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I am an atheist who wants to believe in Christ

Discussion in 'Struggles by Non-Christians' started by Davoarid, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Bluerose31

    Bluerose31 Christian Flower Supporter

    United States
    That is beautiful that you want to come to Christ. He wants to welcome you with open arms. He loves you a lot. I will pray that Jesus comes into your heart and heals you and shows you how to be a disciple of his.
  2. lee11

    lee11 New Member


    Paul the apostle said 1 person plants and another person waters, but it is God who gives the seed increase.

    Another words God may use many resources to plant the seed of the the good news in your life, and then continue to use many resources to water or give you understanding about the seed that was planted.

    That it may grow and that will happen through out your life, and the increase that God provides is when the seed is ready to be harvested or you are ready to make a decsion to receive salvation and Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

    So this seed will continue to be watered and feed until you are ready to receive Jesus, as your Lord and Saviour and when you are ready to receive Jesus you will become a believer and a Christian.

    The bible says you will be transferred out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light.

    So may God bless you with an unconditional, forgiving, merciful, and compassionate heart full of wisdom and kindness to win your family and friends to Jesus as you continue on with your journey.

  3. ldonjohn

    ldonjohn Active Member

    Davoarid, I don't know if my testimony of how I came to be a "believer" would be of any help or not, but below is a link if you care to read it. I'll just say here that although I grew up in church, by the time I was in my late teens I wasn't sure if the bible was true or if God was real. Like you I wanted to "believe" but I did not know how to do that. I thought I would NEVER know what "believe in Jesus" really means.

    My testimony

  4. AvgJoe

    AvgJoe Member since 2005 Supporter

    United States
    It's good to hear that you've made the decision to read the Bible. The Bible is the Word of God. If the Bible is true, then Christianity is true and the God described within it's pages is real, is Who He says He is and can be trusted. Have you looked into the validity of the Bible? The following will help you do just that.

    There are many testaments to the validity of the Scriptures. The unity of the Scriptures is one such testament. The Bible was written over a period of 1,600 years, by 40 God chosen men, who lived on multiple continents and they all wrote about the same thing, man's sin and his need for a savior, Jesus Christ. There were no mail delivery trucks, no drop ship planes, no Federal Express, no UPS and no email, yet when all of the writings were put together they present one unified message. The Bible is truly the Word of God.

    Following are many other areas that attest to the validity of the Scriptures.

    An excellent ebook on the subject: http://www.apologeticspress.org/pdfs/e-books_pdf/idobi.pdf

    Proof of Textual Evidence
    Old Testament: The Dead Sea Scrolls and Biblical Integrity
    New Testament: Manuscript evidence for superior New Testament reliability | CARM Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    More on the Bible: The Bible | CARM Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    Is the Bible reliable?

    Proof of People Living at the Time of Christ
    Non biblical accounts of New Testament events and/or people | CARM Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    The writings of Josephus mention many biblical people and places | CARM Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

    Proof of Archaeology
    Archaeology and the Bible • ChristianAnswers.Net
    Biblical Archeology
    Archaeological evidence verifying biblical cities | CARM Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry

    Proof of Science
    Statements Consistent With Paleontology, Astronomy, Meteorology, Biology, Anthropology, Hydrology & Geology, that were made 1,000s of years before science discovered them.
    Science and the Bible
    Scientific Accuracies of the Bible | CARM Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    Eternal Productions - 101 Scientific Facts and Foreknowledge

    Proof of Prophecy (Messanic & dealing with nations)
    Messianic Prophecies
    Fulfilled Bible Prophecy Dealing With Nations
    Prophecy, the Bible and Jesus | CARM Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry
    http://shoreshdavidbrandon.org/pdf/I-Have-A-Friend-Whose-Jewish.pdf (pages 11 & 12 - awesome eBook)
    How Do You Know The Bible Is True?
  5. Danishkirmani

    Danishkirmani New Member

    Faith must be followed by reasonable conclusion & not blind following. Otherwise it will be as good as believing in Santa !! You need to research all religions honestly from the people who follow the religion & then arrive at final decision. I'm sure if you are honest you will arrive at the right decision !!