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I get a lovely warm feeling around my heart when I read the bible and pray

Discussion in 'Christian Philosophy & Ethics' started by ihavefoundgod951, May 14, 2014.

  1. ihavefoundgod951

    ihavefoundgod951 Regular Member

    I get a lovely warm feeling around my heart when I read the bible or when I pray or worship at church.

    Do any of you also get this?

    Is this the holy spirit?

    Whatever it is it feels lovely, I have the feeling all day most days, but it is more intense when I pray or read the bible.

    I believe this is the holy spirit.

    Your thoughts?
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  2. parsley

    parsley .

    Sorry you've had 76 views and no responses!

    Yes, many people would agree that they get that feeling. It's not consistent or controllable though, so don't fret if you find it comes and goes.

    Remember the core promises of God, that He will never leave you nor forsake you; that Jesus saved once, for all; that we can ask Him and seek help, and find... He will not give his children stones when they ask for bread. Many people go through a stage where it seems God is challenging them to stand on His Word rather than feelings; if you know this ahead, it makes it less confusing.
  3. dhh712

    dhh712 Mrs. Calvinist Dark Lord

    United States
    I get this too most times; I can't say for sure what it is, only that I know the Lord allows me to feel that way, especially when I am reading the Bible. I agree with Parsley though, to not rely on it. Feelings are especially deceitful. God has promised to never forsake us, so even if I do not "feel" He is near me, I rely on His word and not what I can feel.

    I would like to suggest that this warm, lovely feeling can be especially detrimental to those Christians who unfortunately are not instructed to rely only on God's word. I would imagine that the lovely feeling when reading God's word is especially prevalent in new Christians when God has first called them and they experience His awesome holiness and the magnificence of what He has to offer them compared to the nothingness of the world. Thus, if they are not left with good instruction from pastors or others who teach from the word, when the feeling leaves them, they might feel that God has left them or that what they experienced was just a passing feeling. I pray that all new Christians (especially, as well as all) will receive good instruction from God's word.
  4. SaphireOwl

    SaphireOwl Who are you?Whoo whoo whoo whoo! Yeah, I know

    Christian Seeker
    It's a shame that there's not more attention paid to this section.

    I know the feeling you're talking about. It feels like there is a literal presence that enters into my heart and makes it swell in my chest. This content happy warm fuzzy feeling.

    I'd say that's the feeling of the holy spirit letting us know it is there.

    Praise God. :groupray:

  5. Armistead14

    Armistead14 Newbie

    We shouldn't trust our emotions, we can get warm and fuzzy about most anything. Many go to the bible while in severe distress trying to figure out why such and such is happening. Because they get no warm feeling, it doesn't mean the spirit isn't there dealing with them. I think the feeling you're getting is emotional, which is OK.