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I need an explanation for these mind predictions and coincidences.

Discussion in 'Obsessive Compulsive Disorder' started by Kostilaks, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Kostilaks

    Kostilaks Member

    I see something in the internet that is like telling me that the something that I fear happened or will happen. after I see it, my mind always makes thoughts like "I hope I don't hear the sound of someone opening his/her door apartment to the corridor or a car alarm ringing or a dog barking because it would be unlikely to happen and if it happens maybe God arranged the things to work in order for the timing of the coincidences so I can get them as signs". In the past, I ended up considering the door thing, a car alarm and a dog barking as possible signs from God as an answer to a question I made Him which means my fear came true. the fear was a suggestion I made to God due to ocd. but I never meant it.
    can someone explain me some of these coincidences so I can feel good again?
    not in chronological order
    1) I saw a photo in internet that I thought maybe God made me see this photo as a sign. My mind as usual feared that I will hear a door or an alarm or a dog barking. coincidences happen. I fast told to God that I will not accept these coincidences as a sign. there were not sounds. later I saw the photo again and the same thought came but before I was able to tell God that I will not accept any sound that will happen as a sign I heard a door opening.

    2) I saw another photo that started bugging me. there were no sound coincidences. later, I made a thought like this "what if this photo was a warning that I should not have made a delivery order from a specific food store?" again the same thought came "what if now that I worry I will hear a coincidence sound?" it happened! I heard a car alarm ringing and maybe a door opening (not sure for the last one).

    3) my mind feared that a coincidence will happen that the 3 sounds (dog,car alarm and door) will happen almost the same or at the same time which is something unlikely and I will torture myself by thinking that they maybe signs because there unlikely to happen. it happened 2 times. a dog was barking and kept barking when a car alarm started ringing when a door opened. and what is more scary, is that this happened when my mind said something like " I will consider it as a sign if the 3 sounds I fear happen together" and it happened. the second time, I heard a door opening the same time with a car alarm ringing. my mind was like "now a dog is what I need to hear" and a dog started barking. 3 sounds together again!

    4) me sleeping. waking up with thoughts like " i will hear a door opening and it would be bad" some seconds later it came true. that happened many times. how my mind predict the sound in my sleep?

    please give me a detailed answer to all of these. it will help my ocd
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  2. hms lion

    hms lion Newbie

    I'm sorry to hear what your going through. I can't provide much help other than prayer, and suggest that you speak to someone on the Crisis hotline. they should be able to provide you with help.

    Praying for you.
  3. Tolworth John

    Tolworth John Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    my mind feared that a coincidence will happen[/QUOTE]

    God does not send us signs that are random pictures, words, sounds etc
    Every time you see or hear what you think is a sign ask your self a simple question.
    'How does this increase my love for Jesus?'
    If it is not doing that it is not a sign from God.
  4. Mari17

    Mari17 Well-Known Member

    United States
    I disagree that getting an answer to this will help your OCD, for your OCD will likely just come up with another argument to make you feel bad again. That's the way it works. What you are doing right now, reassurance seeking, is actually a compulsion, something done to relieve the anxiety. You can continue to try to seek reassurance, but in that case the OCD cycle will probably just keep continuing. The way to break it is to stop asking for reassurance, and to move forward accepting that these things are not signs EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE STILL NOT SURE. You will never be sure with OCD - that's why you have to listen to other people's perspectives and trust them, taking a leap of faith and treating the obsession as OCD. As your mind slowly heals from the "OCD mode" it's in, you too will be able to see how you're distorting this issue and making an obsession out of it. But right now, in regards to this particular issue, you are way over-analyzing and not thinking clearly about it. That's what happens to those of us with OCD - our brains are always on the search for something to be anxious about, so we often take one small issue and our brains blow it out of proportion so much that we have a distorted view of it. The difficult thing is that it's only by ignoring those fearful messages of our brains, which are telling us that this issue is real and scary, that we are able to overcome the OCD. For some people, medication or therapy is essential to starting this process of ignoring the OCD. It can be possible to do on your own, but in either case it is very difficult to persevere against those scary messages of OCD. But it can be done!!
  5. John Bowen

    John Bowen Active Member Supporter

    Are minds are designed to look for patterns like people say they see 111 if you are looking for it you will find it. There is a doctor on youtube kognitivterapi lot of videos on OCD .
  6. Subaru17

    Subaru17 New Member

    Hi Kostilaks,

    Are you currently seeing a doctor or psychiatrist for your ocd?? If not you certainly should, as well as talk to a Christian therapist or someone you trust from your church.

    You should know that you are not alone in your symptoms and experience at all. I have these exact same symptoms of OCD.

    I also have a question or worry about and answer from God, and constantly have intrusive thoughts, compelling me to look for signs.

    Some of my signs might be, my cat meowing or someone pulling into my yard at an exact time etc... others I won’t get into because I don’t want to spread them around.

    All these things are just as you labeled them, coincidences. Humans are always looking for confirmation bias, and I can tell by how you write your post you aren’t even fully sure some of
    These occurred, which is Hallmark OCD

    Praying for you.

    Seeing a psychiatrist and having a counselor has really helped me. I have made some progress in my life, I know you can too and get out from under this.
  7. Subaru17

    Subaru17 New Member

    Also, funny how we post in the OCD section but aren’t fully sure we have OCD, and talk about coincidences but then say we aren’t sure they are coincidences. Stick with the rational side of you brain. It won’t let you down.