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I Need a Hobby! Seeking Ideas

Discussion in 'General Hobbies and Interests' started by CoolDude68, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. CoolDude68

    CoolDude68 Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    I use to be obsessed with photography but got burned out on it. I'd like to get into something else but honestly don't have any clue what that might be. I thought about wood working perhaps, or maybe something outdoors which would give me some activity. I do like riding my hybrid bicycle but it's not a passion I guess.

    Just looking for ideas!

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  2. RedHogRider

    RedHogRider Newbie

    What are some of your interests? I've dabbled in many things over the years, but only a few turned into hobbies.
  3. CoolDude68

    CoolDude68 Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    I think this is the problem, my interests are limited, at least for turning something into a hobby and spending money on it.

    If I were to list things that I enjoy, as a general interest, I could include:

    Nature, working with my hands, the Internet, outdoor activities, animals and building things. These bring to mind a lot of options but really nothing gets me excited enough to take the next step to form a hobby. Am I losing interest in things as I grow older? That's scary! :)
  4. RedHogRider

    RedHogRider Newbie

    Our interests do change as we get older. In my case, I collected stamps for many years, but I haven’t touched the collection in 35 years. It’s the same for other things that have interested me. The only thing that has remained is my passion for motorcycles, particularly Harleys. That has remained, though it has “evolved.” Instead of merely looking at pictures, I now own one. I also have a plethora of Harley memorabilia.

    I don’t know your age or financial wherewithal. If you like the outdoors, then maybe bird watching. It sounds lame, I know, but it’s interesting. You can combine your like of the outdoors with cycling, etc. There are organizations devoted to the activity; and since you’re from Ohio, then I’m sure there are places to do it.

    That’s just one possibility. You mentioned working with your hands; do you like motorcycles? If so, what about buying old ones, fixing them up, and reselling them? A buddy of mine buys and restores vintage Japanese bikes. The only problem is he never sells them. Needless to say, "his garage overfloweth." If you’re into bicycles, then you could do the same with them.

    Anyway, those are just a few ideas. You’ll have to make a post if you come up with something.
  5. CoolDude68

    CoolDude68 Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Funny you mention motorcycles. I've been trying to get my wife to allow me to purchase one for decades. She does not want me to have one. Not even a scooter. I was able to convince her to let me get a bicycle but that's the only thing on two wheels I will be able to ride.

    I will look for groups regarding bike tours maybe mixed with photography. Or, perhaps start my own if the wife lets me.

    Thanks for the ideas.
  6. RedHogRider

    RedHogRider Newbie

    Sounds like a good idea. How your wife will react is another thing. Some spouses find they love to ride, whereas others totally hate it. I’m not married, but my lady-friend had never ridden until I took her out on mine. She loved it. I even bought her a pink helmet. She liked it okay, but preferred my blue Screaming Eagle helmet.

    There are a lot of possibilities with something like that. I would encourage you to check out Rider Magazine. Besides the articles, there are some interesting ads about touring, etc. It might stimulate some thinking.

    Good luck!!!
  7. 2bituser

    2bituser Guest

    Do you like music? Get into keyboard or guitar maybe, or you could be a drummer.

    Or how about cooking?
  8. Lovely Jar

    Lovely Jar Pray Out Loud

    It keeps you in great shape and it's fun. And if you still enjoy photography you can bring your camera along on the water and capture some really nice shots from a different perspective.
  9. Sarita Tandukar

    Sarita Tandukar Newbie

    Is there any other thing that you loved to do or may you happy then take it as your hobby. It makes you happy alot.
  10. CoolDude68

    CoolDude68 Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Great advice! Although, my wife wouldn't like me sitting on the couch, sipping my favorite beverage all day.

  11. BlueLioness

    BlueLioness Guest

    World's Largest List of Hobbies!
  12. jamallax89

    jamallax89 Life is fine

    Actually i like to travel. SO its my hobby.
  13. BlueLioness

    BlueLioness Guest

    Wow, you're like me, I did video gaming for 20 years as a hobby and then one day I just got burned out on it and then I turned to flowers.

    Would the following list of ideas help...


