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i have waited 10 years, and failed

Discussion in 'Word of Faith' started by mercyfollowsme, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. andreha

    andreha Senior Contributor

    Word of Faith
    It must have been the Holy Spirit - He can be so subtle and gentle, that His lead can feel like our own will. :)

    You are quite right - I've experienced so many wonderful confirmations that He leads our coming in and going out with much more influence than we may realize. :)

    I mean, we could not have children by our own means for 10 years. That, compared with asking the Lord, and receiving within 2 weeks, is a nice demonstration of God's power. :amen:
  2. HolySpiritWOF

    HolySpiritWOF Junior Member

    Word of Faith
    In Relationship

    amen.... we have so much to enjoy as we follow HIM..... and HE WANTS us to enjoy EVERYTHING HE created for us..... we are HIS prized and cherished possession/children..... HE loves us deeply and tenderly..... we are VERY precious and valuable to HIM.....

    i love your understanding of the precious HOLY SPIRIT..... you have and exceptionally sweet and deep relationship with HIM that inspires me...... and almost empowers me..... it's kinda like.... when ever you speak about the HOLY SPIRIT.... i can feel HIS Presence and HIS power and HIS love.....
  3. CindyisHis

    CindyisHis I am my Beloved's and He is mine.

    Word of Faith
    Powerful. This is truth.

    Jesus is always there to see you through to victory. He always causes us to triumph, and all our Father promises and Yes and Amen through Jesus.
  4. CindyisHis

    CindyisHis I am my Beloved's and He is mine.

    Word of Faith
    Yess! :amen: Yes! It SHALL be done! :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
  5. Supplanter

    Supplanter There is no charge for awesomeness.

    Word of Faith

    Warning: I am not saying this harshly to you but I am saying it sternly and plainly.

    I believe you when you say that your beliefs have failed. Why do you think a wife is an award for obedience or that any blessing is an award for obedience? God loves you because of who He is not what you have done. I would say that you do indeed need to reevaluate what you are basing your relationship with God on. It seems to me that though you love God you are still trying to make payment for what He did for you, a works based faith. I felt that way when I lost faith in ever finding a mate and when God finally brought me together with my husband I felt foolish and ashamed for thinking I could manipulate Him with my "obedience" to do what I wanted him to. Ashamed for doubting and ashamed for not being able to trust him enough to just enjoy the many blessings He was showering down.

    He blessed me with a husband even though I had a wrong attitude at the time. I subsequently repented and received forgiveness and found that God di not bring us together because of anything special we had done, but because he was working His plan, His vision, and His desire and He knew our deepest desires and chose to meet those rather than meet the superficial ones we thought we wanted Him to.

    My husband is 17 years older than me and has been married twice. He will tell you that this marriage is vastly different than the other two and I will tell you that had he not been through those two marriages that he could not be to me who he is today. We will both tell you that God brought us together to share a vision and Godly purpose with one another. I can also tell you that with such an age difference he had to wait for me to grow up, first chronologically, and then spiritually. We met online, it was sort of a shock to both of us when we came into one another lives but God made it clear He was the one pulling us together. We were not at all what each other had planned, but God had other plans.

    Now despite all of our faults or obedience or lack of obedience, we are blessed with a happy marriage with God at the center and treat one another with mercy and grace and forgiveness. If you relate to your wife the way that you relate to God right now, you will have trouble. Le's say that your wife asks you to take out the trash, but in return you feel she is obligated to return the favor in some way when you complete the task. And that if you take it out every week, then she owes you even more for your continued completion of what she has asked. That's how you seem to be treating God in this situation. Being in a marital relationship means both parties give 100% of themselves, even if they don't think they are getting a fair return for their efforts. Loving God means you give selflessly to Him and others. itisn't about expecting a return for your actions. If you aren't acting just because you love Him then you are not acting with a right heart.

    Just as in marriage. If you do not give to your wife and serve her just because you love her then you have the wrong motives.
  6. CindyisHis

    CindyisHis I am my Beloved's and He is mine.

    Word of Faith
  7. Scottmcc1

    Scottmcc1 Whose Report Will You Believe? Isaiah 53:1

  8. Alive_Again

    Alive_Again Resident Alien

    Word of Faith
    Hopefully the OP is still with us and walking with God.

    I wanted to bear witness to what God can do regarding joining people together. 2 years ago I was single and God was re-establishing Himself in my life. I primarily went around listening to teachings, reading the Word, and praying. I joined a pretty good church and let God begin to heal and restore me. It was a gradual thing. There was some repair work I needed (especially in the realm of breaking soul ties). I can't understate that as the fruits were immediate(!).

    God wants to prepare us not only for the work He has called us to, but for the people who are to enter into our lives. There's a lot of baggage you can't see that we carry with us, and it has no place in a relationship.
    I rid of a lot of "stuff" too. Stuff I had had for 20 years or more. I rid of the world's stuff (mostly media). I faithfully went to church, and even though many of the quiet times I had with the Lord were not outstanding, He honored my desire to be faithful. Since I was mostly alone, I wasn't ruining my blessings by declaring a lot of corrupt stuff. No complaining verbally, but a lot of searching that resembled it at times! Slowly, he deposited things in my spirit. Soaking in the anointing at church helps a lot! I wasn't overflowing with joy, but I had peace. I had patience.

    One day, at a church car wash, I spoke to a woman and invited her to a prophetic meeting I loved. Her and I and several others from church would gather after church and hit the local restaurant and talk for an hour or two. We'd go witnessing for another hour or so. One day she mentioned that her family was in Oklahoma and as usual during the holidays, she was lonely and wanted some of the family of God to hang out with. (Worldly friends take away and do not add to!) I mentioned that I would take walks and we started walking a couple of nights a week. Next thing you know, it was 3 times a week, and we would share our views on the church and certain doctrines as well as our own vision for our lives as we believed God had shown it. She became my best friend! I never saw it coming (we just walked). God was preparing her for us and had told her months ago this would be the case. I started to see it myself. If she cancelled our walk for an evening, I would really miss her. For a 3 week period, I worked in her backyard almost every day or night. To shorten the story, God told us to get married and in 2 weeks we did it! (Dec. 22)

    The encouragement for others here is that God wants to rebuild your life and not have the woman or man (as the case may be) be the vehicle for your happiness. They add to your life (marvelously!). During the year and a few months, I worshipped and hung out in the anointing (it sometimes seemed like I was going nowhere). I listened to teachings and did Bible studies.

    Don't despise where you are at and esteem your time here very important. It's being used even if you feel oppressed at times. Do your part by staying in the Word, listening to testimonies and teachings, going to church and serving as you are able. Believe that when you find a wife, you find a good thing and favor from the Lord. Believe that it is not good for you to be alone and if you feel that way, agree with it! Believe God to bring into your life what you need when you need it. It came for me out of the blue and God is like the Jewish matchmaker. He can bring to you who you need. Be watchful in all things, but not anxious. Don't complain!

    Since the wedding, God has turned up the "faders" and is increasing every day. There has been a good share of warfare, but He's working in that too. In short, it is as the scripture says (good)!. Don't accept the lie from the enemy that you're too always be alone. If He calls you to a permanent separation, the fruits of Him occupying that place would far exceed your expectations of a mate.

    He wants to heal your wounds, and if you grew up in the world without really knowing Him, you've got some wounds!
    Be faithful to stay in the anointing and believe Him enough to stop complaining. I was not completely healed when He moved for us to get married. We are climbing that mountain right now and we're finally going to get it!!!

    Believe that God gives you desires and then delights in fulfilling them as dreams that when fulfilled are a tree of life.

    Be blessed and have hope.