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How to make the evil of others not destroy us?

Discussion in 'For New Christians' started by carolina16, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. carolina16

    carolina16 Jesus Christ is the Lord

    Christian Seeker
    Hi everyone, i need help. How do you make the evil of others not destroy your self-esteem? For example at work, with people who mistreat you every day? A boss, co-workers. "Justice, justice will persecute so that you can live and inherit the Earth" (Deuteronomy 16.20) (?). I'd appreciate your answers.
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  2. RC1970

    RC1970 post tenebras lux

    United States
    Pray for them.

    "And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one." ~ Matthew 6:13
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  3. longwait

    longwait Well-Known Member

    Read Psalms 37 regularly for those who have to put up with the wicked.
  4. DreamerOfTheHeart

    DreamerOfTheHeart Love is the Foundation of Truth

    United States
    Beyond what others have said (I only read one, do not wish to be biased), find another job. Pray to God for mercy to find a better job.

    Humans can be tyrants. God is no tyrant, but the exact opposite. Just as the anti-christ is called The Tyrant...
  5. Paidiske

    Paidiske Bodily member Staff Member Supervisor Supporter

    I agree with finding another job.

    But also, if you must endure for a while (while looking for that other job), I'd say it's also about how you build yourself up in the truth. If your boss is telling you that you're worthless, meditate on Scriptures which talk about your value to God, that sort of thing.
  6. KiteRider

    KiteRider New Member

    Hello Carolina16
    We are all members of the family in the house of God
    When one member of the family errors the others will have to suffer likewise
    When all members of the family behave in conformance to God's plan will the others benefit as well
    This extends all the way from the microcosm to the macrocosm, and you can think of your own atypical family unit as the starting point and extend this all the way up to our entire human family, and the huge universal family as well
    There can be perceived deliberating time related injustice in our world in the short-run
    But you should have faith in the fairness of our universe from a larger perspective and the unchanging nature of God's divine plan
    In the long-run sooner or later will you attain the fairness which you deserve and you will be held accountable for each and every of your actions to God

    Jesus made no error when he said "love your neighbor as you love yourself"
    We are after all part of the larger human family, we will undergo the same pain and sufferings together and we will enjoy the joy and bliss of happy days together as well
  7. Jonathan Leo

    Jonathan Leo Well-Known Member

    I tend to pray for them.
    Praying lowers your fight or flight mode
    Also, you as a believer should know that their actions are the result of sin and their world. Put another way, you know what causes those to rise up, get angry, jealous, fits of rage, etc etc.
    You also know that you have the power to overcome and not take offense in the name of Jesus. Easier said than done I know, but try catch it the next time something arises. Then go away and pray for them. You will be surprised how your attitude changes. It goes from feeling mad at them to feeling sorry for them. Their lost in their world of sin and darkness
  8. ToBeLoved

    ToBeLoved Well-Known Member Supporter

    I think we need to expect that people will hurt us because all human beings are sinners and sin against others.

    I think if we expect that there will be problems they don't catch us by surprise as much
  9. Ojpalosa

    Ojpalosa New Member

    Definitely read the bible and pray! Like some have said pray for them and pray that god gives you calm and to see the evil for what it really is...

    Ephesians 6:12:
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
  10. Kristen Davis

    Kristen Davis Member

    You don't you love your neighbor and pray for those who persecute you quote from matthew.
  11. ToBeLoved

    ToBeLoved Well-Known Member Supporter

    Try to remember also that their own evil and sin brings consequences to themselves.

    If you focus on ‘what they did to you’ it is hard to forgive, but focusing on the negative things their actions bring upon themselves puts a whole new perspective on it.

    God tells us we reap what we sow. So they will reap all the bad that comes from their actions.

    Just see it as God sees it.