    Aircraft Spotting
    1. Airbrushing
    2. Airsofting
    3. Acting
    4. Aeromodeling
    5. Amateur Astronomy
    6. Amateur Radio
    7. Animals/pets/dogs
    8. Archery
    9. Arts
    10. Aquarium (Freshwater & Saltwater)
    11. Astrology
    12. Astronomy
    13. Backgammon
    14. Badminton
    15. Baseball
    16. Base Jumping
    17. Basketball
    18. Beach/Sun tanning
    19. Beachcombing
    20. Beadwork
    21. Beatboxing
    22. Becoming A Child Advocate
    23. Bell Ringing
    24. Belly Dancing
    25. Bicycling
    26. Bicycle Polo
    27. Bird watching
    28. Birding
    29. BMX
    30. Blacksmithing
    31. Blogging
    32. BoardGames
    33. Boating
    34. Body Building
    35. Bonsai Tree
    36. Bookbinding
    37. Boomerangs
    38. Bowling
    39. Brewing Beer
    40. Bridge Building
    41. Bringing Food To The Disabled
    42. Building A House For Habitat For Humanity
    43. Building Dollhouses
    44. Butterfly Watching
    45. Button Collecting
    46. Cake Decorating
    47. Calligraphy
    48. Camping
    49. Candle Making
    50. Canoeing
    51. Cartooning
    52. Car Racing
    53. Casino Gambling
    54. Cave Diving
    55. Ceramics
    56. Cheerleading
    57. Chess
    58. Church/church activities
    59. Cigar Smoking
    60. Cloud Watching
    61. Coin Collecting
    62. Collecting
    63. Collecting Antiques
    64. Collecting Artwork
    65. Collecting Hats
    66. Collecting Music Albums
    67. Collecting RPM Records
    68. Collecting Sports Cards (Baseball, Football, Basketball, Hockey)
    69. Collecting Swords
    70. Coloring
    71. Compose Music
    72. Computer activities
    73. Conworlding
    74. Cooking
    75. Cosplay
    76. Crafts
    77. Crafts (unspecified)
    78. Crochet
    79. Crocheting
    80. Cross-Stitch
    81. Crossword Puzzles
    82. Dancing
    83. Darts
    84. Diecast Collectibles
    85. Digital Photography
    86. Dodgeball
    87. Dolls
    88. Dominoes
    89. Drawing
    90. Dumpster Diving
    91. Eating out
    92. Educational Courses
    93. Electronics
    94. Embroidery
    95. Entertaining
    96. Exercise (aerobics, weights)
    97. Falconry
    98. Fast cars
    99. Felting
    100. Fencing
    101. Fire Poi
    102. Fishing
    103. Floorball
    104. Floral Arrangements
    105. Fly Tying
    106. Football
    107. Four Wheeling
    108. Freshwater Aquariums
    109. Frisbee Golf – Frolf
    110. Games
    111. Gardening
    112. Garage Saleing
    113. Genealogy
    114. Geocaching
    115. Ghost Hunting
    116. Glowsticking
    117. Gnoming
    118. Going to movies
    119. Golf
    120. Go Kart Racing
    121. Grip Strength
    122. Guitar
    123. Gunsmithing
    124. Gun Collecting
    125. Gymnastics
    126. Gyotaku
    127. Handwriting Analysis
    128. Hang gliding
    129. Herping
    130. Hiking
    131. Home Brewing
    132. Home Repair
    133. Home Theater
    134. Horse riding
    135. Hot air ballooning
    136. Hula Hooping
    137. Hunting
    138. Iceskating
    139. Illusion
    140. Impersonations
    141. Internet
    142. Inventing
    143. Jet Engines
    144. Jewelry Making
    145. Jigsaw Puzzles
    146. Juggling
    147. Keep A Journal
    148. Jump Roping
    149. Kayaking
    150. Kitchen Chemistry
    151. Kites
    152. Kite Boarding
    153. Knitting
    154. Knotting
    155. Lasers
    156. Lawn Darts
    157. Learn to Play Poker
    158. Learning A Foreign Language
    159. Learning An Instrument
    160. Learning To Pilot A Plane
    161. Leathercrafting
    162. Legos
    163. Letterboxing
    164. Listening to music
    165. Locksport
    166. Lacrosse
    167. Macramé
    168. Magic
    169. Making Model Cars
    170. Marksmanship
    171. Martial Arts
    172. Matchstick Modeling
    173. Meditation
