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How to serve God

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Sidon, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States

    Here are the stages of "Christianity"

    1.) From babe....... to 2.) true believer..... 3.) to the fullness of the stature of Christ,....4.) which is to become...."Christ always gives me the Victory, and "as many as BE Perfect". 5.) I have finished my course down here.

    Some will think....."what is that true believer" stage,???????? as isnt that what all the born again have to be, for God to "..."faith is counted as righteousness", and "Justification BY Faith"?

    Well........Initial faith, is "born again". So, now you are baby Christian.

    True Believer, is that 2nd stage of Christianity, when the person is no found longer doubting they are saved, and no longer trying to prove they can lose it, and instead they find themselves in this verse. Hebrews 13:9.

    The True Believer stage.....Its the letting go of the "First principles", and growing in Grace into the True Believer, that is the most important step.
    Because if you never leave the baby stage, you'll never end up as "the fullness of the stature of Christ", ..."as many as be Perfect"..

    So, most never become True Believers....and that is why God never calls them into the ministry.
    And they are going to heaven and they are often good people, yet with bad theology, or none.
    They enjoy church, and then they have their other life, that is their main one.
    Thats a baby believer.

    Here is the thing......God is not going to call a baby to go out there in PUBLIC, and make a mess,.... as babies only know how to make a mess,... AND THE CALL OF GOD, IS ALWAYS A PUBLIC Call.
    God does not hide His Light "under a bushel".
    no no no .<
    God sets His Light on a HILL where it GLOWS......Saint.

    When people are teaching Truth under the anointing, you will feel it when you read it or hear it.
    It has IMPACT.

    So, a believer has to get out of that "mess" stage, that "working out your salvation stage".. and into the..."i know that i know that i know who my redeemer is" !! , and its not me keeping commandments and trying to prove my self effort to try to keep myself saved talking about Law.".

    See that theological baby's MESS? ?????
    It STINKS.
    Thats a baby making a theological mess, and God wont send you into the Main GAME, and then you go out there and make a mess in the spotlight, if you are that baby i just described.

    Yet.....Many ARE out there, and they make a stinking mess, and have 20,000 every Sunday and a TV ministry.
    But, God did not call them....They called themselves, or worse, they are a dark light.

    Listen to me..
    God is not looking for the biggest building.....He is only looking for the greatest servant's heart.
    Be that one,.....become that, and then GOD in you can change the WORLD, for God's Glory.

    Jesus and Paul didnt have a car, didnt have the Internet, and had no cell phone.

    "one person on fire, with God in control= is always the MAJORITY".

    And then this....

    God called Paul, when Paul was helping to murder Christians.
    He was helping murder Christians.

    Later, when Paul was reflecting on this, He said...>"im the chief of sinners".
    And that is Paul, the former murderer, now the greatest Christian who ever lived, showing us that God can take a murderer of CHRISTIANS, and have them write most of the New Testament.
    That is "God's Grace", creating a Trophy of God's Grace.

    God called him..
    WHY, because God understood that this man cant be STOPPED, and that is what God is looking for.... He needs some soldiers for the Cross who can do the heavy lifting....
    They can take a punch. They just keep getting back up for more.
    You can't stop them.
    You can harm them, and you can lie about them, but you can't stop them, because God in them, can't be denied., cant be stopped.
    They stoned Paul. They whipped Paul. They put him in harsh prisons, and he just kept doing the work of God.
    They finally had to cut off His head to make him STOP, and he personally laid it on the stone for the Axman.
    He was smiling when the AXE came down.
    He was going HOME.

    Paul preached the Cross in the world and in the New Testament.
    There is no other "Gospel".
    I only talk about the CROSS.
    And let this be your ministry and your core theology....always.

    There is a reason...

    See, when you become the same as Paul, then God will raise you up and God will send you forth., Saint.

    Paul said..>"be a follower of Me as i follow Christ".
    That is TITUS and TIMOTHY, and ME< and you also, if you will HEAR.

    Now, you do that, and stay there, locked down, held tight, for a while, and you'll see that what i just told you, is true.
    God will move on your behalf.

    But you have got to get to the TRUE BELIEVER place in your faith.

    My Threads, my posts....im showing you how, because i want God to do great things for His Kingdom, THROUGH YOU..

    May God inflame someone's heart here, with His Own.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2021
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  2. Ahermit

    Ahermit Active Member

    How to serve God:
    Simply love the Love that loves you. Everything else falls into place from there.
  3. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States

    I appreciate what you wrote.

    However, The type love you are talking about isn't what my Thread is explaining.

    Im talking about something way way deeper.

    You can love God and not serve Him, and you can serve God and not love Him.
    A person can love God and not be born again.

