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I need some help from people that know their paintings!

Discussion in 'Terrific Thirties' started by adelaidepensiero, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. adelaidepensiero

    adelaidepensiero Regular Member

    Anyone know their paintings?

    My wonderful Christian grandmother passed away on her 60th wedding anniversary (my grandfather died shortly after their 50th). I loved my grandmother and rejoiced at her passing as she is finally in heaven and is no longer in pain or struggling with her body. My family jumped right into organizing some of her things. When I was in high school my grandmother gave me her piano as I was becoming a music major. In her home, there was a painting that hung over the piano for years. When she passed, that was the only thing I requested of hers and I got it. The problem is, I only know it as the painting at my grandma's and I'd like to know what it's named.
    Here is a description: A brunette woman in a long, flowing, victorian-ish style dress, is playing a grand piano, with music open on the stand. She and the piano are in front of a fireplace with another painting of woman running above it. On the right side of the painting, there are huge windows, with blue curtains and the light is reflected on the floor.

    If you have any information on this painting (I kno w I've seen it elsewhere, just where I don' t know) PLEAS E let me know.
  2. JolieHeart

    JolieHeart ~ Steadfast ~ Supporter

    I've looked at sites that sell posters (allposters.com for one) and haven't come across what you describe. Best wishes with your search. Have you considered contacting a museum or a college art history department? They might be of some help.
  3. DesertScroll

    DesertScroll Member

    This might be what you are describing, artist is M Dittel:


    The way you described it seems to be it.

    If not the only other paintings I have found that remotely fit your description would be by this artist who is found in quite a few homes of grandmothers Antoni Ditlef www.ditlef.com/Antoni.html

    But the first artist and painting I posted are pretty much dead on so hopefully it is it.

    Edit: Not up on my pianos, but I do not think that the piano in the painting is a grand piano so only thing that wouldn't fit the description.
  4. adelaidepensiero

    adelaidepensiero Regular Member

    yup, it was ditlef! I was so excited to find it!
  5. JPPT1974

    JPPT1974 Happy Thanksgiving

    United States
    Glad that you found it my friend
    Hope that you like!:wave:
  6. john conor

    john conor New Member

    Word of Faith
    Sorry I have search many times but i cant find their paintings but you dont worry i will continue and gives you results ok .:pray: