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I would like the complete definition of sexual immorality

Discussion in 'Struggles with Sexuality' started by mcnsx420, Oct 19, 2004.

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  1. mcnsx420

    mcnsx420 New Member

    My girlfriend and I have been together for the past 2 years. We are both 19 right now. We have always been sexually active, but refrained from having sex for the first year we were together. Lately she has become a very strong christian. I know in the bible it says not to be sexually immoral. I also know that it says no sex before marriage. I'm trying my hardest to support her decisions, which means for the past month, we haven't had any sex. I would like to know exactly what sexual immorality is. I find it hard to believe that after being with this girl for 2 years, doing anything other then kissing is sexually immoral. I do believe that having sex is, but where is the line drawn?
  2. Miss Shelby

    Miss Shelby Legend

    You draw the line when you know that once a certain point is crossed you won't be able to stop. If you've been sexually active with her before, you should know when that is. I hate to break the news to you but until you get married (are you getting married?) you might have to just stick to kissing.

  3. Bradford

    Bradford Fool on the Hill

    Moved from Questions by Non-Christians to Struggles With Sexuality
  4. mcnsx420

    mcnsx420 New Member

    I would rather it not be moved. I am not struggling with MY sexuality by any means. I have a very specific question, which hasn't been answered. I would like to know the definition of sexual immorality. thanks
  5. Want2bPure

    Want2bPure New Member

    Hi ya,

    I truly believe that sexual immortaility is anything outside the marriage that
    impulses one to go one step further till eventually reaching the full sin. The one
    scripture speaks about lust in the heart. Lust is of anything that we desire
    so much that it takes hold of us, eventually leading us to sin upon it. I truly
    believe anything that means exposing of each others bodies should be
    refrained from until marriage. May the Lord give you both strength as you
    desire and seek to be holy and righteous!:thumbsup:

    In Christ Jesus
  6. VivDaGurl

    VivDaGurl Veteran

    This is a very wide topic to be discussed here. Sexual immorality as described by Want2BPure is anything that is outside of marriage and to add on, even when you think of a girl (may it be your girl or not), lustfully, it's also considered as sexual immorality. In terms of going out, you have to know what your boundaries are and where to stop. It varies from one person to another person because there are a few different perception from others as follows:-
    - Stop at holding hands
    - Stop at a goodbye kiss
    - Stop at hugging by the side
    - Don't even have any physical contact inclusive holding hands
    and the list goes on and on and on...

    You've been sexually active with your gf and you know clearly that one thing leads to another thing. A french kiss leads to touching, and touching slowly leads you to sexual intercourse because that is a very normal reaction from our body. I would suggest you to lift this up to God in a prayer together with your gf and start to make clear of your boundaries between the two of you.
Thread Status:
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