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I like to sing :)

Discussion in 'Music' started by nicolelovesjesus, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. nicolelovesjesus

    nicolelovesjesus Member

    United States
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  2. nicolelovesjesus

    nicolelovesjesus Member

    United States
  3. Commodore64Fan

    Commodore64Fan Super-passionate about writing my own songs!

    United States
    Hi NicolelovesJesus!

    So you like to sing? I'm a songwriter who plays the piano, and I can write contemporary piano music with romantic, Christian or humorous lyrics. I wrote a funny song called "Red Bull Baby", about a baby who drank a "Red Bull" energy drink. It is sold in South Africa, I don't drink it, it's jolly potent and the baby in the song drank TWO Red Bulls, picks up 10 tons quite capably and sends a professional boxer whimpering. Unfortunately, he's so strong and out-of-control he has to be tied down to the roof of a car!

    But seriously, I can write very nice tunes. I've attached a link to my "Soul Harmonies Demo Showcase" - look at the second link at the bottom. The "Red Bull Baby" lyrics and MP3 file are there too. I've got an account on Tribe Of Noise, and they're calling for singer - songwriter music - check out the first link.

    Would you like to join forces with me, and see where things go? I'm busy immigrating from South Africa to Thousand Palms, CA at the moment, and don't yet have a lot of friends, especially Christian friends. Would you like to be friends with me?

    God Bless, Roy Nel of Soul Harmonies.

    Talented Singer Songwriters - WANTED!!! - Tribe of Noise
    Dropbox - Soul Harmonies Demo Showcase - Simplify your life

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