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How's your 30 something going?

Discussion in 'MILLENNIALS (1981 to 1998)' started by look4hope, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. look4hope

    look4hope Love.Fellowship.Joy Supporter

    Not sure why but recently, when I wake up...first thing that come to mind is the realization of being 31. Wasn't it just yesterday when I took a trip to Europe,
    was out n' about, with out a care in the world?
    No....I keep thinking I'll wake up 24 again.
    How marriage and children completely change the dynamics of the life you live.

    Anyone else going through this?
    Feels great to know I'm not alone in this. ;)
    Tell me your experience of being 30 something.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2016
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  2. HauntedByYou

    HauntedByYou Guest

    I was still in my 20s having that kind of thinking. A lot of emphasis was put on my age as a young teen and as i got older things i was noticed for become less noticeable for my age. So by my early 20s i had a sense of 'back then' already. By the time i was in my early 30s i got sick so i didn't have a lot of thoughts on my age, but i did some. And it was just a worse feeling than my 20s. Now close to 40 and my health improved i'm having those thoughts even more and am quite unhappy about it all. Too much regret.
  3. look4hope

    look4hope Love.Fellowship.Joy Supporter

    Haunted, it seems that we will be having those moments regardless of the age. I'm sure I'll be going trough the same when I'm close to 40.
  4. gtussy

    gtussy Tunnel Vision

    I am single at the moment but enjoying my single life.
  5. StassiT

    StassiT Newbie

    31 too, and yeah I was thinking that the other day. It seems like the past 10 years have literally flown by.
  6. EazyMack

    EazyMack Guest

    I had no idea this forum was here.

    I'm 30 but living like 20. lol
  7. Scott1979

    Scott1979 Grateful

    Christian Seeker
    34 and dealing with some stuff right now that will make my life better. Trying not to let the regrets rule my life.
  8. look4hope

    look4hope Love.Fellowship.Joy Supporter

    Definitely don't let regrets rule your lives. 30s is turning out to be fun ;)
    Last edited: Feb 19, 2014
  9. Boss_BlueAngels

    Boss_BlueAngels Life is better when you're flying upside down.

    United States
    My 30th birthday party was a complete and utter flop. ONE person showed up, other than my wife and mother-in-law. It was humiliating and a perfect example of why I hate the idea of birthday parties. LOL. Also, the last minute change of venue didn't help my case. At any rate, despite a depressing couple of days after that, I'm enjoying myself as I have at any other time... If not more so. I'm working on a project that has me tagging along with a local helicopter search and rescue team for photos and video.
  10. russianorth

    russianorth Guest

    I need to start hitting the weights again its been a year or so and im feeling it. It becomes more and more important to stay in shape the older you get otherwise you really feel the effects.

    I have many regrets looking back, not realizing opprotunities I had that passed. You cant dwell on it just try not to let anymore pass you by.
  11. Miles

    Miles Well-Known Member

    United States
    My thirties have been my favorite decade by far. If anything, "without a care in the world" better describes my life today than any time I can remember. Sure, I have greater responsibilities, but I also have more autonomy and less uncertainty. The only reason I'd want to be 24 again would be so I could go dancing at clubs (something I rarely did at that age because I was too "mature" for such things, lol) without feeling out of place. Not that I've even been to one since my 20s, but I do think about it from time to time. I don't really seem 38, at least not my preconceived notion of it, for whatever that's worth. I'm at a point where if I didn't know the number I wouldn't feel any particular age beyond "young-ish".

    That being said, if dwelling on the idea that you're married or whatnot is what makes you feel old, then I'd recommend focusing on other things. I don't mean neglecting your marriage, but enjoying your hobbies, going on fun dates with your husband etc. To a great extent, once you're an adult, age really is just a number and how you perceive and live your life is largely up to you.
  12. newbie110

    newbie110 Newbie

    Ups and downs. That's life though.
  13. wtrailer

    wtrailer Newbie

    30 was a huge turning point for me. Huge. I am 37 years old now and each passing year I feel more content with who God made me to be. I was miserable in my 20s.
  14. Evie1980

    Evie1980 Learning to thrive

    For me - I think I am just starting to catch up with the fact that I am 34 and have to get a little more settled in my life! Lol. I am still living o/s in Singapore but am thinking that I am hitting the end of the road of travelling for a bit and hoping to spend some time home again after my contract ends. Praying for it anyway.
  15. Swan7

    Swan7 Made in the image of His Grace Supporter

    I'm not exactly 30 yet, but I will be the day after Christmas. I've had many roller-coaster rides very early on in my life and am wondering if I can stay a steady course. I'm actually pretty tired emotionally from the past year and even from things that come up from the past that I try to move forward.

    I've been told many times I'm wise beyond my years. So why can't I have that steady ride?

    Let the relaxation begin... anytime now.

  16. Keri

    Keri Well-Known Member

    United States
    Other Religion
    In Relationship
    Same! On both counts. At first I was like wait there's a 30 something forum? Then I was like oh... I'm thirty.

    Just turned 30 on the 17th of July. But I'm in uni, most of my friends are 20-22. My significant other is 21. Most people dont believe me when I say im 30. I still get ID'd.

    I hope my thirties are as fun and lively as my twenties were.
  17. It's complicated, so I'll try and explain it this way:

    1/3: Content and happy with being in my thirties - in some ways, it's not as angsty and "woe, woe, I don't fit in!" as my twenties were.
    1/3: I kind of feel like I should be further along in life, compared to some of my peers. Uncomfortable.
    1/3: Sometimes I'm nostalgic for my college and post-college years, and wish that I could have made some different decisions back then.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2014
  18. cleophilia3

    cleophilia3 soul singing

    Christian Seeker
    I experience the same ratios of contentment/lameness/wistful in my thirties. I'm on cusp of turning 32, so I've been evaluating my year to see if any new areas of growth. However, of all the decisions I made I have only a few regrets and they are as follows:

    1. I wish would have spoken up about my ADD earlier and not let my parents' own opinion of what was "wrong" with me set limits on what I could accomplish.

    2. Watch out for those people who are a little too charming. If you put your confidence in them, they are likely looking to leverage it for personal gain.

    3. "Do not speak, unless you can improve the silence". I would have avoided much pain and suffering from foot-in-mouth disease if I could have just kept things to myself!
  19. look4hope

    look4hope Love.Fellowship.Joy Supporter

    You guys..32 is turning very interesting, to say the least. Dividing that 'interesting' in great and exhausting
  20. vibrant

    vibrant now more than ever, i cherish the cross

    I feel fine.