin. I hope that the Lord will help you make the right decision. I too, struggle with some of my church's teachings and ways of doing things....but your situation sounds far more serious. I pray that the situation can be resolved, as the Lord wills it.
  8. Kiwi

    Kiwi Active Member

    sunnylin, if God has another church for you and your family it may be the best thing to go. We left our old church last year, I had been going there for 20 years! (since I was 7) and even though it was sad and difficult it was the right thing to do, because now we have found a new church where we are being offered the opportunity to do ministry that we could not do in our old church. So be encouraged, God works things out in the end.
  9. josiahdefender

    josiahdefender New Member

    Do not leave a church unless God has freed you to do so.
    The will of God is more important that comfort.
    With the sketchy info you gave us, it is very difficult to render a
    judgment that would accurately counsel you.

    Do not leave because of strife, Satan WANTS to cause strife to cause folks to leave.
    Satan causes division, arguing and fleshly attack to conquer the believers and then split them up.

    Hopefully Satan has not defeated the leadership in such a manner that they give the impression that is "ok" for folks to leave and take their hurts and problems to INFECT all those other churchs to which the smitten flock will run.
    By wise my friend.
  10. SunnyLin

    SunnyLin taking the mission home.

    there are many factors that come into play here. we moved just last summer so now, the drive to my old church is 1/2 an hour. the youth group is teenie... 2 people if i stayed. our youth pastors have been coming and going, they are usually older foreign students coming to study in the US and then leaving again after 3-4 years to return to their country. these are just the surface things i guess you could say :).

    the deeper problems are the diagreements between by father and one or two other leaders of the church along with a problem with the pastor. my parents feel that the pastor does not put enough effort into the church. he doesnt conduct any visits to new visitors, etc. these issues i really dont know much about... :(
  11. sbbqb7n16

    sbbqb7n16 Veteran - Blue Bible Dude

    Do they do any community outreach stuff? Like food drives, get-togethers at the church... you know stuff like that? It's a tough situation, I wouldn't really understand becuase my church is actually growing. But our pastor is VERY concerned about the area around us so.... I'll be praying for you. Just do what you think shows love to the church :)
  12. SunnyLin

    SunnyLin taking the mission home.

    actually no. we dont do much outreach. i know sometimes a few members would go to supermarkets to hand out tracks but none of that is organized by our pastor. i really dont think the memebrs of my church are really serious about their faith.
  13. mel3

    mel3 Member

    It is tragic but true, satan is alive and well right smack in the middle of some churches. And, a house divided can not stand. I have seen division in atleast three churches in the small town i live in. My childhood church, where my parents still attend worship, is the perfect example. This past Easter, the pastor of the church for 14 years was voted out. 137 members followed him, the rest remained. It effects everyone. I went back today for homecoming and it was very bittersweet. Faces I had hoped to see were no longer there. I don't know what the answer is to the division. The only advice I can offer is prayer that your family sincerely seeks Him and His leadership. I hope and pray that the conflict gets resolved. The times we are living in right now is not the time for church doors to be closing. Everyone in your church needs to lay it down on the alter and ask for His will to be revealed to each and every one of you. God is not the author of confusion and it is so sad to see confusion and strife within the church. It feeds satan and breeds hatred and contempt. I hope that you let us know what happens, I really would like to know. Thanks.
  14. SunnyLin

    SunnyLin taking the mission home.

    my parents and i have decided to attend a nother church closer to us. some of the members of the old church refuse to talk to us now that we've left. the new chruch i'm going to is very good. ithink i can learn and growa lot there. there are also a lot of people from my old one htat has moved to this one too. thanks toe veryone for their concern. your thoguths and prayers have really been helping me get through this rough time. thanks!!!!