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If God placed me in this job...

Discussion in 'Requests for Christian Advice' started by amywah, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. amywah

    amywah Guest

    Does that mean that I should feel obligated to stay even if things do not work out.
    I started a job that I asked many to pray about. Its at a Christian preschool. I have only been there a week but it has not been good at all.
    Very disorganized, got sick right away, I am the assistant teacher so I kind of have to go with what the lead says even when its not the best choice...
    Anyway.. I mentioned the issues I was having with the ladies who had prayed for me to get this job and it was mentioned that I and they prayed for me to get this job and if I give up its like throwing the towel at God.

    I love working with kids. Not so sure my immune system does. Also not sure after 3 sedentary years that going full force into a full time physically demanding job was a good idea.
    I have considered asking if they could switch me to part time if after a couple more weeks its still bad.

    And also it could just be that I have been sick and it has made it seem worse than it is.
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  2. BigNorsk

    BigNorsk Contributor

    I wouldn't get in a rush.

    Many changes in life are difficult at first. Take a bit of getting used to and up to speed.

    Just because something is tough doesn't mean it's not worth sticking out.

    Give it some time, it's difficult to get a good relationship with the teacher going if you are just looking for a way out.

    You obviously have some ideas that things should sometimes be done differently, well they aren't going to ever be if you just run.

    Much of this you could have known before you got into it. I really have to wonder how badly you really wanted this if you are ready to throw in the towel in a week.

    Try this next week to go into it looking for a child that needs some help, a kind word, who's had a bad weekend at home while his parents fought or had something bad happen. Instead of trying to think on the whole big picture just come down to the level of one on one.
  3. Maremma

    Maremma Regular Member

    I would say yes you do need to stick this out for more than one reason. If God put you somewhere there is work to be done there. At my first glance I would have to say you have something you need to learn there first. Submission and perseverance come to mind.
    Your body WILL adjust to the increase in physical activity fairly quickly. You will not be this tired forever. You will stronger and healthier due to the increased activity.
    You will also quickly build immunities to the childhood illnesses too. Use universal precautions (washing hands frequently, not touching your face, no sharing cups, washing the KIDS hands often etc) and teach the kids to do the same to help cut back on the amount of illnesses being passed back and forth. After all you ARE there to help teach!

    How exactly did you think it was going to be for you when you were seeking this job? What were your expectations? ALL jobs have "problems". We must learn to get along with others especially when they are different than we are.
    God tells is to be submissive to authority He has set over us. Your boss was "set over you" by God for a reason. YOU worry about how you are acting and reacting and whether what you are doing and not doing are pleasing to the Lord and He will make even our enemies live at peace with us. I have LIVED this principle in my life and I can promise you God always knows what He is doing and puts people in our lives for us to learn from and to teach others.
    Take this to God in prayer and ask HIM what it is that HE wants you to be learning there or doing for Him there. Ultimately He is all that matters anyway.
  4. amywah

    amywah Guest

    I appreciate the responses. I really did want this job. I have been working from home on the phones for the past 3 years and missed being out int he public. But it truly seems that everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. Like one of the main reasons me and DH decided it would be better than my work at hom job was because they had insurance.. Well.. guess what.. RIght before I started working there they stopped offereing it. And then everything else has gone wrong right up til today with DH's truck (he drives for work) having a major issue that will need to be fixed. SO he has to use my car for work. Its just one thing after another in only a week.
    Maybe its God saying.. I blessed you with the opportunity to work at home and you insisted on doing things your own way....

    Know what I mean.... Witht he vehicle situation we are trying to figure it out. I am also still very sick with a fever that wont go down. Just have had a terrible week all around.
    My sister is also int he hospital in ICU with a not so good prognosis so the call for the job seems to have just happened at a hard time.
  5. Maremma

    Maremma Regular Member

    So you were NOT praying before you got the job to ask God what He wanted you to do about health insurance or the social isolation you were feeling? Did you not feel God told you to seek that job? Indeed you really do need to be praying and seeking God's will about this whole matter.
  6. amywah

    amywah Guest

    Well I did pray. I don't know.. Maybe I am not explaining things well.
    So it seems the advice is if I prayed I should stay at this job til they either close or fire me no matter how bad things get...

    I have worked in child care centers before and never felt this overwhelming feeling of everything going wrong. I am just frustrated. :(
  7. Johnnz

    Johnnz Senior Veteran Supporter

    Sometimes events do heap onto us. Hang in, make the most of what opportunities are there for your learning and development, and assess your situation later on.

  8. LifebyChrist

    LifebyChrist Take heart

    In Relationship
    Drink orange juice or just some navel oranges, it provides vitamin C and strengthens your immunity system.

    Try to get some extra rest and sleep for a while if possible this may help you, also you may need to get use to the kid germs or try to help clean up the Church.

    Also try to be respectful to the superiors,

    Proverbs 15:1 "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."

    As they are made in the image of God as well and they are Christians too so it is good to try and get along with them the best you can to make your job a more pleasant experience.

    Try to have a positive attitude as well, good luck
  9. Angelfrog

    Angelfrog Rock, paper, JESUS! I win!

    I'm so sorry that you're struggling at the moment, Amy.

    It's such a blow when we feel God has given us something- but it doesn't turn out quite the way we were hoping. To be honest, though, there isn't a job on the planet that doesn't make us feel like that at some point. It may be immediately, it may be sporadically- it may be after being there for some time- but I can guarantee that that feeling WILL come for everyone, even if very briefly.

