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Impartation & the sin of simon the sourceror

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by Alithis, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Alithis

    Alithis Disciple of Jesus .

    New Zealand
    This aspect is frightening.

    The gifts or attributes of the Holy Spirit we are told to earnestly desire .
    So we do

    But they are Of the Holy Spirit
    Whom we already recieved when/if we were baptised in the Holy Spirit .
    Often tongues is the most common outer evidence that this inundation and overflowing has begun to occur .

    So when we earnestly desire the attributes of the holy spirit we are desiring that he move and operate with us as we set about to preform his will .Because he is in us he is able to cause us to move in ANY of these gifts as we have need to do his will.

    But the false teaching of " Impartation" is the delusion that a person will automaticly become some super annointed christian by another person laying hands on them and that some thing will pass from that person to you like some supernatural ShortCut.
    It detracts from so much truth.
    The truth of death to self.
    Putting to death carnal desire.
    That one already has in the Holy Spirit ALL they will Ever need.

    So whats the link to the SIN of Simon the Sourceror?

    Here was a man that when he observed the apostles working in obedience and laying on hands that others might recieve the Holy Spirit
    He desired (carnal desire) that he too might have that power and he was willing to $$pay money to get it.He wanted to automatically recieve a spiritual ability
    And his motives were carnal as he used to be the spiritual attraction in town and wanted to be so again .

    The frightening parallel is that this type of sin is now rife today.its seen in huge conferences where thousands desire some mystical spiritual ability to be suddenly given to them and they line up at confrenced willing to pay$$ money in the hope of Getting it.

    Seek God not Man ..the word "impart " means to take infomation and pass it on .there is no 2nd holy Spirit. People are recieving false spirits doing this sort of thing.

    Think on the Apostles words in response tp simon before you think to pay $money in the hope of getting some spiritual ability..
    He said to simon... "May your money perish with you........ "
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