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How Trump Learned to Love the Swamp

Discussion in 'General Politics' started by tulc, Dec 3, 2017.

  1. tulc

    tulc loves "SO'S YER MOM!! posts!

    How Trump Learned to Love the Swamp
    tulc(MAGA by making the swamp the government of the USA?) :scratch:
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  2. Yonny Costopoulis

    Yonny Costopoulis Well-Known Member

    Ukr. Grk. Catholic
    At the time it was occurred, I believed Trump University conman game would alert people.

    Now price must be paid for decision to elect man who would run scam to get last dollars from desperate people.
  3. jax5434

    jax5434 Member

    United States
    Trump always loved the swamp. Almost as much as lying to his adoring fans
  4. jgarden

    jgarden Senior Veteran


    How Trump Learned to Love the Swamp

    For he Republicans to pass a Tax Bill, with the President's support, with less than a 30% public approval rating, and financed with $1.5 trillion (or more) in borrowed money, has given a whole new meaning to the "SWAMP!"

    With almost full employment and the DOW at record highs, one might have expected that the most responsible course of action for this President and a fiscally conservative Congress would be to actually pay down the national debt - not dramatically increase it with the greatest monetary "windfall" going to the multinational corporations and the 1% who are already flush with cash!
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