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I feel abandoned

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by Mtol117, May 15, 2019.

  1. Mtol117

    Mtol117 New Member

    everything in my life is falling apart and I don’t know what to do I cry out to god and I hear no response I have no hope please pray for me
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  2. God is good

    God is good Well-Known Member

    Just remember that God really really loves you and He is always with us. God bless you and Jesus is Lord.
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  3. LoricaLady

    LoricaLady YHWH's Supporter

    Praying you will get insight an guidance as to why your prayers do not seem to be heard. Praying for you to be brought into a close, life long, relationship with the Father.
  4. saved24

    saved24 Forgiven Supporter

    Praying for you and that you will know in your heart Jesus loves and cares for you.
  5. LynnSmith

    LynnSmith Well-Known Member

    United States
    Stay close to the Lord. Pray. Staying in scripture. Pray. Do you have a church where you have a Pastor or support system?
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  6. Mydreams

    Mydreams Well-Known Member

    Lord bless Mtol117, and this prayer, Lord turn Mtol117's sorrows into joy, and bless Mtol117, so that Mtol117 never feel abandoned, Please bless, in Jesus precious name, Amen!
  7. MomofaDozen

    MomofaDozen New Member

    United States
    I'm so sorry that you feel so despondent. I have felt this way before. Maybe we all have. I can promise you that your cries to the Lord are being heard. You may want God to move RIGHT NOW and change the things that are frightening you, but that may not be God's way. That doesn't mean He doesn't care. He absolutely does!! He just knows what you need.
    For example: I want to lose weight and lose it fast! But God is showing me a better way, and I'm learning to be grateful for it. I'm learning how to be intimate with God while He guides me in what I need to do.
    God has not left you. He is right there with you.
    Are you familiar with C.S. Lewis? He was an amazing Christian writer of the 20th century, probably the most popular writer of our times. When Lewis's wife died, he was overcome with grief. He felt that when he cried out to God for relief, that his cries were met with silence. He wondered why it felt like God was ignoring him. The truth was, though, that God was NOT ignoring Lewis. He was taking care of him and C.S. Lewis would go on to write about God's faithfulness.
    I have felt this weight of grief too. It's incredibly painful. When I cried out to God for relief, He sent some, but He did not take all the pain away. Instead, God kept showing me how He was there with me, walking out that dark time. God didn't remove the darkness. He was my LIGHT in the darkness.
    What helped me the most was to praise God in spite of the hard times, to thank Him for being there, to thank Him for all the good that He was/is doing for me, to worship Him for being God, for being there to hold on to when everything else seemed to be stripped away from me.
    I learned that when it comes down to it, God is the only One I really NEED.
    I hope you are feeling God's HOPE for your life right now. I will pray for you.
  8. Greg Merrill

    Greg Merrill Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Father, if I were to cry out to my daughter right now, I would hear nothing back. Nothing. But if I were to send her an email eventually I am sure I would get her reply. If I call out to You audibly, I would get no audible reply, but one of the many verses I have memorized would probably come to mind; You speaking to me. If I opened up the Bible and began reading it, being alert for You to speak to me, I would probably "hear" You speaking to me through what I was reading eventually. But even a newborn baby doesn't understand much of anything it's mother speaks to them at first. Babies have to learn the language their mother is speaking, and how she uses that language. It is the same with people and You. We have to learn how You communicate. You don't speak to us audibly in this present life. Father, instead of people thinking You are not speaking to them, may they learn that You have already spoken unto them before they were even born. Isaiah 65:24 and Isaiah 45:4 come to mind. Father, I am not criticizing these people, but praying that they will learn how You communicate to them. May they spiritually grow in this area, first by realizing the problem is with them, not with You. Then may they learn HOW to read the Bible so as to "hear" You communicating to them, not just reading about people that lived thousands of years ago. May they learn that the Bible IS RELEVANT, NOT OUT-DATED, and is still what You are using today to speak to us with Your Spirit, not just Your Spirit speaking to us without us reading, learning, knowing, and memorizing Your Word. Amen.
  9. inquiring mind

    inquiring mind associate with those you can learn from Supporter

    United States
    Joining in prayer.
  10. believerwithallmyheart

    believerwithallmyheart Newbie

    United States
    Praying for you, hang in there.