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Ideas for gospel tract placements

Discussion in 'Missions, Evangelism & Witnessing' started by ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), May 12, 2020.

  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) a social experiment!

    United States
    Ahoy. I'm a fan of gospel tracts being an effective tool to reach people for Jesus.
    So far I've got it in mind to create ones specifically tailored for the following locations:

    -Gas stations

    Can anyone think of any other common areas where gospel tracts can be left where people frequent?
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  2. Franki(ncense)

    Franki(ncense) Relax! Oluwa's running the show... Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Supermarkets, gyms, cinemas, bus stands etc.
  3. Tolworth John

    Tolworth John Well-Known Member Supporter

    United Kingdom
    I have a far better idea.
    Make it your ambitions to speak to one person every day about the gospel.
    Far more people will hear the gospel if you do this, then will ever read tracts left in restaurants etc as the staff will clear them away.
    You can use a tract as a gift to leave with the person you have spoken to.

    Littering publick paces is not the at to spread the gospel.
  4. Sketcher

    Sketcher Born Imperishable

    None during the pandemic.

    Though I do find the Ray Comfort fake wallet tract to be amusing.
  5. A_Thinker

    A_Thinker Well-Known Member Supporter

    I used to pin up tracts on employee bulletin boards at work ... and on student bulletin boards at local colleges.
  6. FutureAndAHope

    FutureAndAHope Just me Supporter

    I put them in letter boxes.
  7. Livingstones2020

    Livingstones2020 Biblical Creationist

    United States
    There are numerous ways to drop a Gospel Tract in. One of my favorite places would be newspaper holders. Along the streets in my home city, there are newspaper holders that doesn't cost anything to open them. They are a great way to slip inside or even inside of each newspaper.

    Another one is through junk mail. Many times when I get junk mail and they left an envelope for me to send back for the offer and no postage needed, I basically take a few tracts and mail them back.

    Here are a few more places that you can also put tracts in: (This lists was taken from the School of Biblical Evangelism Book - by Ray Comfort)

    1. Pay phones (pretty scarce now)
    2. Shopping carts
    3. Inside of clothes pockets in stores
    4. In letters to loved ones
    5. With a generous tip (probably after the restaurants reopens)
    6. On seats in restaurants lobbies
    7. With fast-food employees', cashiers, and gas station workers
    8. In restrooms
    9. At rest areas
    10. On ATMs and Bank counters
    11. In envelopes with bill payments
    12. In elevators
    13. On hotel dressers for the maid
    14. On ice machines
    15. On newspaper racks
    16. In waiting rooms of doctor offices and hospitals
    17. On seats in airports, subways, and bus stations
    18. With flight attendants and cab drivers
    19. In plane seat pockets
    20. Inside magazines
    21. In cabs
    22. In laundromats
    Here is a video that really encouraged me on how to use tracts by Mark Spence: Tracts & Transitions
  8. Rebecca4Christ

    Rebecca4Christ Servant Supporter

    United States
    I leave them in grocery carts,and on store shelves,in the frozen section....
    I have million dollar bills also,that I fold like you would if it was a bill in your pocket and drop them almost everywhere I go.People will pick up money :)
    I work at a college,so I drop a lot of them around.
    Public restrooms anywhere are good,because there is privacy and time for someone to read them.
  9. Davist

    Davist WWJD?

    United States
    There's something about fake money tracks that just seems duplicitous to me. It's like those spam advertisements which try to trick you into thinking you've won a free cruise or cash prize, only to find it's something else entirely. Just feels like a bait and switch. There's definitely people who would find it funny, but I worry it's more often seen as trickery or littering or both.

    On the other hand, a creative twist on this would be a track or note attached to real money. The note could say something simple like, "Just sharing God's blessings, keep the money and buy yourself a burger on me!" That would definitely make an impression. It's not a mass producible tactic, but quality over quantity, right? ^_^
  10. Rebecca4Christ

    Rebecca4Christ Servant Supporter

    United States
    Well, although some people enjoy the novelty of a million dollar bill ,I don't do it to be funny.
    I do it to get the gospel to as many as possible before it's to late.If someone feels duped, they aren't ready for the real truth anyway.
    I never find them crumpled up where they were found,so as I said,if they aren't appreciated for the gospel perhaps as a novelty .
    You have a nice idea,and obviously more funds than I do.^_^