    When I started work in a Primary school (I was a Teaching Assistant/ LSA) I found it hard to settle in for a while. I absolutely KNEW that God had given me the job- which made that transition so much harder. I felt as if it should have been fulfilling and a joy from day one.
    Naive, really! :)

    I'd been at home for some years- and I came down with the worst 'bugs' during that first term that I'd had for all those years. The same thing happened to pretty much every new member of staff who hadn't been in a classroom for some time. Your immune system will develop, though, trust me. In my first few months- I had sore throats, colds, a lung infection, gastric flu (the most ill I've ever been in my life!) and that doesn't include the joys of watching out for headlice!!!!!
    I had back ache from the physical side of it- and at times felt utterly miserable.

    There were issues settling in with some colleagues who were above me in the school food chain, but who had some very old fashioned and unproductive methods- and I found that tough to cope with at times.

    However, I went on to develop that immunity, my body adjusted to the new physical demands- and I had some of the most rewarding years of my life there.

    I'm one of those contradictory creatures who like a challenge and new experiences- but get very daunted by change and unfamiliar things!!!! (Yes, sounds crazy, doesn't it!)
    I tend to have to grit my teeth in something new and get past the 'I don't like this!' panic that I know I'm likely to go through- and tell myself that in a few weeks, I'll feel differently. So far, it works.
    Telling yourself you're working for God as you do each task, too. You'd be surprised how much that can help.

    It's surprisingly tiring, working with kids- not only physically- but also because you're in a state of permanent alertness. Your brain knows it can't slack for a moment- not when you're in charge of other people's children. It takes its toll while you're still adjusting. What with that, fighting of the bugs, and facing something new after time out- it's bound to make it all seem a bit too much.

    Maybe you need to be praying about the individual aspects that you're struggling with and not just lumping it all under 'job'. Get some prayer cover for your health, certainly. (sounds like you have some good support).
    Ask God not only what He wants you to do in that job- but also what He wants you to learn.
    For example- if a colleague higher up than you is making choices you feel aren't so good- has God put you there to build up the sort of working relationship where you can begin to influence and work with them to change that- or, perhaps, are you there to learn something from that situation? It could be humility, patience, perseverance, softening or even toughening, up.

    I would say hold on tight for now, at least. If it seems too unbearable, give yourself a 'deadline', say 3 months time, when you'll reassess it all, prayerfully. It may help you to avoid that 'I'm trapped' while you adjust.

    I'll pray for you, Amy. Take care.
  10. If Not For Grace

    If Not For Grace Legend-but then so's Keith Richards

    Did you not realize that the enemy would come against you when you start being in a real position to be a Godly influence to our youth? We all believe in God/heaven but we fail to realize sometimes there is another side that seeks "to steal, kill & destroy". Perhaps you have heard of "containment". The last thing the enemy can afford is to have more recruits for the "other" side. So Count it Joy, because you will prevail. In the service of our Lord when you resist the devil he has to flee. Give it a chance there is not victory w/o battle.

    Prayers Grace
  11. Maremma

    Maremma Regular Member

    I am sorry you misunderstood me. I was just trying to get a better understanding of where you are coming from. Whether you specifically felt led by God to ask for that job or whether you felt led to ask God for that job just because you were so worried about the insurance problem.
    Indeed if GOD led you there then I wholeheartedly agree with If not for Grace. Satan is throwing this all at you to stop you from whatever it is God has planned for you. If that is the case then your prayers need to be directed against satan. We have been given AUTHORITY over him but if we do not EXERCISE that authority he will run wild doing whatever he wants laughing at us because we are on a speeding bus heading for a bridge and don't know all we have to do is press on the brakes! Put satan under your feet. In Jesus name command satan and all his minions bound so that he cannot touch your ministry there. Pray it every day before you even get your morning coffee.
  12. Starpuppy

    Starpuppy Well-Known Member

    Hello Sister Amy

    I would firstly like to commend you in persisting in work even though you are having trouble with it :)

    I would like to share with you my experience and the advice i got from others, i hope it will help you as much as i did

    Its my first time working and i am now working as a IT technician, I been working for a month but yet i am the most underperformed staff and the interns and a recent newcomer are doing a better job than me.
    Reason? because i was scared, scared of making mistakes, i went to work in fear everyday, fear of making mistakes and getting scolded

    The job to me was a godsend because i had NEVER APPLIED for a technical job at all (i did apply for a technical post tho but it was for another company) and i could never find the resume that i have ever send to the company that i am now working at. At the end of the first week, i was like you, ready to throw in the towel but i kept telling myself and dragging myself to work everyday, telling myself "God has appointed me this job, its a calling from Him.... God has appointed me this job, its a calling from Him" but still i was feeling horrible

    I recently got a revelation during a youth group meeting where my leader was discussing with us about "Changes in our lives". I learned something that day

    • Something that is tough might not be good for us BUT it is for God's good (like the rest has posted)
    • Changes are uncomfortable but it is shaping us to be more Christ-like
    • Changes happen everyday, every minute, every heartbeat BUT God love is unchangeable

    • James 1:2-4 (New International Version, ©2011)

      Trials and Temptations

      2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,[a] whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3 because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4 Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

    I know things are not the way you want it to be, you want to fly and make changes but is God telling you to slow down, be humble and lay all your worries on to Him?

    I know its hard on you and your faith is being tested but we will be praying for you and looking after you, should you need a listening ear, CF is here :)
  13. kellyc

    kellyc Regular Member

    hi amyway, so sorry to hear about your sister. maybe it is just having so many things heaped on you at one time that is making you question your decision about the job. i think it would be a real challenge to work with kids, but fun once you get adjusted physically. try taking airborne! it's like a miracle!

    i agree with the others that you should try to stick it out for a bit. give it three months and see how you like it.