    Real Christianity, is pro-active, just like God's Love.
    Notice that God's love went to the Cross? It didnt just sit around talking about the concept of Agape` love on a Sunday morning till it was the same time again for the Leader to let you out for lunch.
    Christian service is a committed life that does not just happen.
    It does not just fall into place.
    God Calls, people respond, and that is not just "falling into place".


    Christianity is not just c'est la vie

    Perfected Discipleship is not something that you just fall into because you love.

    You are told to "count the cost'.

    We are told to 'STUDY to show" and that does not just fall into place.
    WE are told to Rightly Divide and to Spiritually Discern and that does not just fall into place.

    Satan is not a myth. Spiritual blindness is not a psychological issue.
    When Paul tells you to put on the whole armor of God, this does not just fall into place.

    The reason that there are thousands of denominations and none of them agree, is proof it does NOT just fall into place.
    Christianity and what it means to serve God, does not just fall into place because you get a warm fuzzy feeling when you look at a painting of Christ on the Cross.
    Real Service to God is a total commitment, its a sacrificed life, and that does not just fall into place.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2021
  4. Ahermit

    Ahermit Active Member

    Truth, Faith, and Love of God is so pure that it cannot be compromised. In other words, it is unconditional. The Spirit of Truth is a deposit of unconditional Love within us. It response to unconditional Truth, Love, Faith. The Spirit of Truth does not respond to conditionality of the human; and nothing good can come forward without the Spirit of Truth... meaning, when we love unconditionally 'Everything else falls into place from there'.

    When we love the Love that loves us, all we are doing is returning God's unconditional Love back to Him; anything else would be a fraud.
  5. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Look down your street.
    On every corner is a different denomination, with a different "church" doctrine.
    Look on this forum, on every corner you have a different "gospel" being preached.

    So, what im showing you , is the reality.

    Nothing "falls into place" regarding Spirituality, but it CAN, if a person leans how to walk in the Spirit.

    Get that right, and then God can use a person for service.
  6. Ahermit

    Ahermit Active Member

    A true spiritual person does not walk in the Spirit, but allows the Spirit to walk in the body. This is how the Spirit of God, within a person, becomes a witness in this world. The Spirit uses the body to express God's will for those in denial to see the Truth.

    This can only happen when the person surrenders their ego-self to God's will. During their surrender, they open up a space between outer and inner being, allowing the Spirit of Truth to move within them from the inner to outer (expression). This movement from inner to outer is what we feel and call Unconditional Love of the Holy Spirit, or Living Water. When this happens, it is Spirit of Truth which is now free to serve/express God on earth. We become the Light in the world darkness.

    Most people get it back-to-front. A true spiritual person hands over their will and life to God. They become a witness, or servant, of unconditional Truth, Faith, and Love.
  7. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    The Spirit does not walk, as it does not have a body.
    It can't "walk in you".
    Think about what you are saying.

    Listen, the Spirit of God, inside a born again person, is JOINED to the born again Spirit, in a believer.

    This is "ONE with God", In Christ".

    So, that is how the born again are found "in God", and "Christ IN YOU the hope of Glory".

    Now to walk "in the Spirit", is not done with your feet.
    Its done with your FAITH, as "renewed your MIND".
  8. Ahermit

    Ahermit Active Member

    I 'know' what I am saying. It's a 'knowing' that only those open to the Truth will 'know'. For it is the Spirit of Truth within a person which responds to Truth and nothing else. Unconditional Truth, Faith, and Spirit is an inseparable trinity. The Spirit of Truth moves to the truth we are conscious of. It joins it and we feel a love for that truth with such conviction (faith) that it becomes an obvious fact, regardless if nobody else can see it, let alone understand it.

    If I think about what I am saying then it is my head which authors what I feel, say or write. The sensation of knowledge feeds the ego-mind and not the soul-mind. The mind, being the common denominator, can easily 'think' it knows the truth. However, the soul does not think, it simply 'knows' what is true, without reason or need. That is why 'faith' is a component to Truth, and the expression of Truth is unconditional Love.

    When the sensation of the Spirit of Truth joining with the consciousness of truth a person is accepting, both heart and mind (soul-mind) says 'YES, this is true'; as if the mind part knew all along, but somehow was forgotten (even since Adam and Eve).

    Sidon, if you have trouble 'knowing' this, don't fret about me. I am in loving peace with it, it's truth being inspired by the Spirit of Truth within me, and passing it on to those who have an ear to hear _ serving God as He wills.
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2021
  9. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    You are describing your feelings of Love for God.
    Got it.
    My Thread however, is teaching how to Serve God, by having a renewed mind that is walking in the Spirit.