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Inglewood will destroy 20 years of police shooting records ahead of new transparency law

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by SummerMadness, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. SummerMadness

    SummerMadness Senior Veteran

    Inglewood will destroy 20 years of police shooting records ahead of new transparency law
    One of the ways to avoid addressing police miscond is to get rid of the records that can be used in police reform. I remember someone once made an argument that you need a DOJ report on every police station in order to make any assessment about police misconduct in the country (at the time they were busy pretending as if the Chicago PD had no issues); when the DOJ report came out for the department the person was carrying water for, silence followed. The tactic then became to attack reform efforts, up to and including denying the usefulness of records such as these. For some people, government accountability is the last thing they want because they would rather particular populations remain victims of government overreach. I suspect they will pretend destroying records the day after a new law that would open them to the public comes into effect is perfectly normal and okay.
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  2. Ana the Ist

    Ana the Ist Aggressively serene!

    United States
    Sounds like even the black mayor is claiming this is a routine removal of old records. The timing may be suspicious to some....but it is the end of the year, which is probably when they normally do this.

    Inglewood mayor defends destruction of police records as routine; activists continue to voice concerns

    Sounds like a smart guy. After all, you can't look at a couple of emails sent between a couple of cops at one station....and then generalize about every department in the nation from it.

    Those DOJ reports were awfully biased anyway. It's hard to imagine the misconduct is as bad as they claimed... yet they didn't prosecute any cops? There's a pretty big clue the investigation was just for political points. "You guys better clean up your act or next time we'll actually make arrests and fire people! Nyah, see?!?

    Well....that is what the black mayor says. I'm sure that some people will insist that doesn't matter though....despite being the same people claiming "institutional racism" every time a cop asks a black man a question.
  3. dgiharris

    dgiharris Newbie

    Whenever these sorts of things happen you need to take a step back and rank order what is important...

    Our entire system of justice and morality in this country is supposed to be Innocent until proven guilty.... This means that we as a society place an incredible amount of moral value in the idea of an innocent citizen.

    There are a non-trivial amount of citizens who have been wrongly incarcerated and then later on appeal have been found innocent. A big wave of these types of cases was when DNA evidence became scientifically viable and allowed by the courts.

    For me, getting rid of any "potential" evidence that can exonerate a wrongfully accused and convicted innocent citizen is wrong. Likewise, as a citizen I want the ability to keep track, tabs, and monitor the State and ensure they are doing right by the citizenry, so I'm not a fan of destroying old police records. They should be kept for as long as is mathematically viable. I will admit I do not know what the length of time is. Off the top of my head, I would say that you look at the appeal process and you also look at how long various studies done by various organizations take and then you also look at the statute of limitations for various crimes... Within all of that, there is a number that makes mathematical sense.

    Doing some quick google fu it looks like appeals can take 1-3 years but then there seems to be a vehicle for there to be another appeal in certain circumstances which would then be another 1-3 years... So off the top of my head I feel that police should keep records a minimum of 15 years. My main reason for that time period is that it allows for records to be studied and analyzed by 3rd parties. It also allows for the possibility of back tracking a dirty cop or a procedural error...
  4. grasping the after wind

    grasping the after wind That's grasping after the wind


    It seems that many things including destroying cell phones and erasing emails after they were subpoenaed are tolerated and accepted if the correct people are doing it. If I am to oppose the one, then I would be hypocritical to not oppose the other. Hopefully, unlike in the earlier case, Inglewood .is not highly placed enough in the political hierarchy to be allowed to get away with this or be considered to not be found to have criminal intent by doing it. Unfortunately, equal justice under the law seems to have been amended by the Orwellian "some are more equal than others" so, though I ought to be able to, I would not expect that the full force of the law will descend upon those destroying the records.
  5. Nithavela

    Nithavela confused

    Other Religion
    I am willing to donate 20 dollars for a new hard drive to keep all those documents for another few months.

    They can even keep the harddrive after that.
  6. Dynadin

    Dynadin New Member

    United States
    I believe Doctor Dre had a short poem about this some years ago. . . something about Inglewood...Inglewood... always up to no good? It seems the good doctor was correct in his diagnosis.
  7. SummerMadness

    SummerMadness Senior Veteran

    I agree. I also think a lot of this information is important for establishing patterns of behavior. Often times looking at a specific case in a vacuum can mask agency-wide issues. We live in an age where blatant discrimination and/or misconduct is no longer allowed, but like politics, when you talk states' rights, law and order, protecting the "sanctity" of the vote, policies can be implemented that slip by unless looked at from a broader view. I'll second the call for some money for extra hard drives, I'll even throw in a free scanner to digitize all the documents.