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In a first, FBI to begin collecting national data on police use of force

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by SummerMadness, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. SummerMadness

    SummerMadness Senior Veteran

    In a first, FBI to begin collecting national data on police use of force
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  2. Tanj

    Tanj Redefined comfortable middle class

    Why is the FBI collection this? Oh that's right, because the CDC isn't allowed.
  3. Aryeh Jay

    Aryeh Jay Veteran Supporter CF Senior Ambassador

    United States
    Well, to be fair, the FDIC and ADA isn’t allowed to collect police use of force data either.
  4. grasping the after wind

    grasping the after wind That's grasping after the wind

    Am I mistaken or does the article imply that this a voluntary thing to be submitted by local officials and not something collected first hand by FBI investigation? If it is the former then this program would be more likely to portray a picture of less police malfeasance than would be the real life situation as local enforcement would be more likely to not participate or not be fully candid if they thought it would make them look bad.