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Idea For Christian Screenplay

Discussion in 'Scripts/ Screenplays' started by Journey.In.Grace, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Journey.In.Grace

    Journey.In.Grace Daughter of the One True King

    United States
    I am a big fan of Lord of the Rings. I love the concept how its all loosely based on the Bible in some ways, and I love how the author made it like it is. I use to do some screenwriting when I was younger and I have been thinking about getting back into it, so I have a few ideas for my screenplays. Most are Christian-based, as how my ideas for a story or screenplay tend to be; highly intentional. I want to share my idea and see if anyone thinks if it is worth being written and even sent out to someone.

    The time is set in Medieval time. This is fantasy based but also Christian based as well. Asterlia is a world broken by war against religion, where there is a few selection of Kingdoms that remain true to their religion and stand firm, one of them being the heart of Asterlia by its prosperity and people, and the line of past Kings. That is soon shattered when the King of that kingdom has been corrupted and converts to a new religion and forces his people to as well, and those who do not will be sentenced to death, no matter who it is or what their faith and religion is.

    But secretly the King has been corrupted and betrayed thinking otherwise by an evil off to the West, and is told that if invasion is allowed unto his kingdom he will survive and receive all the glory a King has ever had and will be the favor of the god in their religion. There is one woman who will not stand for this, Arianna Willow, and is the only one remains other than the King's younger son and a handful of warriors.

    Arianna revolts against the King and the invasion, but is seriously injured. The King wishes to see her executed, but the King's son, David, having known her for so long bears her away, but is now exiled just like his older brother and heir to the throne, Paul.

    Paul is seek out to heal Arianna, for he is the only one left with the power to heal. With news of what has happened to his home and so many lives of innocence being ended, Paul is angered. He is the only one with the power to revolt against the King and take the throne, but the risk is a dangerous war that could threaten reaches of all the Kingdoms.

    That is my idea. In an overview, the world has been tampered with war against religion where only few Kingdoms stand in peace, until one Kingdom and its King becomes corrupted. Tricked, the King allows an invasion to come and remain in his castle, forbidding his younger son to venture out and stop the invasion. Arianna Willow, a young woman and a skilled warden, puts a stop to it but is mortally injured, and David goes away with her seeking his older brother who is the only one left that is able to heal and his healing to take affect.

    When Paul hears of Arianna he does not hesitate, for he and Arianna once shared a love that he still has but could not remain in the Kingdom under his father's ruling. When he hears of the death of so many lives already by the doing of his father and his corruption, he is angered and comes to a decision to put it to an end, but he will risk an all out war by doing so.
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  2. Interplanner

    Interplanner Newbie

    I'll be checking this soon. Trying to ask around for a scriptwriter now.
  3. Interplanner

    Interplanner Newbie

    Do you yourself do any scriptwriting now? Or could?

    I think I lost the dynamic of this story. Did you start over at the beginning after you said "That is my idea" in 2nd to last paragraph.

    What is "tampered" with war?

    What is a skilled warden, or what is the object(s) being managed by her?