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i need a financial miracle so i can go back to college

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Mtol117, May 15, 2019.

  1. Mtol117

    Mtol117 New Member

    i may not be able to go back to college because i cannot afford it. I have a 1.5 gpa and i need 3 summer classes to raise it to a 2.0 and get back on financial aid, but i cannot afford the classes. I need a miracle to happen, last 2 semesters i have been in similar problems where it was uncertain if i was coming back the next semester
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  2. Tigger45

    Tigger45 St. Francis of Assisi Supporter

    United States
    God’s blessings :pray:
  3. frogoon234

    frogoon234 Active Member

    United States
    I hope you get the money to go back to college, however alot of college grads end up working at Starbucks or driving with Uber. Do what the Holy Spirit compels you to do. Whatever you do, never commit a crime. I know people who have paid a serious price for doing that.