    174. Microscopy
    175. Metal Detecting
    176. Model Railroading
    177. Model Rockets
    178. Modeling Ships
    179. Models
    180. Motorcycles
    181. Mountain Biking
    182. Mountain Climbing
    183. Musical Instruments
    184. Nail Art
    185. Needlepoint
    186. Owning An Antique Car
    187. Origami
    188. Painting
    189. Paintball
    190. Papermaking
    191. Papermache
    192. Parachuting
    193. Paragliding or Power Paragliding
    194. Parkour
    195. People Watching
    196. Photography
    197. Piano
    198. Pinochle
    199. Pipe Smoking
    200. Planking
    201. Playing music
    202. Playing team sports
    203. Pole Dancing
    204. Pottery
    205. Powerboking
    206. Protesting
    207. Puppetry
    208. Pyrotechnics
    209. Quilting
    210. Racing Pigeons
    211. Rafting
    212. Railfans
    213. Rapping
    214. R/C Boats
    215. R/C Cars
    216. R/C Helicopters
    217. R/C Planes
    218. Reading
    219. Reading To The Elderly
    220. Relaxing
    221. Renaissance Faire
    222. Renting movies
    223. Rescuing Abused Or Abandoned Animals
    224. Robotics
    225. Rock Balancing
    226. Rock Collecting
    227. Rockets
    228. Rocking AIDS Babies
    229. Roleplaying
    230. Running
    231. Saltwater Aquariums
    232. Sand Castles
    233. Scrapbooking
    234. Scuba Diving
    235. Self Defense
    236. Sewing
    237. Shark Fishing
    238. Skeet Shooting
    239. Skiing
    240. Shopping
    241. Singing In Choir
    242. Skateboarding
    243. Sketching
    244. Sky Diving
    245. Slack Lining
    246. Sleeping
    247. Slingshots
    248. Slot Car Racing
    249. Snorkeling
    250. Snowboarding
    251. Soap Making
    252. Soccer
    253. Socializing with friends/neighbors
    254. Speed Cubing (rubix cube)
    255. Spelunkering
    256. Spending time with family/kids
    257. Stamp Collecting
    258. Storm Chasing
    259. Storytelling
    260. String Figures
    261. Surfing
    262. Surf Fishing
    263. Survival
    264. Swimming
    265. Tatting
    266. Taxidermy
    267. Tea Tasting
    268. Tennis
    269. Tesla Coils
    270. Tetris
    271. Texting
    272. Textiles
    273. Tombstone Rubbing
    274. Tool Collecting
    275. Toy Collecting
    276. Train Collecting
    277. Train Spotting
    278. Traveling
    279. Treasure Hunting
    280. Trekkie
    281. Tutoring Children
    282. TV watching
    283. Ultimate Frisbee
    284. Urban Exploration
    285. Video Games
    286. Violin
    287. Volunteer
    288. Walking
    289. Warhammer
    290. Watching sporting events
    291. Weather Watcher
    292. Weightlifting
    293. Windsurfing
    294. Wine Making
    295. Wingsuit Flying
    296. Woodworking
    297. Working In A Food Pantry
    298. Working on cars
    299. World Record Breaking
    300. Wrestling
    301. Writing
    302. Writing Music
    303. Writing Songs
    304. Yoga
    305. YoYo
    306. Ziplining
    307. Zumba
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, 2013
  14. Sabertooth

    Sabertooth Repartee Animal: Quipping the Saints! Supporter

    United States
    My dad liked to pan for gold and do metal detecting. I don't know if he still does.

    I collect 12" action figures to help me with figure drawing.

    One that looks interesting (but I have never tried): geocaching.

    Another that I never had time for: Frisbee golf.
  15. BlueLioness

    BlueLioness Guest

    Well since I like to do this too I want to know if he found anything of value.

    I'd stick TV over in hobbies too since that is mainly the entertainment industry, and their only purpose in life is to have fun with people. Which actually sounds pathetic and singular, now that I think about it.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, 2013